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Press release by AIMWA Chennai on International Men’s Day

Men's Day DemandsAIMWA members at Chennai have planned to observe the International Me’s Day by holding dharnas, distributing pamphlets and holding a press conference.

There is a widespread understanding amongst the public on the distress of the men in general and married men in particular. The sustained campaign by the members of AIMWA and SIF through media and by direct interaction has created awareness on the plight of men in India on account of the blatantly anti-male biased laws.

Here are the Press releases in Tamil and English: Continue reading Press release by AIMWA Chennai on International Men’s Day

Equality for men, myth or reality?

Mr.Veerappa Moily, Indian cabinet minister receiving a copy of the IMD HandbookAs part of the events planned to mark the International Men’s Day to be observed on 19th November, 2011, the activists for Men’s Rights have published a handbook titled “Equality for men – Myth or Reality?” which vividly exposes various myths, fictitious stories, assumptions and lies against men of India that are deep rooted in our society.

The book in PDF (eBook) form can be downloaded from International Men’s Day web page.

The handbook has been compiled and edited assiduously Mr.Atit Rajpara and various other men’s rights activists belonging to the renowned NGO movement viz: “Save Indian Family”. It exposes the deep-rooted malady of misandry in our society and the laws and attitudes that are pronouncedly biased against men.

You can have a walk-through of the booklet here:

[gview file=”http://indianmensday.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/equalityformen-mythorreality-a4.pdf” width=580]

Fathers’ Day 2011

Fathers' DayFather’s Day is celebrated worldwide to honor the contribution of ‘Fathers’. In India also the Father’s day is being celebrated since many years as an expression of love and tribute to the Fathers.

Present day fathers are actively involved in parenting their children in every way and in all spheres of their development. In the changed scenario of our family system, especially in cities the role of the father is paramount and must be recognized equally along with the Mother.

Shared parenting is the only solution for the normal growth of children whose parents are separated.

Views of the Fathers’ Day bash at Bangalore by the members of CRISP (Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting):
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Husbands protest against nagging wives at Bangalore

Bangalore dharna against draconian D.V. ActMen will take to the streets against women on Saturday. The men are ‘husbands’ who have become victims of ‘intimate terror by wives’, according to the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) and Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), which is organising the dharna.

The protest will see hundreds of men venting their agony in front of the Town Hall.

According to SIFF, husbands and their family members are facing discrimination by the government and inaction of the judiciary against ‘wife terror’.

This ‘intimate terror’ also includes ‘biting’, ‘nagging’, ‘hitting’, and ‘extra-marital affairs’, according to SIFF. Other ‘terror’ by wives the husbands will protest against include daily abuse, threat of blackmail to commit suicide, threat of criminal cases and not allowing to play with children.

“Recently, a young man was ordered to pay Rs 25,000 per month as maintenance to his estranged wife in a marriage that lasted just six months. Even a government employee does not get Rs 25,000 pension per month after working for 30 years,” said an SIFF spokesperson.

The protesters are demanding changes in laws that govern divorce, dowry law and maintenance. These they say are being used to file false cases against men by their wives.
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Nationwide Boycott of Family Courts

On 18 June 2010 – Friday before FATHERS’ DAY

Press Release

Boycott family courtAll India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) is an organization formed to protect the Constitutional and Human Rights of men and boys. We fight against gender discrimination, legal terrorism and every other form of abuse suffered by men and boys.

AIMWA is organizing a Nationwide Boycott of the Family Courts on 18 June 2010 – the Friday before Fathers’ Day – as a sign of protest against the Family Court system which blatantly discriminates against fathers, heartlessly separates them from and prevents their access to their own biological children.

We concur with the recent observation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that “the Hindu Marriage Act is breaking more families than uniting”. We would like to add that the worst sufferers of the Indian Family Court system are fathers and children.

Indian Family Courts have declared a war against fathers and are adopting every possible means to create a “Fatherless Society”. The modus operandi of the Family Courts includes:

  • Depriving fathers of the right to love and care for their biological children.
  • Forcing fathers to pay huge sums of money to support children they are not allowed to see.
  • Encouraging false allegations of abuse to paint fathers as unfit parents.
  • Permitting multiple legal battles by mothers to eliminate biological fathers from their children’s lives.
  • Passing ex-parte orders based solely on the allegations made by a child’s mother.
  • Allowing mothers to brazenly disobey visitation orders without legal repercussions to her.
  • Allowing biological fathers to be labelled “kidnappers” for trying to make contact with their own children.
  • Prolonging custody/visitation matters for years, thereby driving fathers into financial and emotional bankruptcy and forcing them to give up the desire to see their children.

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AIMWA files complaint against Gillette’s misandrist campaign


Sub: AIMWA files complaint with ASCI against Gillette’s W.A.L.S. campaign

All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) is the first ever organization formed to protect the rights and interests of men and to fight against all kinds of discrimination against men and boys in all arenas – social, legal, economic, etc.

Beard rocks!AIMWA has launched a massive online protest against the “Women against Lazy Stubble (W.A.L.S.)” campaign started by the Gillette brand of Procter and Gamble India Ltd. (P&G) wherein P&G openly declared the campaign as “Women on the warpath” and has called men, who sport stubble or prefer to remain unshaven, as lazy in order to boost their sales of products of the shaving range.

The demands made by AIMWA are as follows Continue reading AIMWA files complaint against Gillette’s misandrist campaign

Help NRI father to rescue his son

Children's Rights Initiative for Shared parenting, India

Press Release issued on January 2, 2010

NRI father’s legal battle for 30 months fails to secure his son Aditya (US Citizen) despite landmark Supreme Court judgment.  Gets life threatening calls.  Prays for justice. Seeks Public and Media support to trace his 7 years old son (AGAIN!) and safely take him back to USA.

Aditya ChandranHyderabad, January 02… Justice delivered but enforcement flouted. The legal battle for custody of his seven years old son Aditya continues for Dr. V. Ravi Chandran for the past 30 months.  A NRI father residing now in Hyderabad is an internationally reputed scientist has been waging a legal battle (www.rescueaditya.org) to rescue his son Master Aditya from his ex wife Vijayasree Voora.  Supreme Court of India (SC) ordered 5 different state polices (TN, AP, UP, KA and Chandigarh) to trace Aditya and his mother Vijayasree Voora. When police failed, the apex court ordered CBI in August 2009 to trace and produce Aditya in the court. On Oct 24, Aditya was ultimately traced in Chennai near his grandparent’s house by the CBI and produced in Honorable Supreme Court of India. After hearing both side, the SC on November 17, 2009 SC ordered Aditya’s mother Vijayasree Voora to take Aditya back to USA within 15 days.
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Male Disposability – Myth or Reality

Male Disposability – does the term strike any resonance with your thought process? Or is it that before striking any resonance do I need to ask the basic question – Do you even realize what Male Disposability is? If yes, then you probably know what’s going to be in the article. If no, read on to know it.

Male Disposability is a psychological behavioral and attitudinal syndrome that considers Men as “Disposable and Expendable” and invests very low emotional resources with males which ultimately leads to an environment insensitive to the problems of the male world or one that automatically eliminates weak men (or men finished off with their utility) viewing them as liability.

Since time immemorial, be it the life-endangering activity of hunting or saving the country-land or guarding the parameters of geographical boundary or maintaining law and order situation in the society – the latter two correlate to hunting human life – this role has always been attributed to men who have donned the same willingly boosted by their testosterone and chivalry. In a nutshell men have been hunters primarily and that is a defunct role in today’s era of pacification and intellectual progress.
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Yahoo! snubs Gillette!

Yes. Yahoo! has made an eloquent statement that women throng and longingly cling only to the men with stubble!

This peremptory conclusion of Yahoo! has turned Gillette’s (P & G) campaign of “Women against Lazy Stubble into a fiasco!

Poor Gillette! it’s ill-conceived ad promotion campaign is money down the drain!
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