What about tax, and father’s custody rights?

BANGALORE: The All India Men’s Welfare Association, which is making its mark in Bangalore on Thursday, has raised some points to ponder: while a
few seek sympathy from society, others are more serious and beg debate.

The association, questioning the regulations of the National Commission for Women, alleged that it is essentially against men. They want the Centre to form a National Commission for Men and abolish the NCW. They also demand a ministry for men’s welfare, which will implement the commission’s recommendations on behalf of the government.

Demands include rationalisation of taxes and permission for single adult men to adopt children before the age of 30.

Prostrate cancer, which affects men, is a serious issue never attended to by the health ministry. “While there is so much being done for breast cancer in women, prostrate cancer has never been addressed,” added Vivek.

International Men’s Day has been chosen for the launch of the association at Bangalore, with centres at Delhi and Mumbai opening shorty. Centres have helplines to address problems of men in their respective states. They will urge the Centre to consider their demands.

Helplines available: 9880763790, 9886368480

website: www.aimwa.info

2 thoughts on “What about tax, and father’s custody rights?”

  1. All side torture & harassement get the men inspite of the fact major tax payee is Men to indian governement and there is no ministry for Men to look after the Men’s Genuine Problem.
    Indian governement uses the Money of Male person used in destroying him and his family.
    That is why there is no scheme or National commision is Meant for Men after getting the freedom from british rule and in the future we bear the same problem because we are lacking behind due to lack of unity & government policy.

    You can find in every place, no law for Men for protecting him even for kid, son, brother, husband and the women centric law missues at the most and makes a Men to commit succide because there is no way left for a man to tell is problem or what is happening wih him.
    Media Ignore Men’s
    Law are biased towards men
    Police department is not supportive towards Men…..

    There are Problem related with Men but no solution.
    The only things one we did to safe our selves is to unite and work for ourselves in Empowering the Every Male person of India by educating, Giving Jobs, Try in Making the Minsitry to Look after the Men’s Problem and

    at last used our Power
    No to Vote
    Not giving the tax as its is used against the men


  2. Many people especially Men or Male person suffer due to bad damaged road. Delhi Road condition is worst and due to this accident took place in high number, people reach their destination taking a risk in driving on this road even the walking people is not safe. sometimes their is hugh dump in the middle of the road, and sometime the water overflow from the sewer which makes the road to difficult to move on that road.
    Major Responsible due to this faulty condition of the road is due to delhi goverment policies & negligency. which is busy in money making by various ways, one of the best way of delhi goverment is by promoting legal lot or called a TAX. but not care of the person. only forcing to paid the road tax and other tax.
    Time to all paid the attention towards this and complaint to the ministry and the related department for that.
    Government is doing nothing only promotes descrimination, crime, lot,
    So aware and work for it.

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