Press release by AIMWA Chennai on International Men’s Day

Men's Day DemandsAIMWA members at Chennai have planned to observe the International Me’s Day by holding dharnas, distributing pamphlets and holding a press conference.

There is a widespread understanding amongst the public on the distress of the men in general and married men in particular. The sustained campaign by the members of AIMWA and SIF through media and by direct interaction has created awareness on the plight of men in India on account of the blatantly anti-male biased laws.

Here are the Press releases in Tamil and English:

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11 thoughts on “Press release by AIMWA Chennai on International Men’s Day”

  1. Why no media had atleast had a word on International Men’s Day? Is this day not an officially declared?

    Is it not reached the public? then how come the International Women’s day is known to everybody?

  2. in our country. consexual with promise of marry is considered as rape this law is stupid first this stupid law. it want to be terminated

  3. I have been harassed by my wife Mrs.D Parvathi &by my adopted Daughter D.K.Priya. I have decided to commit SUICIDE.
    Regards, DKNRao.09444116383.Chennai

  4. im also facing harrashment from my wife and her relatives for mony . she is not ready to live with our comunity .urging to be seperate by leaving aged n illed mother .
    im a D level private employee iam living in rental home now and she saying to arrange an another one well fasility rental home .i am anable to fullfill her demands. i dont know what to do.iwant to join your assocition please help me

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