“Women abusing system – laws should be gender-neutral”

Fathers' Day and babies“New Indian Express” reports:

AS women clamour for equality, some men are also gearing up to fight for their rights. And what they too want , is equality.

“There are 24 laws that are women-centric in our system,” says Frances Anthony, convenor of the Tamil Nadu Chapter of the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA).

“Women misuse the law and use their children to threaten the father. The laws are making ours a fatherless society,” he adds.
Just a week ahead of Father’s Day, this group of men proclaimed a national boycott of the Family Courts and submitted a memorandum and a petition to the Principal Judge of the Family Court, with an appeal to make the law gender-neutral.

Leading the group on Friday was Kalaiselvan, who has not seen his son for the last 12 years. “I got married in 1997 and filed for divorce in 2002.

Our son was born in 1999.

Though I have been given rights to visit and see my son by the court, I’ve not set eyes on my son since he was born
it’s been 12 years now,” he says. Kalaiselvan alleged that he lost his job as a civil engineer in Kuwait because his wife complained about him to the company . “She misused the judicial system, filed a dowry harassment case against me and I spent 25 days in jail without bail. Even now, she refuses to obey the courts. I have appealed to the court many times saying she must be booked for contempt for not allowing me to see my son, but the courts remain silent. The dowry harassment case is still on and I have no job and no hope of seeing my boy anytime soon,” he grieves. The men in this organisation say they were not against women or trying to deprive the fairer sex of their rights. “Women are not victims in all cases. In the 21st century, women are equal in their families. They have an equal voice.

But they’re misusing these laws and turning their husband into ATMs to withdraw money when they feel like it,” says Frances.

S Hariharan, an employee of a telecom firm, agrees and says, “I have not been given visitation and customary rights of my two children by the courts. It has been three
years since I last saw them.”

The solution, he says, is to play it carefully. “When we gave him the petition, the principal judge of the Family Court, Ramalingam, told us that the society needs to change. He agreed that laws are misused by women in many cases. He suggested that couples should go in for judicial separation until the child turns 18 after which they can file for divorce.
Judicial separation allows visitation rights for the father as well. Fathers too feel the pain when they’re separated from their children,” Hariharan says.

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10 thoughts on ““Women abusing system – laws should be gender-neutral””

  1. think how much revenue loss is there to country in terms of money and menpower loss apart from mentle agony to men and his near and dear specially children by these false cases due to totally one sided legal system.media,poltics and police.

  2. Soon will come a Time when in name of Liberation of Feminists ..All men will be sent to prison by Women being falsely accused of ‘RAYYPPP’ of ‘D0WRY’ and by the LAWS will be changed such that It will be too late for us to do anything about. Its happend in Western world and sadly its already happening her now…

    All those men who thought It wud nevr happen to them are already in Prisons or in Courts for not standing against Matriarchy !!! It YOU next unless youu plan to do something about it !!

  3. All side torture & harassement get the men inspite of the fact major tax payee is Men to indian governement and there is no ministry for Men to look after the Men’s Genuine Problem.
    Indian governement uses the Money of Male person used in destroying him and his family.
    That is why there is no scheme or National commision is Meant for Men after getting the freedom from british rule and in the future we bear the same problem because we are lacking behind due to lack of unity & government policy.

    You can find in every place, no law for Men for protecting him even for kid, son, brother, husband and the women centric law missues at the most and makes a Men to commit succide because there is no way left for a man to tell is problem or what is happening wih him.
    Media Ignore Men’s
    Law are biased towards men
    Police department is not supportive towards Men…..

    There are Problem related with Men but no solution.
    The only things one we did to safe our selves is to unite and work for ourselves in Empowering the Every Male person of India by educating, Giving Jobs, Try in Making the Minsitry to Look after the Men’s Problem and

    at last used our Power
    No to Vote
    Not giving the tax as its is used against the men


  4. I think the only way Kalaiselvan is left is to teach his wife a lesson. and by lesson I mean tough lesson.

    I have been reading about all these women centric laws from childhood and it boils down my blood.

    I think we need to teach them..there are sita or geeta left.


  5. As above said the laws are most centered with women.Example : Former chief minister of tamilnade passed a law in 1972 that women having equal rights in the property law,this law is not for protecting the women but getting the vote of them. But this is highly misused now.

  6. Hi All,
    I’m one of the victim of these women centric laws. My whole life was about to get destroyed in 2007. A girl had made me victim for this, which entirely shooked my family, when they had decided to get us married. We were in love, but things went worst when her family came to know abt this. But they straightly went to All Womens Police station. They allegedly lodged a complaint on me tat I cheated her and trying to marry some one else.

    My family got very shocked. And they have bribed the SI lady so as to put me in prison. I was homeless for 1 week, meanwhile my father was trying to get a bail, so tat I can’t get arrested. This torture continued for 2 months, and since SI herself made a call to my office HR, I lost the job. I was jobless, my family was suffering without money and food.

    Atlast my dads friend being advocate came to know this and saved us by lodging a case in Court. Then only they stopped their activities. All womens police think tat all men are wrong just by seeing money and *****.

    I got stay order for the case, which enabled me to get a job again in some company. Now I’m earning good, but the problem is still there. She and her family now changed their place and were gone somewhere. Nobody is taking care of this now frm their side.

    But we live in fear, that she might come back and torture us again. I’m planning to get married now, and is also in fear abt her. Dont know how to put an end to it.

    Everybody single women in India is wrongly motivated by using laws favouring them. I had totally hate her now for my entire life. Its still spoiling my life and she is enjoying somewhere.

  7. Everyone knows how women in India are misusing the so called laws against Men and it’s HIGH TIME men woke up. Here’s the solution:

    1) GET YOUR WOULD BE WIFE AND FAMILY TO SIGN A DECLARATION THAT NO DOWRY WAS ASKED FOR AND NONE WAS GIVEN. Make sure this is done in front of lawyers and witnesses and the whole event is video recorded for evidence.

    2) Make sure the woman signs a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage, which spells out every single detail of how things will work in case they get divorced later. Include everything, day to day expenses, bills, her existing liabilities, maintenance money etc etc. Why should men pay maintenance anyways when most women are working and earn more than men too in some cases. Make sure you add these things in the pre-nuptial agreement

    3) Install hidden cameras in the house to record her bad behavior. Many women behave like animals with their husbands and their families but the foolish husbands don’t ever capture any evidence, YOU SHOULD.

    4) Constantly collect evidence of her wrong doings. Whenever she threatens you with some legal shit, throw it back at her (copies, not originals) and then let’s see how the woman behaves.

  8. because of this Indian laws i even developed hatred towards women even female child looks like tomorrows vampire…

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