Protect men from misuse of laws by women

‘Spare a thought for men’

Express News Service. 19 Apr 2010

harassed manCHENNAI: This is a stag party with a difference. Men, who accuse their girl friends, wives and fiancees of duping them or foisting cases against them, have come together in Tamil Nadu to put up a collective fight.

According to the general secretary of Association for Protection of Men, Madhu Sudhanan, more than 1000 members are aged below 25 years and 4000 members are below 40.

At a meeting on Sunday, attended by over 50 men, there was a talk about rights and laws favouring women. But the association is not to protect men from the the misuse of the Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Harassment Act alone but also youngsters falsely accused of eve teasing.

As one man said: “I was dragged by the police and beaten up in the station. If a girl has a personal enmity, she takes it out by falsely accusing men of eve-teasing. And there is no verification done by the police when it comes to women, they just accept what she says as the sacred truth.” Another member of the association said that he was right now on the streets after he registered his family property in the name of his lover, who conveniently duped him after that.

Madhu Sudanan said that many young men were being cheated by girl friends – they emotionally ditch the man, by marrying men of their parents’ choice. But such cheating was never taken as a crime, he said. Most of the association members had been harassed by women – wives, girlfriends, fiancées – or duped.

But the system is biased towards women, Madhu Sudanan said, and added there are 84 laws for the protection of women’s rights, but none for men.

“Gone are the days when women were exploited. Now, many women misuse the laws meant for their protection. Many young men have been trapped by the laws.

Many youth ditched by girl friends are unnecessarily harassed by police following false complaints, another association member in his mid-30s, said.

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Replace the word in Domestic violence act the men/women to person and husband/wife to spouse, let the punishment equal for all who do the domestic violence, will women organisations will agree, if they think they do not do the domestic violence against men?

By Swarup
4/19/2010 9:45:00 AM

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  1. Domestic Violence and Act.498A is totally favored the women whether is false. I have seen the many youngster’s and their family member’s are facing the false cases of domestic violence. Now we are planning to protest against the Act and the government. Congress will see the demolition of his party in coming election. Manmohan Singh has passed out this Act. against to the Indian Men. Today we hear the slogan that women and men are same rights but after Passing the Act. they are destroying the Happy Home too. After facing the Domestic Violence or 498 A. Is it possible to maintain the family again. Can husband wife will live together. It’s such destroying the families and the men family life. I am planing to write a letter to Manmohan SIngh with a huge crowd to stop the Act. or equalize the Act. If you like to join me then please mail me.

    1. Hello.Good Afternoon.You are rigth for the opinions about the act. I would Like to add certain points.Wether there is violence against young ,fairly smart wives only?Whether there is violence against the newly married young women only?What adout the actual violecene that such so called life partenars do to their husbands?Why always the old affectionate mother of husband is seen a very violent mother -in -law fame of the film actress Lalita Pawar doing unneceessry harm to her daugther -in -law?The government has to think that they protecting women means not to take harsh action against men when they follow and support the national peace.Rather the government should think that in the Indian democracy man and woman are equal infront of the law.The government should not help unknowingly to the woman who has bad intions to her married family.It is said that in Indian democracy every care is taken to protect the innocent ,though in due course of it some real criminals are releaved.But I don’t know why the Indian Democry,which is really obliged by men ,always see some criminal in the man when some woman only sense on her own part that she is unjust by the situation in her married life.Another very important point is that we the Indian people respect legal relation relationship between wife and husband.When the husband goes out of the relation to some another fellow the society ,even the court considers it guilty.But when the wife takes the help of the laws made for the depressed women only to hide her iligal relations,the society as well the court thinks that all the matrimonial family is truly guilty.She uses the laws as means to dominate her in-laws only to survive her mean relations.

      1. sir……….
        please help me…..
        we are four in house, mother ,elder brother(bcom),me(Btech),younger brother(mba).
        we are harrasing by police and missuse of laws placed by my sister in law(elder brothers wife)…
        and she placed missuse sections like 498a,506,dp act 3,4.
        and placed false statement of taken 6lakhs,and 30 tula gold in dowry…..
        what to do sir…

        1. Dear Shekhar ,

          Liar ladies !!

          Your case seems to be similar to mine , if you have come across any ideas & suggestions from anybody , pls share

          1. Hi Mahesh,

            If you are really going through the same problem, then better to let us perform some actions against this ever lasting trouble to Men. It is really no use to just write blogs and wait for some miracle to happen. My email address is, Write me and lets exchange our numbers and lets have words over phone about this problem.

            I am also a big victim of this. My wife with the help of her brother and father has been harassing me ever since i got married, on each and every small thing she makes an issue and keeps shouting at me all the time, I am not being able to concentrate on my work also. These days she has started threatens me that she will do something to her. I am really caught up in life and as per the Indian law for women, My family can also be in trouble. Really caught up and deeply depressed, I am more tensed because my family is always tensed for me and my life. God help me please !

      1. Hi guys
        Same problem is here my wife and her mother always threat me and my family in case of dowery if u get some solutions please share or we can talk to on our cells.




    3. Hi Rahul,

      Im and my family, a victim of the 498(A) from my wife, filed on 5th May 2010.

      I would like to join in this force to protest against the Act. Please do let me have your contact no, would like to discuss with you.


      1. If you are really going through the same problem, then better to let us perform some actions against this ever lasting trouble to Men. It is really no use to just write blogs and wait for some miracle to happen. My email address is, Write me and lets exchange our numbers and lets have words over phone about this problem.

        I am also a big victim of this. My wife with the help of her brother and father has been harassing me ever since i got married, on each and every small thing she makes an issue and keeps shouting at me all the time, I am not being able to concentrate on my work also. These days she has started threatens me that she will do something to her. I am really caught up in life and as per the Indian law for women, My family can also be in trouble. Really caught up and deeply depressed, I am more tensed because my family is always tensed for me and my life. God help me please !

        1. Rahul, Madhav, Avi. Shekhar,Rohit, Mahesh..

          Dear Sirs,

          Please help!!

          I am also harrasing through my wife.. Since last 2 year..

          I am just complited my graduation…in 2011

          Now mentally & physically harrasing by Police & her brothers to my family & me.. plz.. help

    4. Hello Mr. Rahul Chauhan,

      I am completely with you as a victim of Domestic Violence Act 2005. Filed on me and my mom in sep 2010.

      Please feel free to get in touch with me for any support to save few thousand men in India.

      Best Regards,
      Yogesh C.Bhaskar

    5. Hi Rahul Chauhan,
      I am a victim of false 498A, i would like to contribute in what ever way i can.
      Can i get ur contact no pls.
      Mob.: 9967263455

      Prabhu M Nadar

    6. Sir, I too am victim of this laws favouring women, for the sake of my parents I am bearing all this, it is like hell to me I lost my mental balance and peace. My wife is threatning and blackmailing me. please help us sir.

      1. Hi Umar,

        Please share your actions which you would have taken against it. My wife is troubling me a lot so is her family. Kindly help me to get out of it. Please write me at Let us try to find out some way to get out of it.


    7. hi,
      Inspite of being a women I also support u in favour of those innocent boys who are being tortured by real brother is also facing the same situation and my whole family is in deep trouble . pls take the necessary step soon .

      1. Hi Shikha,

        Have u found out some way. What I feel is that we have to take some big and serious step for this. Let us gather people who truely want to support Men’s rights legally and force our government to pass some law which favors men. Any suggestions please write me at


    8. Hi,
      I think it is high time someone, that is affected men took a vocal stand and disrupted traffic and business of the govt to bring the distressed plight of men to the forefront.
      I am also a victim and need help and guidance as my wife is from Delhi and I am from Bombay. And she and her family have filed a wrong case against me..despite me helping her borther get scholarship abroad with some funds and taking very good care of her. And now they are insinuating that I took dowry etc etc. She is much more qualified than me and says that she does not want to work..but wants alimony and compensation from the husband. What rubbish.
      I need guidance. Can you help me please..? All lawyers are saying that the courts favour the women..? is it true..? How then does a genuine unsuspecting man get out of a situation which he has been caught in..? HELP….

      1. This is the first time i saw this site though i’ve been facing the problem past 2 years, all these days my wife’s father , brothers , mother use to come and shout at me for simple small things , now they have raised a complaint very similar to your case , request you to share if you come across any ideas ….

        One thing i’ve learnt in this world , we shouldn’t be so nice to anybody ,that’s the reason why they take us for a ride !!!!!!!

        We should really do something & take those culprits for a ride !!!

      2. Hi Pradeep,

        We should not tolerate the wrong things. When one old man (being above 60 yrs of age) who has not enough stemina and power to sit on hunger strike can fight with government for the sake of Indians, then why we men cant do anything being young and energetic. Let us gather all the people who really want to join hands with us for this fight against India law which is nomore acceptable in this time, It was a good law for early 80s or 90s, but in today’s time, everybody including Court / Govt knows the REAL FACT that women are nowhere less than men in anything, be it working night shifts, be it airforce, army, whatever field, they stand equally with men.

        Please write me at, let us find some strong way to fight against it. I can bet, if we join hands and fight for this today, then definitely few men’s tomorrow will be brighter.


    9. in the number of cases it has been found the women of negative attitude with the intention of teaching a lession to her in laws misuse the women favouring acts/laws. If by vertue of God act if some one is the brother or father or mother or bhabi or sister or any other relative of the husband of a woman i dont think that such person is a criminal just because such woman files a fals complained against them. There should be some stirict law against those women and her relative who falsly implicate her in laws just in the intention of harassing them. i do request the superem court to give some strict directions to the police and lower judiciary to deal in such case with due care of the future of the victim of the abuse of the women protection laws such as 498 A , 304 B, domesti violance act etc. and deal heavily against the misuser of these laws.

    10. sir,
      i was married on 21 may 2005 but my wife is so cruel and no social minded. she said to me i leave my all familly as like brother sister . and after some time she complaint for that

  2. I goit married december 2009. just four months completed. I was stayed with my wife just 30 days after marriage. I am working in abroad. within two weeks one mid night i got an sms from her mobile which she send to someone wrongly delivered to me. then i asked her to switch of the mobiles in night she refused. Then i requested her to return her mobile to her dad. when i will be with you i will permit you to use mobile. she refused and told me if i make her to give mobile to dad she will got with mobile to her father’s home. she left my home and staying in her parants home.May 1 i am coming back home for leave. when i asked her to come back home she is telling new new stories.Absolutle false blames she is telling against me and my family. My parants hurted allot abt her unneccesarry false blames. she is thretening me everyday. I feel tcommiting suicide is the only way.please someone advice me.
    she is having contact with an one unmarried young man. mr. dharman. he is near to her father’s home. if i took her mobile call log I can prove it. To hide this Fact she is making story. she is very simply telling me,” i will not come to your home. you aretrying to cut my communication and planning to kill me”
    i am fedup abt her adultery after marriage..but she never come to the point what i am telling
    and diverting the story becoz law is favouring her. i lost my interest to live in this world. because i did only one mistake in my life, that is my marriage wit her.
    please some one help me…before killing my self…what should i do now….
    please……..Please someone help me……….

    1. Hello ,friend same happened with me.Rather my wife declared her true relation with the certain person in the tape record.Even her parents heard all these things from her only as a drama in the presence of our relatives.Now they have forged flase allegations against me and my relatives only because we were smartly devied by them in the holy relation of marriage and they are demanding alcks of rupees as acompasasion.Same thoughts of suicide came to my mind at an early stage.At the same time I thought about my parents and the insults,agonies and sufferings that they underwent while upgrading me and my brothers and sisters.I imagined also the wailing of my parents after my death on the matter.I do not want to give more sufferings to parents in my case so I put aside the thought of suicide. I thought that I will bring out the bad plan of wife in open picture.this will be done only if breath in this world.And this only wife is not my final end of life.Meet some good advocate and find out the ways out from this bad circal because this is the only time to show the brillence to the world.Those are called as brave men who never lose their balance upto the end of their life.If death has to come to us then it must use its energy to come and take us we will not surrender death.And never for the fact only one creature is not interested in us.Do we have the hold over the universe that so and so creature should be my good wife she should remain loyal to me.If she is not interested in you let her go away.Some another good partener will be in search of you,when the former will repent on her loss.So wind up your tears and visit the advocate early to end the matter as early as possible.And start with new beginning.Best of Luck.

  3. Respected sir,

    petitioner pavani has filed a false 498a case in cherukupalli PS filed a FIR in 39/2010 , based on the complaint of the petitioner pavani aganist my father v.Krishnamurthy aged 58 (deputy manager ion IOCL manali chennai), my mother v.Bhagyalakshmi aged 52(housewife) and my elder brother V.Ravishankar aged 33 Team leader in CTS) and younger brother aged 28 (Software Engineer in HCL).cherukupalli ps consisting of Amar Chari SI OF that PS with one constable and one lady constable dressed all in mufti came to my parents house15/12 SNR Flats 4 Avenue , Ashok Nagar, Chennai -60083 on may 7 midnight and took all my 4 of my family members stating that it is for oral enquiry and they reached guntur on 8 may afternoon.

    Procedures To Be Followed Upon The Arrest Of A Person:
    supreme Court (D.K. Basu Vs State of W.B: (1997) 1 SCC 426) directed all state agencies to follow these
    procedures upon arresting a person. This judgment is a landmark judgment and is sometimes referred to as the Miranda Rights Of India. It defines the rights of detainees and the procedures the police need to follow upon affecting an arrest. This judgment came into being due to the custodial deaths happening all over the country ( This judgment hold any officer at any rank to be in contempt of court if these directions are disobeyed. Here are the directions from the Supreme Court:
    “it is , therefore appropriate to issue the following requirements to be followed in all cases of arrest or
    detention till legal provisions are made in that behalf as preventive measures:

    1.The police personnel carrying out the arrest and handling the interrogation of the arrestee should bear
    accurate, visible and clear identification and name tags with their designations. The particulars of all such
    police personnel who handle interrogation of the arrestee must be recorded in a register.

    2.That the police officer carrying out the arrest of the arrestee shall prepare a memo of arrest at the time of st and such memo shall be attested by at least one witness, who may either be a member of the family
    of the arrestee or a respectable person of the locality from where the arrest is made it shall also be
    countersigned by the arrestee and shall contain the time and date of arrest.

    3.A person who has been arrested or detained and is being held in custody in a police station or
    interrogation centre or other lock-up, shall be entitled to have one friend or relative or other person
    known to him or having interest in his welfare being informed, as soon as practicable, that he has been
    arrested and is being detained at the particular place, unless the attesting witness of the memo of arrest is himself such a friend or a relative of the arrestee.

    4.The time, place of arrest and venue of custody of an arrestee must be notified by the police where the
    next friend or relative of the arrestee lives outside the district or town through the Legal Aid Organization
    in the District and the police station of the area concerned telegraphically within a period of 8 to 12
    hours after the arrest. The person arrested must be made aware as soon as he is out under arrest or is

    5. An entry must be made in the diary at the place of detention regarding the arrest of the person which
    shall also disclose the name of the next friend of the person who has been informed of the arrest and the
    names and particulars of the police officials in whose custody the arrestee is.

    6. The arrestee should, where he so requests, to be also examined at the time of his arrest and major and minor injuries, if any present on his/her body, must be recorded at that time. The “inspection Memo”
    must be signed both by the arrestee and the provided to the arrestee.

    7. The arrestee should be subjected to medical examination by a trained doctor every 48 hours during his detention in custody by a doctor of the panel of approved doctors appointed by Director ,Health services of the State or Union Territory concerned. Director, Health Services should prepare such a panel for all tehsils and districts as well.

    8. Copies of all the documents including the memo of arrest, referred to above should be sent to the Illaqa Magistrate for his record.

    9. The arrestee may be permitted to meet his lawyer during interrogation, though not throughout the interrogation.

    10. A police control room should be provided at all district and State head quarters where information regarding the arrest and the place of custody of the arrestee shall be communicated by the officer causing the arrest, within 12 hours of effecting the arrest and at the police control room it should be displayed on a conspicuous notice board

    Failure to comply with the requirements herein above mentioned shall apart from rendering the official
    concerned liable for departmental action , also render him liable to be punished for contempt of court
    and the proceedings for contempt may be instituted in any High court of the country, having territorial
    jurisdiction over the matter.

    At the point of Arrest none of the officer followed any of the above said 10 instruction. Scene of the
    accurance happened to be chennai, they took including my mother aged 55 to cherukupalli at midnight
    which is 450 miles from chennai and illegally retained my entire family for 4 days and 4 nights which
    is 96 hours. This is gross violation of contempt of court. without stating it as the arrest they illegally
    retained them inside the premises of the station and allowed to move out of the station. My parents are diabetic, the police did not show any courtesy. They did not produce either the inspection memo or the copy of the FIR to the witness venkatesh srinivasan (son in law) in chennai.In the name of enquiry the cherukupalli police called both the parties for an enquiry settlement and the petitioner did not speak anything about the harassment, Instead on Extortion racket she gave four demands.

    1.Transfer of my brother from chennai to hyderabad
    My Brother V.Ravishankar working as a Team leader in CTS in Chennai. he has no control to transfer his work place.
    The motive behind the transfer is unknown

    2.To transfer all my brother property to their legal heir.
    The motive behind the transfer is unknown.

    3.She want all the monthly income of the brother.

    4.And finally this is the shocking point she demanded 10 lakhs as a security deposit in her account.

    No person in this world living as man and wife ever given security deposit to live as his wife.
    again the motive is entirely money and money.

    These four demands of petitioner pavani cleary shows she wants to extact money from my brother, seperating him from my family and I fear she might kill my brother Ravishankar and take his money. I also fear she might have illegal intimacy with somebody,so her motive is to loot money from my brother Ravishankar and live happy with somebody axing Ravishankar someday.These demands this clearly shows there is no case of dowry harassment it is simply extortion case in the name of 498a.Hence the petition filed by pavani is baseless and false.she did not have any materialistic evidence to prove that my family demanded family already knows that they are poor and it is needles to ask money from from the investigation the true color of the petitioner is known.

    The police person insisted for accepting the demands ,which my family negated.Hence i request the authorities to file a Case against the pavani the petitioner under section 192IPC(false petition given to police read with 221 and 358 CR.P.C)

    Technically speaking police did not arrest my family till the time of my mail. They took them to police station without arresting and illegally detained them for 4 days and 4 nights which is 96 hours.

    Now they are altering the FIR filed on 7 covering up the illegal detension of my family for4 days and 4 nights .This is another heinenous crime committed by police person in chirukupalli police station.

    According to article 22 protection against arrest and detention, no person who is arrested shall be detained in custody without being informed as soon as may be,of the grounds, for such arrest not shall be denied the rights of the consult and to be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice.evey person who is arrested and detained in custody shall be produced before the nearest magistrate with in the period of 24 hrs.In this case 39/2010 this is grossly violated. now they are trying to change FIR on 10 may midnight covering of illegal detention of 4 days and 4 nights of the entire family

    Already telegram was send to chief justice of Andrapradesh, DGP Andrapradesh and SP guntur stating illegal detention of my family members for 4 days and 4 nights starting from 7 may 2010 onwards.

    I pray immediate action to release all my family member immediately with prejudice at the earlist and
    file a case against a petitioner under read with 221 and 358 CR.P.C.

    V.Ravishankar phone number 9840414092
    my Husband phone number 9940078152

    kindly help my family

    with regards,

    1. Latha
      Could you please clarify?

      1. First of all why your brother and your parents sent her out from the house.
      2. Did they live together in separate house ?
      3. Does your brother have any kids with Pavani?
      4. It looks like Pavani is trying to protect her life from your family and she wants live with her husband ?
      4. If wife and husband have any issues then your parents should compromise them. Did your parents tried in that way?

      1. my brother and his wife staying in a separate house not with my parents .she picks up fight for every small reason with my brother and even her parents call me often and complaints about my brother that my brother asking her to keep the house clean, and her parents say that her daughter is not a servant to do house brother kept a servant for her to clean house and wash clothes once in a
        day not a full time servant. she demanded a full time servant.

        my mother gave her some traditional deepams to pray. she says she can lit deepams only if it is new. she says that she cant workship with old ones.when my brother complaint this to her parents, they said new deepam cost only Rs 100 know. cant u spent that Amount.

        yes, My brother have a one year old kid.

        if the girl want to protect herself from my family , y she demands 10 lakhs as a security deposit and property.

        Right from her marriage she is lying . she did not complete her graduation but she said she completed and scored 70% and interested in joining marriage my brother tried to join her in Msc so he asked her to give her certificates. only then he came to know she did not complete she lied.when he questioned her she said her father only asked her not tell this to him.This may be silly to others listening. Love cannot be build without trust. There are so many countless lies

        In her fir right form the first till the end it is completely false. she says we harnessed her we demanded money also she said they gave so much as dowry. Anyway i believe justice wins.

        waiting to hear justice.

        1. Latha
          You are right. Always justice wins.

          But I did not see any Pavani’s intension to squeeze the money from your parents. She might be looking for financial security for her and her child if incase your brother sends her out of his house. And also as you said Pavani asked money to invest 10 lakhs on legal heir not her name. This is not at all any issue.

          I am sorry to say that you should not involve in your brother family matters. You are not a member of their family.
          Are you sure she did not pass the graduation. She might have passed the exams after marriage also. Even it is not a big matter now a days. Your brother can ask her study more if she can.

          Now a days all laws are favorable to ladies whether they are fault or not. Does not matter. If Pavani goes to any women’s protection cell and complains whole of your parents family including your family will be very serious trouble.
          If your parents took dowry from her parents, If your brother have any intension to marry another girl or any affair, If your family involved any manhandling with her and if they have any evidence or your neighbors or your near relatives witness then your family will be in trouble.And it may cause up to three years of prison to your brother. If she try to commit something, I don’t know what happens to your brother. I saw some of them in my life who threatens like this.
          If Pavani goes to court your brother has to pay monthly expenses for her family.
          Whatever it is Finally your family will be financial victim. And bad remark for both families and it make effect your children. I pray the god not to happen.

          You are also a woman and have family. Did you try to talk with Pavani as a friend? Generally with 498A case woman will involve whole of your family. I wonder !!! how come Pavani did not put your name. I think Pavani might have lot of respect on you.
          Generally any two families do have different customs and behaviors. It takes time to adjust each other. Your parents should take active part to convince them.
          Looks your parents are senior citizens and why your brother involved them in these tensions at this age.
          Your brother should control Pavani and if he has any issues with her then he needs to talk with their parents, not with your parents.

          I can recommend that your parents should send your brother and Pavani to family counseling centers. If you want we can recommend some one near to your area.
          If you strongly thinks that your parents has issues with Pavani then you call any news channel and explain how Pavani tried to exploit your family and how she did harassment with your family.
          But I pray to god that your brother and Pavani live together without any problems. Always wife and husband get small small issues. Those should develop the love and strong relation . Not fighting.
          As a woman you also talk with her. Remember that, behind every man’s success or failure there could only be a woman.
          Please I am requesting all the ladies not to play with men life. Finally men are the victims.
          All the best

          1. Sir,

            I’m Latha’s brother, victim of my wife’s (pavani) 498 compliant.

            1. Many times, i had tried my level best to make her understand the Issues and problems.
            even for small petty issues at home, she simply calls her parents and compliant on me. They in turn call and warn me.
            2. she used to call her friends and compare me with them. very often.
            3. she is very adamant, can’t tolerate small differences. she wants everything done fast. she keeps telling me Im very slow.
            4. In the past, she said, she has the people to support and can put me behind the bars.
            5. She made false allegations like
            i. No medical care to her and the child.
            ii. made her leave home lonely at night 10.00 pm
            iii. asking to bring dowry from her parents.
            iv. I have not even bought milk to my child.
            v. Beating her daily
            vi. even after she left the home. Made phone calls to her for dowry and scolder her and the parents.

            Sir, Im honestly saying. I never asked asked dowry, never beaten her. I had utmost care on my child (taken to doctors for medical check up) and infact bought the new mobile to wife, only with the intention to attend any medical emergency to her and the child, while being away from home. I have never asked her leave home. Infact, her parents came and took her and the child without prior intimation, on 7th Feb 4.00 pm. I was there at home, took my son to the Booth for Polio drops.

            Its very pain to explain further, I taken good care on my wife and the child. But,she cud n’t understand that and wants me and my family to suffer and to extort money to lead fancy life.

            For further details, pls call at 9840414092.


  4. I think all you males are fake and truly bad people those who want to accuse their wives unnecessary. I have seen 95% of females really wants to get married and wants to give everything to the new family, but what are they getting in return.. humilation.. taunts by mother-in law who treets her son as god and daughter in law as slave. I think you guys need to wake up and start treating your wives equally with respect and dignity. Just imagine if your sister will get a same treatment in her in laws house what will you do… so please you guys treat ur wives with dignity and respect.. dont try to be mamms boy only…

    1. these guys are not bad .it is the attitude of females that is bad .they do not believe in equality women wants freeship and do not want to pay anything in return.why do you not think about your father brother and son.i am writing after thinking from both sides .wives wants the maintence and assets of husbans but what is the husbands legal right in return of this he has .answer is zero.westren concept seems to be that wife want half assets without doing anything while husband has to provide service to outside world and would have to satisfy his employer/customer for earning money wives say we do whatsoever for husband is as a favour but they themsselves think that they have their fundamental right upon husbands property and income.while husband do more for child interms of money security etc.women are granted custody due towrong are compelled to pay maintannace for child but can not have his custody .it is just a small reply other wise books may be written on false allegation levelled by females on males

    2. True,

      I hope you will remember this when your son/brother gets married. When other’s son/brother suffers, it is an amusement. And when own son/brother suffers in the hand of someone else’s daughter, it hurts.

  5. I know that after filing a false 498 A case against me way back in 2004, which is still sub-judice my wife is planning to file another false case against me under Domestic Violence Act. Strangely no premptive measures can be found either by my lawyer or through various forums on web. Can Any One Help ????

    1. are you still staying with your wife, if you live separately, she cannot use domestic violence act against you.

  6. The Best Advise Is At http://www.498a :
    “Though our Legal experts are analyzing the law right now, it seems that if you have been falsely accused of Domestic Violence, you have no recourse under the law. The law itself legalizes extortion by your wife/live-in partner. Also, your wife can occupy your house, if she was living with you there, even if the house doesn’t belong to you. As of now, we do not have any legal advise as the law says that unless proven otherwise, the woman’s word should be considered true. So, if the case boils down to your word versus her word, her word prevails. We do realize that it is not fair as generally, there are no witnesses to what happens in a house between a couple, but given this arbitrary law, if you have been falsely accused, then we can only empathize and pray for you. “

  7. Section 498A is the most misused law in the country. Thousand of in-laws are behind the bars , waiting for bail. Before independence we fought against the black laws of the British, now once again we all have to unite and fight against the injustice done to the men . The Domestic Violence Act is another law, used by women to browbeat men. Lets all unite and fight against the misuse of these laws.

    1. please understand law is not misused but law itself is drafted such which in favour of women completely. we have to demand setting up of ministery of men and national commission for men and to amend these laws.

  8. how to protect myself from wife :

    she had left my house wihout my consent.
    Since 2 months there is no communication
    she created a scene before leaving damaging herself and stating it as harm done by me.

    what are the solutions and remedies ……..please suggest

  9. how to protect myself from wife :

    she had left my house wihout my consent.
    Since 2 months there is no communication
    she created a scene before leaving damaging herself and stating it as harm done by me.

    what are the solutions and remedies ……..please suggest

  10. how to protect myself from wife :

    she had left my house wihout my consent.
    Since 2 months there is no communication
    she created a scene before leaving damaging herself and stating it as harm done by me.

    she is a liar…..not trust owrthy…..only wants to listen to her mo who is intended to damage and damged my family ….our marriage is 14 month old only.

    what are the solutions and remedies ……..need your suggestions

  11. latha,

    How many days Pavani was there with your brother ? How come you are entering into their lifes. They have to lead the life together. So, they have to solve their problems. If you really want to help them,help them. But unnecessarily don’t make it public & don’t create problems for them.

    How you can say that she will kill your brother ? Being a girl you should know how a girl will be. Girls will be sensitive.

    If you want to clap, two hands are to be joined. In the same way, mistake is there it will be from both the ways and it cannot be a one-way traffic.

    1. Anita,

      I’m Latha’s brother, victim of my wife’s (pavani) 498 compliant.

      I had explained above, what things happened between me and my wife..
      Please go thru once and let me know what i have not done for my wife.


      1. HI MR.RAVI.




        ALL THE BEST.

        KNN MURTHY

    2. Hi Anita,

      You are right…Girls are sensitive… but this term doesnt apply on all the girls, it was applied to all the girls may be in 80s or 90s when girls were meant to just be a housewife or at most, a govt school teacher. But in today’s time lifestyle and thinking of girls have completely changed, I agree even in today’s time more than 80% girls r still sensitive and emotional towards their husband’s family, but remaining those 20% girls, they are animals, as they say, you can never know whats going on in a girl’s mind.

      I am totally with Latha and Ravishankar…. guys kindly write me at if u can suggest some solution to get out of this trouble… only a sufferer can understand the pain of another sufferer.


  12. Hi Anitha,

    I don’t know the exactly the no of days she lived with my brother. but it was since 2 years they married.she stated she want to stay separated from my parents family since my dad and mom lives in a quarters which is near to chemical factory which may harm the new born baby.we all born and brought up their in that house since our birth. but still i vacated my house which was given by father to me for her and shifted to my new house though i had my daughter school everything near my old house it is all just because of her happiness, and gave all my things (fridge and utensils ) for them to lead their life happily.

    i never involve in her family matters unless her parents call me and complains about my brother. i always questioned him not her
    s she agreed i ll call him rara, pora means vada poda in tamil (not out of love ) she so causality says it is all ok.

    If you want to clap, two hands are to be joined. In the same way, mistake is there it will be from both the ways and it cannot be a one-way traffic.

    ya mistake is also in our side. he married to girl from a village expecting she ll be more respectable religious, but what he sees here is a girl who thinks herself as heroine in movie and expects my brother turn like a hero .

    we are from very normal family, we even had no good food and dress when we are studying. we all three studied well, with good ranks and settled in a good job.

    In her complaint she stated even i harressed her putting her and kid in a room. my god i cannot even think of like that.all she stated that i called her over phone after she left home and threatened her. but i am not in india after she left , i even never bothered to know her number since it is my brother family matter.

    i am not involving, i am trying to protect my patents and brother from such false petition.

    with regards,

  13. my parents and her parents discussed when she wanted to destroy her pregnancy, her parents accepted she is arrogant we need to adjust. she complains ur brother said he ll get a odiyanum if i keep this pregnancy.but still now he did not keep his word.

    i dont know what to say for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 10 lakhs security deposit on her name and property on legal heir. u r right , i should not involve in my brother family, but she involved me in her what wrong in telling the truth that she failed and waiting to clear her results. y she need to lie. ya ofcourse nothing is a big matter unless it happened to us.

    Now a days all laws are favorable to ladies whether they are fault or not.

    u say justice wins , u also say law favorable ladies even if they are fault : contradiction

    ya ur right , she complained they are ofcourse in a problem but they in safer side since they did not get any dowry, reallly not harressed and no intension of marrying any other girl and dont have any affair.

    police did inquiry with the neighbors, and found it is a false petition.nothing to wonder, she involved me too. since i stay in a different place with my husband,i cannot be involved .

    u say my brother should control his wife not to give tension to my elderly parents. control is called now called as harrasement. hope u got my point.

    Thanks for all ur suggestions. let them decide what is best to them.

    with Regards,

  15. Hi Anitha

    An agricultural property in her name and she owns gold worth 1 is still with her but in her complaint she said she left gold worth 5 lakh in my brother house in her fir, anyway she need to prove in the court .nothing was given or taken by my brother

  16. An agricultural property in her name and she owns gold worth 1 is still with her but in her complaint she said she left gold worth 5 lakh in my brother house in her fir, anyway she need to prove in the court .nothing was given or taken by my brother

  17. Hi Anitha and AD

    Basically my father belong to agricultural family in a village near Visakhapatnam.He completed diploma in mechanical and shifted to Chennai for search of a job and settled.started his carreer as a supervisor.


    My father is Deputy manager in Chemical Factory since 35 years in the same company.

    My Mother is an house wife.

    I completed MCA and worked in the same Anna university for 2 years under the Team Headed By his excellency Dr. APJ Abdul kalam.Now presently working as a Sr.SAP Consultant. My Husband was in government job before marriage and completed MCA after our marriage, he is also a Sr. SAP Consultant.It was 9 years since i married.

    My Brother(victim) is a professional Graduate from REC Trichy, working as a Team Lead.

    My younger brother is a professional graduate from vellore collage working as software Engineer.

    I welcome any kind of inquiry with the neighbors. since our neighbor know very well about us. They know better than anybody how much hard work we put to reach this level.

    i am sorry if i hurted anybody, my intension is to save my parents and brother from false petition.

    i dont know how to express the things to u more. but ready to face.

    she in her fir told i threatened calling her over phone after she left. but i am not in india. without knowing that in police station she asked the police man where is the latha.
    There itself she caught,they questioned her u said she theatened u, but u dont know she is not in india. she kept silent.
    anyway they found it is a false petition.To prove let them look in to history of the calls.

    ” if the truth wins we ll also win”


  18. Dear Ravi,

    Is your wife mad? see, normally a mad or mentally disturbed person will complain false against their husband. According to your words, I don’t think that your wife is mad.Every woman will think that she should live with her husband and being with a child no body will go for divorce. She may be hurted by your behaviour.
    First of all try to think on your own. Don’t listen to anybody like your sister,mother etc.I’m not saying that not to talk to them. Listen to them.But take your own decision.
    Being a woman your sister not thinking positively about your wife. Rather than that she is mis- guiding you.
    How many days you were there with your wife? Means how many days you stayed with her.
    But ravi, I also agree with you. I am not against you. See Ravi, at this particular situation, try to think about your career first. If the case is like that, nobody will help you even your sister. Try to compramise aftwerwards slowly you can change your wife. Atleast for the child try to think positively. Hoping that you will change your attitude……..

    Best Regards,

    1. Anitha,

      Im very much concerned about my wife and child. I planned lot of things for my son. (wants to coach and encourage to become a good sportsmen like sachin, Vishy anands..) all these i had discussed with my wife.

      To spend more time with my wife and child, I convinced my parents that me and my wife, and the child would stay in the city as there are lot of facilities like parks, Hospitals and even i could return home little early.

      even you can ask my wife, how much care i had taken for my child. she knows it, but above all she given the compliant “I had not taken medical care for my child”

      if you would saw her attitide during the councelling and the points discussed,

      You would simply appreciate my tolerance. No more words to express… But still we are trying every possible way to find the root cause and why she behaved like this… anyone misguiding her…

      Yes, I do listen to my Dad, Mom, sister, brother views. But finally the decision is mine.

      Thank you anitha, for ur time and sharing your views. I will get back to you, once i reach a step ahead in the case.


    2. it seems anita that you want to say wife is not mad but sister is .first you say that such a behaviour is of mad than you say such behaviour can not be done by a girl.itself is contradictory.girls have no right toimpose the cost of their sensitiveness upon guys. as the laws are completely unjust towards male so if you have to keep going marrige they have to make a lot of sacrifice there is no other way.

  19. If a girl hurt by her husband Behavior, she ll go to police station , demands money etc…. but if the husband hurt by his wife behavior he has to keep patience and try to change her. great suggestion

    “Being a woman your sister not thinking positively about your wife”
    My Mother is also a women who stayed in a police for a week, since my parents and brother denied 10 lakhs security deposit on her.

    A girl can complaints on her husband family stating dowry harassment. The same lady in the police station demands 10 lakhs which is also an harassment.
    i don’t know anybody is there to name or question this kind of harassment.

    why the ppl are not bothered about the aged mothers.she is also a women.I agree i married to different family and no more a member of my parents family, but i am sorry i am not able to keep silent when my parents are taken to police station just because they are victim parents . That too my parents never stayed with my brother family. I still call my parents Mom and Dad even after my marriage

  20. Hi Anitha,

    i dont think i am wrong in my attitute to change now.

    Pls dont try to support blindly just because she is a girl.even Every man will think that he should live with his wife and earn for his family and being with a child no body will go for divorce , thats y i did not take any step to meet lawyer or police station just waited for her to return home.

    Nobody can help me i know , But god can save me rt.
    As u said always decision is mine but now i am sure i am going in a right way this time.

    I pray for peaceful life.

  21. hmmm, going to jail being innocent is much worse than going to jail being guilty. 498A sends a man and his aged parents/siblings to jail without a fair trial.

    Section 302 sends only the murderer to jail after a fair trial and careful examination of evidence.

    If you suspect your wife is going to file a 498A against you, kill her immediately. It would be easier to handle under Indian Penal Code

    1. As a normal man. I trusted My wife.. But she betrayed me and my family with the 498a – misused the law, as well as murdered a good family’s faith.
      Im just praying for my father and Mother health now.
      thank you pete .

  22. Am late in joining the discussion, nevertheless find myself an appropriate person to air my voice, for one good reason that I know Latha, her father and mother, her brothers very well personally. There seem to be arguments pro and against Ravi already; the against being mere lazy questions raised in a spree to showcase the questioner’s dormant desire to simulate a cinematic interrogation. I shall put forward my unbiased opinion on their family in a trivially justified fashion without much ado ..

    I was introduced to Latha’s parents few years back at her place during a festival time when her family joined together to celebrate Dussehra.. Ravi was not around during the same time..I soon became a part of their family due to the animosity displayed on an absolutely anonymous person such as me introduced for the first time..Well, many families do that, dont they ?? But then, I was impressed not just because they were treating a person half-their-age as an in-house member in such short span, but also due to their caring nature among themselves.. Latha’s father worked up the ladder all his life in a very respectable job just to take good care of his family, lead a decent living and let his children have no financial regrets when they would have their own family. And her mother is such soft-spoken person that I ridicule her “Aunt, would you ever be audible??” She is a proper traditional house-wife, sticking to household chores and hardly interfering even in her own family’s financial planning etc.. Her biggest achievement is to act as an emotional undercurrent for her family of five, keeping them going together without any hiccups on relations’ front.

    Once I was passing by their newly bought apartment when I was informed that its for Ravi’s family post his marriage.. In my opinion, his father doesn’t have to do it if he wishes.. I asked him the rationale behind spending majority of his savings on this flat at a time when he should look to create a backup fund for himself and his fragile life-partner at such troubling age.. He smiled it off saying “Its ok for me as long as my children are happy with their families”.. Am very sure Latha’s father and mother never tried to be dependent on their children.. (Well its not an age either to crave for dependancy; rather its children who should take it up as their responsibility to take care of their aging parents no matter what !! ) Its also his humbling nature that a professional man of his stature (in a highly senior managerial position in a reputed manufacturing company) shows no glimpses of adornment neither pretentiousness, but retained utter simplicity in his personality !!! Truly admirable..

    Latha, on the other hand, is a gal who believes in making her choices in the best interest of her parents and other family members, no matter how difficult they are to realize.. I remember we used to have vehement arguments as to why she could get very compromising when it comes to her family.. A highly ambitious person by nature, studious to the extent of managing her year-old daughter one one hand, pursuing her (Masters’) studies living all on her own without taking any assistance or help from her in-laws and parents.. Post Ravi’s marriage, she even went to the extent moving out of her own in-city flat into another in a far remote place when Ravi’s house turned out difficult to traverse daily from his office.. If I were in her place with a daughter studying kindergarten, I wouldn’t do that surely just because my brother is newly married, least if he got a highly demanding wife !!

    Ravi and his younger brother, as far as I know, are fairly soft-spoken people.. Since they too know how important it is positively reciprocate their father’s hardships’-filled upbringing, they took proper career paths soon after successful stint with studies.

    My overall impression on Latha’s family is that they have seen it all in their life, brought themselves up in the social ladder and began to lead a simple and modest life.. They never ever showed up, neither slipped a whisker of, pretension that they were/are after money.. They did value human relations amongst themselves and with friends too. It would be an absolute peace of mind staying with them.. The only reason anybody would do any trouble to them could only be out of irrational envy, nothing else !!

    1. Thank you pradeep for taking your time and sharing your memories with our family.


  23. Thank u Pradeep.s what u said is rt it s all due to envy .My mother is always compared with my aunt. My aunt was surviving in hyd with her hus and one son (had a daughter died due to cancer within a few years she born). All my relatives compares my mom with that lady (aunt) saying that my mom bought up 3 children to a grt status by educating them and leading them with good morals.but aunt having 1 son not able to bring him up to good status (her son was a good student till his school but failed in 8 papers in BTech.till now he did not complete his BTech) somehow that lady with my father help send him to Australia for studies. She projected to all my relatives that he is going to Australia for doing higher studies after his B.Tech, though i know the truth about his B.Tech i kept silent .
    Her son is back now. That lady was not able to digest our growth.As u said my mother is a living god behind us for all our success in life.

    That lady never stays at home keep roaming .she is the lady(middle woman) responsible for Ravi marriage. now lady made use of this opportunity to trouble my family with small usual issues between a hus and wife.

    Anyway at this point i want to thank my aunt for helping my brother to get out of his painful life with his wife.The one who is responsible for ti-eying a knot became the responsible for removing it .

    I requested all my relatives to never compare a god with a dog.

  24. Dear Latha,

    Being an educated woman, you are putting another woman’s life on road. And ok, your aunt is responsible for their marriage. Everybody will help others in marriages. May be she knows how your family members are treating pavani, and how your brother is torchering her. That’s why your are putting your aunt’s family matters here. And you don’t have any sense that you are talking about your aunt only.

    You are unnecessarily misleading your brother and he is not understanding that.

    1. Hi Anitha,

      I have this questions for you. How do you say

      1. “May be she knows how your family members are treating pavani,and how your brother is torchering her”. — I appreciate you don’t put may be’s. if you are sure express it straightly. Understand that you are playing with emotions.
      2. Things which are there in the above note given by latha.. It wont put anybody in the Road. Please understand we are in the process of finding the Root Cause.
      I appreciate, If you can use these words little cautiously “the Word Torture” or “shame” etc … I had clearly explained what things happened between me and wife … in the previous notes. Please do recollect before you put may be’s.


  25. The one who is responsible for ti-eying a knot became the responsible for removing it .

    Ok. She may thought that your brother may be good as not like you. And after marriage she has realized that you people doesn’t suit her.

    And it’s a matter of shame for you that your aunt is not supporting your family and she is supporting Pavani.
    Every body will be having minus points in life and ok if your aunt’s son has not completed, but may be he is not torchering his wife if he married.(being a graduate what your brother is doing?).
    Your aunt is supporting pavani that’s why you are doing all thiis.

    Any human being who thinks and suppots good things can understand that your family members are not correct . you yourself has told that your aunt is not suppoting and you youself has been certified that you people are good.(Not directly but indirectly..)

    1. Hi Anitha.

      Again for you.

      1. “And after marriage she has realized that you people doesn’t suit her.” – Do you really think “marriage is a sacred One” or like “Its Just a time pass”.
      2. Its not the matter who is supporting or who is not supporting… the Fact is truth should prevail.
      3. Please don’t express things just with the assumptions. Here’s the victim.. and he is stated what really happened is… I hope you would realize the realities sooner..rather than later…


    2. “you yourself has told that your aunt is not suppoting and you youself has been certified that you people are good.(Not directly but indirectly..)”

      s u r rt.we ppl r good.

    3. That lady Felt Ravi Family do not suits her but Ravi earning suits her……………..???????
      Good business ladies

  26. Hi Anitha,

    Mind ur words, u hv no rt to talk about my sense.whatever i speak is true and seen it is not like may be may not be as u r saying.
    she herself accepted that what she did is wrong . so pls…………………

  27. :-) stop may be’sssssssssssss or may not be’ssssssss. I am reading these comments from the beggininng .

    I have only one question

    latha’s mother is taken to police station with no reason why this anitha is not questioning this. but she is very much bothered about that some latha’s aunt’s and aunt’s son.

    Ravishankar – if you are ready to fight, we are here to support you. if you look for compromise we feel sorry for you.I read your FIR which u posted ,it is understood it is totally fake.

    1. Thank you Vinod. I had already up to fight the case. Please do pass on your views and Guidance to fight it out very effectively. Here’s my no. 9840414092.


  28. latha

    Be scared of god… very sorry to say u are responsible for trouble in your brother’s life.. think if your sis-in-law will come in between you and ur husband. how will u react. u are also female… once when u go to god house there u have to give justification of all you misdoing. Whatever wrong things u are doing with ur brother and his wife… one day u will get punishment for that and that too in this world only… because of girls like you i am ashamed that i am female… SHAME ON UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    Rave wake up think about ur kid.. dont be kid urself.. grow up man

    1. Sunita,

      let me clarify. Latha never involved between me and pavani. Pavani unneccessarily escalated to their parents for petty issues .. which in turn their parents called Latha. I had explained everything to latha .. she also observed who is doing wrong … Just for the sake of blaming someone … dont do that sunitha.. I pretty feel very bad on you.. cant you understand the senesitivity of the issue …
      First try to learn the issue and then see whats went wrong… rather than simply exploiting someone. I appreciate if this problem happen to your brother or son.. you would realise the pain of it …
      It is very cruel on your part .. just simply pointing on Latha..
      First understand… a girl filing a wrong compliant and harrasing the entire family (aged parents) to accept the conditions .. looking for money. its very cheap attitude .. There are Many ways to set right if there are any issues thru Private Councelling etc….
      its cheap on your part .. without knowing the facts.. simply blaming someone like this… Utter shame on your side, being a girl.

      First learn to think like a good human being.. it is ruthless thinking on you to support someone (pavani) without knowing the seriousness of the issue.

      Coming to kid.part… what to do you know.. the caring i took on my child… I always prayed mother also should change her attitude .. come out of that hypersensitivity attitude … im also taken steps to change her .. to lead a normal life.. But in turn what she had done … it s brutal murder on a good familys faith …

      in the 3 months, when she was away from home .. did i gone to police station for filing a false complaint or gone to lawyer seeking Seperation.. I thought she would realise and elders would advice her .. i have told many times to their parents …to change her adamant attitude … Pleasssssssssse understand . Dont blame someone blindly..

      I believe .. who are all behind pavani and the ones who misguided her, to put me and my family suffer like this.. will definitely be answerable to GOD.

      We trust GOD, not scared of him.

      1. Ravi,

        Don’t waste your time, responding to the useless comments from Sunitha.. those girls does n’t deserve any social respect… They just look for Cashing during the diificult times.. they are not brought up with values … they simply join with same set of categories and make good people life miserable… Just forget it …Ravi ! we will move on …


  29. I wonder how people such as Sunita, who are least connected with Latha and her family, react to the extent of abusing them !! Ever since her first post, Sunita’s arguments have been lopsidedly insensible and content-less.. She hardly knew Pavani neither Latha.. If she had to take a feminist stand, wonder how she chose Pavani instead of Latha and her mother !!

    On the other hand, I wonder how is Sunita pitying on a woman like Pavani who has no regrets for depriving her year-old child of parental care in the name of “security deposit of 10 lacs” for her own parents (who incidentally are lazy to work for their own survival or for their second daughter’s wedding as agreed upon by their fellow villagers; hence relying on their elder daughter Pavani to run the “498 drama”) !!! Such a trick would soon fall flat as, unfortunately for Pavani, there is no provision of monetary settlement under 498 case officially. If she insists on money unofficially too, its a strong argument for Ravi to seek parting ways in the best interest of his child. Afterall, no child wants a mother who loves money more than him/her.

  30. Latha

    Ur attitude shows what kind of sis-in law u are. See i don’t know u guys but really feel pain in my heart when i see one’s family gets spoiled beacuse of sister. Latha i pray to god that he should not give sister like you to any brother.

    I think you should help ur brother to get closer with his wife and kid. u should look for different avenues to make their bonding stronger. Never mind, u will not understand how kids from broked families suffer. becuase it is not your kid suffering but ur brother’s kid who will be suffering.

    Ravi– I think no female in this world would like to spoil her family life until she is not being tortured by her husband or in-laws. if she is asking for money.. obviously she has to look after her kids future… Ravi when u will become old… ur sister will not give u a glass of water.. it is ur kid who will feel pain for u…. please try to understand ur wife and kid and give her lots of love.. she will definately understand.. God bless u my brother my god will definately show u right path and ur kid will grow in happy family… please give ur kid a happy family… i really feel pain for him/her. (i am surprised ur sister does not feel anything)

    1. See Sunitha,

      Pavani.. never been tortured.. she had complicated herself.. with her unneccesary thoughts and illogical conclusions.. added to that .. their parents very well aware of her nature .. still they simply encouraged her continuing the same life.. rather than educating her …

      if you say, demanding money from husband .. otherwise go to jail.. if that is the way to secure future for child means .. then i dont know what sort of lady she is … and you are apprising that attitude too.. well i dont know what to say..

      But anyway, the child would realise her mothers attitude and would definitely come out of her shade.

      I dont want to waste anybodys time. let stop it here …

  31. Hey Guys Pls dont reply to her.pls dont waste ur time . I dont find any use in explaining or discussing with her.

  32. Latha,

    If some body is not favour to you ,you will say that not to reply them. You don’t have any right to say like that.
    It is very clear you are only the wrong person in that family. Definitely one day even Ravi will come to know that.
    God is there. He will definitely show the right path to Ravi.

    1. Latha,

      Anitha and Sunitha. They are unnecessarily pointing They are just assuming something and taking for granted as “whatever they say is right”.

      Already they have done the enough damage to me and family..

      so, better focus your time on some worthful things.

    2. Hello madam latha,

      oneside you will say that
      “Hey Guys Pls dont reply to her.pls dont waste ur time . I dont find any use in explaining or discussing with her”.

      And the other side
      ” Thanks Sunitha for blessing my Brother to get a right path”

      So, like this only you may be behaved with Pavani and Ravi in different ways.

      Sorry to say you, either you are mentally disturbed or with cruel mentality.

      Good Bye.

      1. Well I have to admit I want Latha to suffer more and her family specially all men in there. We women have suffered enough in the past and now its mens turn. THEY DO DESERVE TO DIE SLOWLY AND IN PAIN.
        I dodnt want to say this before but all MEN here are gays !! Men org..FAIL !!!


        1. Dear Anita,

          Why you say all men deserve to die slowly…I hope your father is a man…

          For me all men and women should me treated as equal but each one has different role in life. I think specially in India the metality of people will never develope. They can only collect certificates to file but can never gather happiness for others. You get what you give. If you pray for pain for others you will be in pain. Allmighty is there to decide and you are just from dust to where you will return and so we all then how you decide what should be how.

    3. Latha

      I love your sense of humor and I know you really do love your family very much. Mr. Ravishankar is so lucky he’s got the sister like you to support in bad times, I wish I had one but I thank god for whatever he has given to me. Keep guiding your brother positively and teach your kids with these good moral values because people like u really hard to find these days.If I were you no matter what problem comes I will do the same to support and fight all the odds against my family. Cheers never give up:))

  33. Dear Sunita,

    You r right . I was following your views from first. And you are right , in between Kid will suffer. And also ravi has to wake up. If that Latha goes from their lives, they will be happy and the ‘not’ will rejoin. Otherwise she will keep on spoiling the atmosphere like this. This woman will never understand. Better you stop discussing with her. “WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE FAR FROM BAD”…


    1. As for the record anita you “maybe” a female in the form of girl but you are far from a good human being. You may have good education but your parents did not taught you moral values about to respect someone either its known or unknown or younger or elder, no offense but you must grow up yourself on your mental level. Abusing someone is bad but hating someone is worst.

  34. Latha your Responses are rocking. so cool buddy .I Really don’t understand how these people who are unknown to you can use such language with you.

    Really using such language on an unknown person in a forum is offence.

    I appreciate your patience

  35. I was reading the comments from the beginning about the case regarding Mr. Ravishankar and also his sister and the other two girls what ever their name is… So my only advice to you Ravishankar instead of talking to anyone in your family u must talk to your wife and kid first they are most important people in your life so as your parents. As I am not married guy (single one) but I can only say to you no matter what happens dont put your kids life in danger if you wife dont care about you and child leave her as soon as possible because I dont want you and your kid to spend the rest of the future in torture, pain, suffering, and harassement. You still have loving and strong supportive family, you can raise a kid without your wife and one day she will feel the pain and will get punish of what she is doing now with you people.

    Listen to your heart and feel the pain of your kid right now he/she is in.

  36. Hi Ravi and Latha,

    Don’t listen or talk to Anitha or Sunitha.

    1. They think only wifes are woman.
    2. They think only wife can be tortured or victimised. Even Husband/mother in-law/sister in-law can be tortured. Are we seeing the news papers where woman is killing Children/husbands for illicit relations.I am just putting one motive here.there might be so many motives.
    3. They think all wife’s are good and sister’s and mother’s are bad. Man, all mother’s and sister’s are also wife’s they also know the importance of families.
    4. what is the point in living with the woman who don’t trust man in terms of love, care and finance.
    5. what is point in living with the woman who Threatens others for small/big/silly reasons.
    Threatens* 1. Lodging a case..She might lodge a case at any point of time in future, In case if you take her back.
    2. she might threaten you by saying that she will commit suicide for not bringing a coffee on bed, not giving a saree/gold chain.
    6. what is the point in living with the woman who asks for a security deposit for a life(No trust, no life, no love). People just cannot live together with an arrangement, Married have to live with the trust not with the security deposit.
    what she is expecting from the deposit…will that deposit save her marriage, child or love between the husband and wife.
    will that deposit give her good love care from all the in-laws.
    That money only fulfills her inner motives.
    7. There are good and bad men, similarly good women and Bad women. Just remember this fact and move on. living this phase is not as easy as just typing but have to move on. your experience will be greater use to net generation. Fight the case. Be brave. Show all the love to your family members especially your parents. they will be feeling Bad thinking that their son is suffering. show them you are Ok. You might be suffering inside…But one proverb…NO PAIN NO GAIN

    8. Last but not least….I am really sorry that this bad thing happened with you and your family. But Strength of family or a person will be proved or increased when one passes through bad phases or hick ups…This is really happening with lots of people….You are not alone…Well Brother Be Brave and Fight hard…One woman could not give love to you..So what another will come and most important thing you got a loving family..You know you have to blessed to have good family

    Like anitha/sunitha/babitha …..Some immatured comments will come… they might not have seen the Bad Side of a women or trying to act smart. Just see their comments also…Because its good to see all kinds of people..

    Regards to all
    Ravi Kumar

    1. Ravi/ Lata,
      It is waste to argue with Anita and sunita who can’t think rational.
      I am a victim a 498A after 15 years of my marriage can you imagine?The charges on me demanding dowry now for 5 lakhs ,when I am drawing handsome salary.This was in retaliation to the divorce I had applied for mental and physical tortoure for 15 years. I have a son so I kept suffering.Now that my son has grown up and can understand,I decided to call it a day.

      There are women who have no emotions and feeling and concern for children forget about husband and his family,
      She and my So call MIL were demanding 50 K for withdrawing case or 50,000/- per month as maintenance.
      My son have given 3 statements in the court speaking truth

      Now the fate of my wife is, her own son has discarded her ,such a shame for any women
      when we say motherhood is a blessing given by GOD to women.
      She had resigned from her job before applying for maintenance and now secreatly joined some job.See the height of greediness.
      Is it the responsibility of only husband to maintain wife what is the responsibility of her parents?
      There are parents like my so call inlaws who USE their daughters for making money.
      Fight the case, there is HC , supreme court drag them till their death.I you are innocent ,you will justic , believe in GOD.
      When I was put in jail , I felt miserable , felt commiting suicide but for the son for whom I had compromise all these years, I gather courage ,If my so called wife had not file 498A I would have still to of reconcilling to avoid breakage.What ever happen ,happen for good. May be God has made her to take this extreme step of putting false case against me so that I am liberated from her and live a peaceful life without her tortour of everday.
      All the best and fight till end .The day she realises(I hope so) her mistake ,I will be a hell for her then throught her life.

  37. Thank you Ravi Kumar. for sharing your views and Guidance. Really appreciate your thoughts, very supportive during these difficult times.


  38. Dear Friends,
    i’d married on 2nd july of last year.In the begin of the month my wife told me a false story that my sister in law has met me in the midnight on station. i just asked who told u this false story? but she just said another false story. The nest day my father in law and my brother in law came to my place and took her to their place. Since that day they dint touch with us and after 30 days i hope they may go to court of law to suit a false case against me and my family. Before one day myself had to their place and request her to come with me but her parents were misguided her and she quit at her place. so if they will force her to sign any paper she will sign as hr parents are not so sober to her. at this time i don’t know how to get rid from this situation. even my friends are request me to surrender at them thous i m right. So at this time without my mercy i ‘ve to surrender before them. Will she get the love/affection from me life long? Will she get the prestige from me anymore as my wife. There should be a law for male. Pl help me if anyone can. my contact no 9438044166

  39. Hello Everybody

    I am also a victim of misuse of 304B. My in-laws are AWARE of the fact even they lodged an FIR. Currently I am on Bail from Patna high court BUT after coming from jail my office has NOT allowed me to join (waiting for their reply since 9th sept, 2010). I was a senior software engineer in a MNC in NCR.

    Incident Details:
    1. We are blessed with twin baby boys in sept, 2009
    2. My office planned to send me London so I took them to my native place.
    3. Planned was postponed after this she assumed that I did not want to keep her with me so I made a false story (even after showing the VISA she was not ready to believe me).
    4. I was not taking her back here because my VISA was valid till 13-Apr-2010, so office may send me any time and one more important reason was take care of twins will be difficult for her.

    Now we come to know that wife of my brother-in-law(who has lodged the FIR) has also committed suicide in 2001 and they were also facing similar case. My wife (before marriage) was also in one of the accused. Three accused arrested/surrendered in court and my wife was sent to his MARRIED sister.

    Six year latter they married this girl to me in 2007 with changed (duplicate) name against her wish. She wanted to marry younger brother of her brother-in-law, where she was hidden during police investigation in 2001. She had started threatening us like she will commit suicide and you all will be forced to sell each bricks of this well furnished home. We had informed her Father, Mother and Brother many times.

    She was studying in class 7 at the time of incident (2001) with the same as in FIR lodged against them. I think they did not follow the process of name change like making affidavit and publishing in the news paper.

    We have their FIR No, Anticipatory bail request number at Patna high court and we are in process of getting the complete case details. My father-in-law was a army personal so we are also trying to get her name from his service record.

    Now I want to know that whether it will be helpful in defending us or making a counter case against them.

    Best Regards,
    RK Raja

  40. Well I have to admit I want Latha to suffer more and her family specially all men in there. We women have suffered enough in the past and now its mens turn. THEY DO DESERVE TO DIE SLOWLY AND IN PAIN.
    I dodnt want to say this before but all MEN here are gays !! Men org..FAIL !!!


    1. Dear Anitha…

      I know u r lesbian
      As u say all men here are gays. then check ur brother, HUSBAND, son and dad .. they may be best example of it.. :-) this lady sucks yaar …

      With Luv
      Vijaya Kumar

  41. HI
    Protecting the wrong person be a male/female will destroy the life completely of themselves and their relative or be a family.
    Men are too sensitive and have feeling as they are also human being.
    they also need love, protection……
    The lady will say above that clamp is possible with two hands. It doesn’t mean the Men’s side is alone responsible for every thing. if the women done wrong things then their is equal punishment for her also as men get.
    I think the lady argue above will have some problem or bad character and likely to be say that punishment only made for Men and left the women with rewards.
    If she becomes mother of a male boy then she also favour or wants in her son’s case that he will get punishment if doesn’t do anything wrong. because these kinds of women are
    of bad character.
    Situation demands that Men should not go for marriages in India. Its a self killing for grooms and his family.
    Please Be constructive Don.t go for destructive way for all.


  42. i am at one with u that the gender bias law is misussed.what is the right step for us to do.i want to join u in this movement so tellme the way what to do there any proposal to set comissioner for male please tell me.

  43. Good after noon Sir,

    I have seen your Association on Net & read your views. I appreciate Your views (from the bottom of my heart) & you would be happy to know that I firmly
    support You. Infact I am quite pleased to know that there are people who think like me. Otherwise in my locality
    I do these kind of talks or express these kinds of views people don’t take me seriously. Some of them laugh at me.
    And I am talking about “MEN” (who laugh at me.)
    Infact “MEN” are not ready to believe that they are being taken for granted. In plain language they are unaware of the
    the WOMEN. I won’t explain how as you are already well aware of it.
    But the thing is how this big problem can be solved. In blunt words how this huge crisis can be do away with.
    Sir,I am glad & I praise men/boys like you who are trying to solve this problem & working for men’s rights.
    But There are numerous NGOs & WOMEN
    ORGANIZATIONS WORKING FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS but is there any single one that is working for
    us (MEN)??! (Obviously, Barring Your One)
    There is National Commission for Women but none for Men!! There is a separate/special Ministry for Women but
    what about Men? Now women are saying its their birth-right to have 33% reservation in The Parliament of India.
    The crux of the matter is that to a large extent men are themselves responsible for their pathetic state.
    Reason-They are not United. Infact they are not even ready to accept that something wrong or unjust is being
    done to them. And I think, You would be aware of the fact that there are lakhs of ’gentlemen’ who are working
    laboriously, exclusively for women’s rights. It is quite shocking as well as ironical that they are not working for
    their own (Male) community. We are very few in number as well as in percentage. We need to work very hard, aggressively & swiftly and for that we ought to
    trust the members of our community. It’s not enough to chat on Internet. We must interact by phone/mobile
    And if feasible, we should meet on a regular basis in person.
    My own Cell Number is 09968235376 and you are most welcome to call me any time between 8am to 11pm.

    In the end, I must say that I am really impressed by your effort & I am grateful to you for that.

    With Best Wishes
    Gaurav Gupta.


  44. hi , I have registered my marriage in registar office as per HMA. This i have done for applying passport & visa to the girl whom i am going to marry. But actual marriage has not happened. we have submitted false invitation card.. now due to torchure from girl i am not going to marry.she is interested in money only…they r demanding 25 lakhs for maintaince…

  45. I was arrested in IPC 498 A on 2009. because of false complaint to me.. I also search the helping hand to secure my life. again she put a second case to me.

  46. “Dowry harassment likely to become a bailable offence”

    Link :

    The Union law department has launched an exercise to tone down the law on matrimonial cruelty, including cases of dowry harassment. Effectively, dowry harassment may soon become a bailable offence.

    To protect social fibre of family life and check alleged misuse of the law, the department is contemplating changes in Section 498-A of the IPC that defines the offense of matrimonial cruelty.

    Section 498-A was inserted into the IPC by an amendment in 1983. Offenders, including husband or any other family member, are liable for imprisonment as well as a fine and the offence is non-bailable, non-compoundable and cognizable on a complaint made to the police officer by the victim (wife) or by designated relatives.

    The law department is now exploring viability of changing the law to make the offense, including dowry harassment, as a bailable and compoundable. ”Relevant data and opinion are being sought from states to evaluate the misuse of the law and possibilities of changing it,” says Justice (rtd) Shiv Kumar Sharma, member of the National Law Commission.

    The panel will hold meetings with police departments across states to collect statistics regarding ”misuse” of the law and also about genuine cases of dowry harassment and other forms of matrimonial cruelty.

    “After husband’s arrest, possibility of reconciliation becomes difficult, so the idea is to strike a balance,” said Sharma. But, he said the panel was equally concerned about genuine cases and data regarding the same was also being collected.

  47. Ravi Shankar

    I read your story , and in fact it appeared like my own story to me ………… Brother , don’t worry and don’t take any undue pressure , Initially , your wife will surely try to create false clouds on the whole issue which will be cleared with time ……. In the meantime keep your head cool and plan your strategy to handle this issue …. Don’t be emotional , just be practical . Be strong , forget you had a family and don’t do any compromise with your in-laws ……. Ek baar jhuk gaye to saari zindagi jhookna hoga !!! LIVE WITH DIGNITY and forget what people will say . God takes care of everyone and he won’t let anything wrong happen to you or your family …. Cheers !!

  48. sr my wife left my home on 4 sept 2010 and gave a complaint against me of 498a in women cell. which was rejected by women cell.and i escaped now she has filed a case of dv act against me and claiming for maintenance. i have also filed a case of sec 9.cud u plz suggest me smthing

  49. Brother Ravisankar
    I can see that you are in a very difficult situation..Hope it will be cleared..
    About ur marriage,Pls never take extreme measures..first of all, give ur wife a few more chances to change her mind..If its not working go for a parting..
    You are truly admirable..The support u give 4 ur brother truly demands applause..U have ltd right to interfere in ur brother’s Marital life but if hes in a problem u must protect him..I have a sister and if she gets married or if she becomes a grandmother also i will help her when she is in need..Family is very important..blood relations are divine..

    Pls report the current status of the case in this forum..we are eager to read it..

  50. Dear friends
    I would share my piece of thought and emotional pressure Iam undergoing as on today.
    Iam from a Middle class family with good academic record.My father passed away when I was four and mother brought me up to the lever of a post graduate. we lived in a hut and had cows at home and I too contributed for the family by delivering milk and earned our livelihood.
    My hardwork and efforts fetched me a prestigeous job in the country’s Armed forces as a Commissioned Officer in the Short service Cadre. I got married on 22 Jun 2008.It was an arranged marriage and alliance came via a broker.
    the gal belonged to Chennai and the parents and herself claimed that she had qualified 2 degrees and pursuing master degree in Hindi. Being brought up from a poor humble family we just believed the broker and family’s words.Her parents are working government employees.mother a corporation school teacher and father is Head of the department of history in RIMS bangalore.
    After few days after marriage i have discovered that she had a spur in her speech. Her tongue was stuck to jaw and when i interrogated about this her parents told that they didnt feel it as an important matter to discuss with me. Though they claimed themselves as hindus they were professing Christianity. Days passed then i found that she is found troubled in doing basic arithmetics also. she was found troubled when collecting change during shopping and day to day purchase of vegetables also. On encquiry and thorough interrogation i came to know that she is just a 10th class and remaining whatever degrees she claimed were all she gained by paying the correspondence centres of Annamalai university and dakshin bharat hindi prachar saba T nagar chennai.
    It was shocking to accept the reality that my wife is ignorant and she has cheated me along with her entire family. Coming from a low level to my present level i have toiled hard and its again a setback in my personal life and my career. it became a social stigma for me . she is neither good looking ( i hve accepted for this marriage bcoz my mom has decided and we have not encquired anything abt her studies or her family) She stayed with me in vizag for 3 months where i stopped interacting with her and we resided in same house without talking to each other. One day she shocked me by stating that i would attempt for a suicide if you dont touch me or speak with me. Truly speaking i never abused her or beat her till date. Knowing all the realities about her i dont want to further deepen my wounds by doing those to her.
    Before i left to vizag post diwali leave i had left her at her home view my forecoming exams. thereafter i returned home in end dec 08. when i called her her parents to get her back to my home they turned defensive and told me to take action legally whatever i could . after 6 months i hve waited i have filed for divorce (actually i should have filed right for conjugal rights..the lawyer was inexperienced ) thereafter the case was transferred from pondicherry to chennai family court…til date the case is on . in between she has filed for interim maintenance demanding my one third pay or compensation of 20 lakhs as one time settlement. For living with me for nearly 4 months and we dont have a child too…claiming such a huge amount is not digestable first of all. Secondly iam already 30.hardly its another 20 years more of life. She is already working in Consim Info Pvt limited T nagar Chennai. I dont have time to appear b4 court frequently view my profession of being at sea most of the times.In the budding stage of my life i have been undergoing financial constraints. the only asset i have is my hardwork and confidence. Paying such an huge amount i would land up selling both of my kidneys. The verdict is on 20 oct. I have lost peace and sleep since this marriage. There is no doubt that this law is biased for women and attrocities are on men under false allegations of heartless women. ..My mother is diabetic and I am too assisting my brother in repaying his home loan on monthly basis. Friends kindly help me out to come out of my mental agony and state. Do advice me how to tackle such woman. Despite cheating me Iam paying compensation shoulders are tied..

  51. I will like to be associated with members of the association. Please inform me whether there is any office in Chennai. I am a person who has suffered right from small age due to sisters and now also due to my wife, her sister and relatives

  52. My self and my mother , father and my sister -in – law are suffering from a false 498A. Her father was tried to seperate us from the beginning , but my wife was realized this she wa against her father ,but after giving birth to twin baby she changed herself and started making stories against our family and i have a strong evidence that we have not harassed her and the way we lived together with lov and happiness, but now her father and she made our family to a jungle , and her father is the only responsible person for making the relation ship between me and my wife in a bad way…..because of the strong evidence i thought everything will be settled soon , now almost 8 years and no justice… and my advocate is saying ” Gents has to pay the compensation …That is indian law .. everymonth i am paying money as per my ability , but without knowing the children… without enjoying my life for the past 8 years .. i lost my father becuase of her family’s harassment ..i want to explain more about my life , But before that i would like to know how i can join in this force

  53. need help. wife had ex marital affair and left home 3 yrs ago with both my children. now demands alimony and maintainence. my house is on her name though i am paying emi of home loan. she has same qualification as me but says cannot work as she has to look after the kids. demands i sell the house and give her half the proceeds.

  54. In all the cases Ignorant male is depicted as criminal. Are all these females right? Too much of legal frame works are there to safe guard ladies n girls. Is there anything left to safe guard the innocent male. How much of attrocity can happen to males by females. I only pray OM NAMASHIVAYA to put to an end to this attrocious female chevonism.

  55. I have only and one advice to the youth of today for not to get frustrated in life as like me. DONT EVER GET MARRIED WITH A GIRL, nothing else to do, you will definitely succeed in life. If you marry listenting to some one, you will face all glorious sufferings as I did and live like me only. SO PLEASE DON’T GET MARRIED ON ANYBODY’S ADVISE AND SUCCEED IN LIFE. DON’T GET INTO ANY EVILS TRAP. You should firmly decide not to get married with any girl for another atleast 10 years then only the situation of attrocities on males will end.


  57. After seeing all this comments I think its better dont marry and use the red light….If you plan to marry make a bond that any matter to be resolved between each other and no case will be entertained..if need divorce they can send notice 6 months before to court and take seperation and also the compensation to be mentioned in the bond in advance and also approval to be taken from High Court with stamp and each husband wife keep one original copy with them in case…..Good Luck

  58. The other way is the men should marry men instead of women so that the country will be full of Hommo..and Lesbians which in short will be Homles …In this way ACT 498A will be bypassed

  59. Dear Anita,

    I like your advice to Mr. Ravi to change his wife later….I am sure he will go for it….
    all the best dear…”Stich in time saves nine”

  60. hi

    This is nani, i have enjoyed alot and we got married on 17.04.12, in the office it self with out witness, because i asked her to marry me then she told to do like this and then we went for shiridi, then we went to pune , hyd, and vizga, we spent a lot of days and nights together,

    she got a job on nicl vizga they she went there again also we enjoyed alot of days then after one fine day i informed to her father about our lovestory and they about our marriage,

    he said that it ok happend is happend forget it and leave her, i am shocked i didnt expected dis answer and then there is no contact with her, she didnot get me by calling , i waited for one month till feb21, on 1 feb she called me and told that she never love me she hates me alot,

    there is no answer for me for this question and again i tried to talk with her father she told that he will give a complaint on me saying the sexual and other cases will be done on me, she is also giving support to her father,

    so i planned to get die , i cant expect other girl in my life and i cant share my bed with others

    please help boys who is faceing the problem,

    please change the law protect boy also from girls,

    make the virgin test before marriage for girl and hiv for boy they this will be controlled

    this is my last request to the govt, please save boys also.

    Please give support to boys

  61. Hello Sir,

    I am a native of Hyderabad and would like to get in touch with you ASAP. Could you please provide me with your contact details or telephone number to reach you out.

    I would be really glad if you can please do the needful.

  62. Dear all,

    She as rising the domestic violence act on me and my family members,
    but what all are she raised by her is fully false but all them are saying that this act would be favouring in women side.

    She went to her mother house after marrying me in two months and then we went to take back to my house she has refused to come with me and she lodged complaint has domestic violence act in her home town.

    The judgment is coming very soon
    in this case what i have to do

    kindly call me


  63. I’ve false victim of sec 498(A) and now my wife has even filed the false case of domestic voilence against my family.
    My contact number is +919962000137.

    Please call me on the above number . I’m in Chennai now and my case is filed in U.P.
    Kindly help me.
    The entire case is false case and she is staying away from me from last 5months.
    Till the time she was with me she always use to fight and create scenes. My mother-in-law came and she even made the matter worse. My wife is very dominating and she is very stubborn.

  64. Same story of mine of misuse of DV. I am a fighter and will take law in my own hand and if prooved guilty u can show this message to world. Every agency is corrupted and for money they can do anything. The biggest contributors are lawyers

  65. Ante todo un saludo cordial.
    Quisiera saber todo acerca de conformar una plataforma de lucha, a travez de una ONG u organismo internacional que proteja los derechos de los varones.
    Soy un padre que ve con limitaciones a su hija de 9 años, fui engañado y traicionado por la mama en muchas oportunidades, pues bien las leyes en el Peru estan de cabeza, sobreprotejen a mujeres que no lo merecen, a pesar de que contribuyo con mi hija, tengo una demanda de alimentos basada en mentiras y no pude ejercer mi derecho a defensa. quisiera que el mundo se entere que no todas las mujeres son dignas y pues tambien hay varones que son muy indeceables tambien, pero por que meter a todos en un mismo costal, que ocurre con la humanidad, por culpa de todo este conflicto y la mama de mi hija es que mi niña sufre y pues yo ya no se que hacer, tengo años de conflicto y pues es de locos por que como repito las leyes y los profesionales de las leyes estan de cabeza.
    espero poder expresar lo que muchos varones y padres sufren haciendo silencio y siendo victimas de mujeres y de leyes absurdas que solo dañan a los hijos.
    quisiera toda su ayuda.
    muchas gracias.
    Adan QR.

  66. hi frnds ,we can only talk about how to save men from all this torture but when it comes to doing it we cant do anything about it .bt till when someday this is going to happen to all of us nd dat day is not far,i say we stand up for our rights nd raise a mass campaign for passing a men friendly law in d nation or a equal law for both men and women.let take this fight to roads nd colleges nd everywere in d whole nation.either it is now or its nvr.

  67. You are doing an excellent services to the innocent husbands and men community. I was not aware of what is domestic violence act 2005 till I experienced on my own on 2012 and I have not done any violent activities throughout my life time. Recently only I learned all through your website links and I am thanking for your excellent services provided for all victims.
    What we need to this hour is to unite and make this d v act equal all and nullify that. Some Men are doing Domestic violence and many women are also doing the same nowadays and earlier also but instead of providing equality the Government & Members of Parliament and Political Parties are supported this Gender Inequality D V Act 2005 for their selfish, personal and vote banking policies. Now we need to fight unitedly to safeguard all men community, and try to stop suicidal activities of lacks of innocent husbands due to D V Act Victims, and to motivate them for not to do any foolish activities and provide legal counselings and finally to see that The Government of India to Remove once for all or at least to remove the unwanted sections and make the laws equal to all.

    Thanking you and I am ready to spare some time by taking activities to do services to our men community.

  68. Dear Mr Raman,

    There are lots of blogs sites for men’s rights and also lot of communities in various social networking sites, many people join these communities and also write their experiences or comments in blog sites. BUT we must find the solution. And the only way to get or expect to get the solution is to sit togather and work out some good strategies about how to approach the government, some really solid and result oriented strategy.

    Now the big question is … How to and where to call or whom to approach for this get-to-gather… we must spare time and reach upto some level of solution.

    Guys…my email id is, write me anytime to exchange our mobile nos to find some positive solution.

    Rohit Khurana

  69. I agree women should get right because indian people give respect to indian women , but some women misuse of this respect by the way of law. They misuse by this law sometime unnecessary fight with men in bus or some public place like for case i have seen one girl friend was fighting with someone in call and she get frustrated with that person who’s on call, she get up from her seat to get down from bus while getting down behind her one guy was standing and suddenly driving press a brake that time that boy’s right hand touch to that lady bum and she start slapping that boy that he touch her bum but that was wrong it’s not his mistake bus driver press a brake because of that his hand touch her bum but she want to take out her frustration . she already fighting with someone in call , so she take out that frustration with this men which is wrong.. she don’t no that misuse of law can spoil men’s life , if he having a good respect and goodwill, if he working with a good co. what he will do … that lady put him behind the jail without any mistake done by that guy in bus. So i want to say give some right to man also atleast give someone way get out from this ,if he is not wrong anywhere because women get influence from all public.

    So i want to suggest if man have not done any mistake and women simply misuse of law than law should investigate and if it prove that men has not done any mistake than all case should reverse on women. police treat like same the way they treat with man.

    Please look into this issue seriously this not only for man this is for all. women , daughter aunty everyone at there family also have man. so think about this before you file a case on any.

  70. I agree women should get right because indian people give respect to indian women , but some women misuse of this respect by the way of law. They misuse by this law sometime unnecessary fight with men in bus or some public place like for case i have seen one girl friend was fighting with someone in call and she get frustrated with that person who’s on call, she get up from her seat to get down from bus while getting down behind her one guy was standing and suddenly driving press a brake that time that boy’s right hand touch to that lady bum and she start slapping that boy that he touch her bum but that was wrong it’s not his mistake bus driver press a brake because of that his hand touch her bum but she want to take out her frustration . she already fighting with someone in call , so she take out that frustration with this men which is wrong.. she don’t no that misuse of law can spoil men’s life , if he having a good respect and goodwill, if he working with a good co. what he will do … that lady put him behind the jail without any mistake done by that guy in bus. So i want to say give some right to man also atleast give someone way get out from this ,if he is not wrong anywhere because women get influence from all public.

    So i want to suggest if man have not done any mistake and women simply misuse of law than law should investigate and if it prove that men has not done any mistake than all case should reverse on women. police treat like same the way they treat with man.

    Please look into this issue seriously this not only for man this is for all. women , daughter aunty everyone at there family also have man. so think about this before you file a case on any.

  71. dear brother,
    i am facing so many problems with my wife. this week i am filling divorce case. i already given last year one notice for to live along with me. other wise do something like that. but she was not responding anyway. she was giving warnings and blames also. she have women rights human rights like that. she was sent very vulgarity and violence messages through their mobiles. so many sittings done with our elders. but she want to live alone. what i do. i have previous notice, no reply from her, sms s some videos. is it possible to get divorce from her. pls suggest me


    Indian-American teacher heads to jail for sex with minor
    New York, July 24 (IANS) A former Indian-American principal of a New York Montessori school has surrendered to authorities to begin a two-to-seven-year prison term for sex with one of her 13-year-old students,
    Lina Sinha, 46, was found guilty of the crime five years ago, but had stayed out of the jail with a wide variety of appeals, according to the New York Daily News. With all her appeals exhausted, her lawyer Jerry Shargel Monday pleaded with Judge Carol Berkman to reconsider her sentence because the charges were “exaggerated.”
    “There was a love affair that continued for nine years,” he was quoted as saying. “You heard the victim say (at trial) that he enjoyed the relationship. He found the relationship pleasurable.”
    But the judge declined to reconsider her original sentence recalling the victim’s testimony that he was going through a very difficult period at the time of the abuse because his parents were separating.
    “She hijacked his life as a child,” the judge said as cited by the Daily News. “The defendant is a woman with every advantage who preyed on the victim for years, and she did try to destroy him.”
    Sinha, who was a teacher at the school owned and operated by her parents, first had oral sex with a 13-year-old boy in 1996.
    She continued to sexually abuse the underage boy throughout his middle school and high school career – and even “manipulated his mind, his body and his judgment for her own sexual purposes,” said Assistant District Attorney Robert Hettleman.
    Sinha was convicted of having oral sex with him and another youth, and bribery in April 2007, and sentenced to four to 14 years.

  73. I agree with all men here and really feal sorry for them.

    I have been hearing these things happening very commonly now a days.

    Though I am a lady but my vote is for you.

    When we fight for equality it should mean equal.

    Why biased laws????

  74. I agree with all men who are harassed by their wifes and really feal sorry for them.

    I have been hearing these things happening very commonly now a days.

    Though I am a lady but my vote is for you.

    When we fight for equality it should mean equal.

    Why biased laws????

  75. I married 2 months ago. It was an arranged marriage. We both are educated & engineer by profession. As her family’s financial conditions was not good, so my family spent entire marriage ceremony expenses. My dad was so happy regarding this marriage & spent his pension money on this. We haven’t even asked any dowry. Everything was fine up-til marriage. We had just once physical relation & since then she never allowed me to touch & started behaving very rudely with me. I had never harassed or abused or tortured her for this. Not even slapped her for her irresponsible behavior. Then also after 10 days of marriage she left my home. Now she wants divorce saying she is not happy with me any more. I love her a lot. Me, my family & her family tried to convince her but she is not listening to anyone. She neither want to consult any doc nor do anything to solve problems between us. Just saying she want divorce and that’s her final decision. When she was going to file petition against me, I managed somehow to convince her to settle with marriage annulment on the basis of her impotence. Thus by doing so I somehow had stop her from misuse of 498(A), She had agree & accept this reality by knowing this fact that she will never get divorce from one side filing of petition unless & until my side contribution is not there. So now she continuously harassing me & forcing me daily to file petition for this. If I Intentionally try to neglect it, she blackmails me by saying she will use, 498(A) against me & my family. Me & my family is in acute tension. So much mental harassment & financial loss caused by her. I don’t know what to do? Should I break this relation but I love her lot. Even hoping some day she will realize her mistake. But sometimes doubts come into my mind that she has an affair outside. Don’t know what to do! She played with me, my family’s emotions. Can I teach her a life time lesson for mental harassment caused to us? Afraid to do any police case against her, as police & court will take always girl’s side & in reverse my family will suffer if she misused 498(A). Please give me advice in this case.

  76. Let all of us men take an oath. We do not want to see a dirty social parasite in our own daughters. Let us bring them up exactly equal as boys. Equally sensible, equally RESPONSIBLE, equally competent. Only then the true gender equality will come. How long will it take? one generation, that is about 25 years. Better than expecting the present social liabilities to realize the problem, and better than fighting a lost battle in the court.

  77. I want to kill all the corrupt women in this world by putting the hot rod in her ass and getting it out from her mouth and bring back the lost respect of man. This can happen only by unity amongst men, remember united we stand and divided we fall. womens have divided the man, she is sleeping with the powerful man/politicians and lawyers and by such dirty tricks she is ammending law which is in her favour. It is because of such selfish politicians and lawyers that whole race of man are suffering. They have created laws like section 498a and creating fear amongst men. Now the time has come that we man shall stop protecting women and create a law which will be in favour of men and we shall also misuse it against women and create fear in them, we shall not show any mercy for such kind of corrupt women. Nowadays these women are using another trick to come in power by giving jobs to only women and ignoring men. I think they are using their dirty mind to stay in power and harass men, so the only option is to kill the women, if we dont kill them then they will kill us. Capitalise the weakness of women and kill them, dont show any mercy to them.

  78. hi all, sorry to say but all of us r helpless it seems…. lost battered ..and had.. seems men cant do anything at all

  79. Dear Sir,
    Dear Sirs,

    Please help!!

    I am also harrasing through my wife.. Since last 6 year..

    I am working in MNC and done MBA from Pune campus in 2002…

    Now mentally & physically harrasing by Inlaws & her brothers to my family & me.. plz.. help

  80. dear sir, my brother married 13 years ago, we were in joint family know we ar staying indusule bcz of my brother wife know she n herfamily strted harrassing my brother n my family . we ar very disterp maintaly & physically pls my family.

  81. who the bastard haid laid this sect. 498a in IPC. without considering the misused of the same. and their is no relief weather if men is innocent. the law maker has fuck the innocent Indian men around the globe with this sect. the police is taking a brief an making a false FIR. an innocent men will be a culprit.
    dear sir is their any kind of help for a innocent men to came out of this. plz. suggest.

    Jai Hind

  82. Hi,

    I agree that the laws are more biased towards women [or rather should I say wives], but it is not completely true. She and her family can only put false/fabricated cases against us, however there are few relief’s available to us. Get an Anticipatory Bail if you think you might be framed under false allegations. You can get AB until you are not arrested, so even if there is an FIR and you are not arrested you can still get an AB, in case you are arrested apply for a bail. A lot of judges are lenient in approving bail against 498A/DV as they know most of the cases are false, but recommendation is to get AB and you have won the battle half way. Once you are in the court, if you are innocent, she/her family cannot prove that you ever took dowry . Fight the case on merit and quash all the cases. So, basically your strategy should be, defensive at first and quash all false allegation and then once you are free. File perjury case against her and her family under section 200, 211, 500, 501. Take help by submitting RTI for TEP to the Tax commissioner. Trust me, she will be completely taken aback once she comes to know about these cases against her/her family.
    Take your sister/mother to NCW, CAW before your wife and file case against her. These cases can be filed anywhere and later transferred to the same city where your wife stays.
    ALWAYS REMEMBER one thing – If we plot a graph, taking X Axis as time and Y Axis as Pain, our graph will be very high initially and later comes to zero but it is exactly opposite for womens, they start with zero and reach an extreme high provided you don’t bend infront of them and fight for your rights…… MENS RIGHTS. You will come out as a Winner and she as a Sinner.

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