Press Release: Announcing December 7 as the National Stubble Day


About AIMWA:

All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) is the first ever organization formed in India to fight against all kinds of discrimination against men and boys. AIMWA was launched in Hyderabad on 11th October 2009 and has expanded to Bangalore and Chennai within two months of its launch with around 1000 members.


Gillette, the manufacturer of branded shaving products for men has come up with the idea of “Women against Lazy Stubble” wherein men not shaving, or men sporting stubble have been tagged as “lazy” and their women have every right to detest and demean them. And Gillette also tags this campaign as “Women on the warpath”. This ad campaign was launched on November 7, 2009 and includes campaigns on various media channels as well.


AIMWA perceives this campaign as outright against men and is protesting against,

  1. Violation of fundamental rights of men.
  2. Negative portrayal of men by calling them lazy.
  3. Infringement of choices by men.
  4. Unnecessary financial burden on men, and
  5. Imposing of conditions on men.

Additionally the views expressed in the “Women against Lazy Stubble” campaign and endorsed by Bollywood actresses Minisha Lamba, Neha Dhupia and Mugdha Godse about women’s preference of shaven/stubbled men does not represent the views of the average Indian Woman. As the campaign is being promoted by Procter and Gamble and it has a commercial interest in it, there is every reason to believe the views are bought off, especially when a group of women called “Women Against Male-bashing (W.A.M)” have started the campaign called “Stop the War against Men and Boys”.

The views expressed by W.A.M in their press release aptly represent the views of the average Indian woman as there is no commercial interest involved in it and is a pure expression of thoughts by the Indian women about men and their right to CHOICE. Also, the campaign ignores the umpteen researches that have been done proving it’s actually the stubble in a man that attracts the woman.

A stubble is a man’s right and no one has any right whatsoever to dictate when he should shave or whether he should shave even. It is completely a man’s discretion whether he should remain clean-shaven or stubbled or bearded or unshaven.

By calling men who sport stubble as lazy, Gillette and its parent company Procter and Gamble have issued a Communal Hate Speech as there are enough religious minorities in India who have religious reservations against shaving and also a Gender Hate Speech against men. AIMWA strongly protests it and condemns it outright. AIMWA views the campaign as downright sexist, anti-male and one that can have many disastrous consequences for men like,

  1. This campaign will lead to more men facing more domestic violence from their wives in the form of verbal abuse, economic abuse and emotional abuse. The campaign treats MEN as FREE ATM MACHINES and promotes domestic violence against men. Domestic violence is the numero uno killer for men as corroborated by suicide statistics from the National Crime Record Bureau. Every year more than 57000 married men are ending their lives.
  2. This campaign adds to the never ending expectations, of the society in general and women in particular, from men.
  3. This campaign ignores the countless contributions that men make to the society. It disrespects the fact that the most dangerous, precarious, menial and risky jobs are not only undertaken by men but it is also de-facto expected that they would do so. And if men stop doing those dangerous and risky jobs, the society would cease to run. Rather the campaign designers have chosen an optional activity as shaving as a benchmark to measure activeness of men. It cannot get any more pathetic.
  4. This campaign encourages women to command men, which is a violation of fundamental rights of liberty granted under the Constitution of India.
  5. The campaign commoditizes men for commercial purpose which is not acceptable. Today it’s shaving, tomorrow some other company might come up with some more such sexist campaigns spreading Gender Hatred in order to boost sales and it can be against anyone, men or women. This campaign is being protested against to pass a message to the Corporate World that they too have limits and they need to learn to respect them.

Why National Stubble Day:

Because stubble is a man’s right and since Procter and Gamble is spreading hatred against men with stubble, AIMWA has come up with the idea of celebrating December 7 as the National Stubble Day. The members of AIMWA have decided not to shave on December 7 this year and the following years as well and urges other men to join us and strengthen the movement.

National Stubble Day is being marked to,

  1. Register AIMWA’s protest against the sexist anti-male ad campaign, “Women against Lazy Stubble”.
  2. Protest against commoditization of men to boost consumerism.
  3. Protest against rampant anti-male quotient in the society and unchallenged insults thrown at men treating them as second class citizens while ignoring the reality that men make some wonderful and indispensible contributions to societies and civilizations.
  4. Raising voice against promoting Domestic Violence against Men using commercially motivated sexist anti male ad campaigns.
  5. Assert a man’s rights and prevent infringement of the same.

Additionally, on the occasion of National Stubble Day, AIMWA presents the following demands,

  1. Procter and Gamble to stop the “Women against Lazy Stubble” campaign immediately.
  2. They should publish a 10 cm. X 12 cm. apology for insulting men, in all leading national dailies, on either the front page or back page.
  3. Actresses Minisha Lamba, Neha Dhupia and Mugdha Godse should tender apologies to all men for calling them lazy and urging women to detest unshaven men.
  4. Procter and Gamble should also tender an apology for making a Gender Hate Speech, and
  5. They should give an undertaking that they will never design sexist anti-male ad campaigns in future under any circumstances.

If the above demands are not met, then AIMWA will be constrained to agitate the protest and intensify it and for that Procter and Gamble will be held responsible.

Thanks and Regards

All India Men’s Welfare Association

64 thoughts on “Press Release: Announcing December 7 as the National Stubble Day”

  1. You really have some doubts about you being a man.LOL…. Stubble or no stubble. These kind of advertisement cannot harm our image. Get some life and start helping orphan kids or kids from streets. If you really are man then I think you should do some good to mankind. Do not waste time of people. If someone calls me lazy that doesnt mean I am not a man. check your english dictionary and you will find lazy is not an abusive word. Tomorrow if you will call your son or daughter lazy for smething then he or she should also sue you. You guys and your so called org for men(i am sure it is full of enuchs)are pathetic…..I am sorry Enuchs are also better thn you guys. Enjoyyyyy the reading…..

    P.S- If you are really man thn do not delete this post as I am taking the print screen and I will post this in many blogs. You can look for my name and you will find me in almost all Indian blogs. You want discussion thn let it be open for negative comments as well. Lets just hope you are man enough to keep this post.

  2. Well, I am man enough to raise voice against injustice.

    But it seems you are not. Don’t worry, your comment will be kept as a good joke for us to pass some time.

    Its because of spineless, ball-less and feminine men like you that brainless females have come up with the audacity to treat men as second class citizens and hurl insults at them.

    By the way did you get paid enough from Procter and Gamble to write this stuff and paste it everywhere?

    If I had the authority I would deport eunuchs like you to MARS.

  3. What to do when a Eunuch calls a Real Man a eunuch?
    If you’re a real man, then why don’t you reveal your real name, rather than hiding behind a pseudo name? Pity that you’ve been abused so much by your wife/gf, that you’ve even forgotten the fact that you’re a human being. Having such useless attitude using this sort of a generic name as ‘Indian’, you’re actually insulting all the Indians not just a specific gender or community.

  4. >>You guys and your so called org for men(i am sure it is full of enuchs)are pathetic…..I am sorry Enuchs are also better thn you guys. Enjoyyyyy the reading…..

    You a brave self-proclaimed ‘man’ has such regard for people you call as ‘eunuchs’… It is clear you have no regard or respect for men or yourself either!

    >> Get some life and start helping orphan kids or kids from streets. If you really are man then I think you should do some good to mankind. Do not waste time of people.

    We are already helping men to get out of suicide mentality and live a real life… so stop preaching others and do something with your actions — you are the one wasting your time and others!

  5. You guys seriously do not have anything to do. You are saying I have been abused ???????HOW can u even say tht????? r u forgetting i m not a member of this group….But atleast u cleared that why u joined this group(abused by wife or Gfs)LOL…..

    Now lets talk some sense…..u do not have to be offensive as my first post was posted so you guys can really keep my post( Sucessssssssss).

    I keep my name as Indian bcz I visit different blogs which are of different religion,caste or different issues(including state wise political blogs). No P&G did not give me single penny to write this. You guys called me useless (surprised)?????I asked you to support and help orphan street kids. Is it not considered as humanity?????or according to you humanity is to keep stubbles on your face. How am I insulting Indians????? Asking you guys to put your time to do something fruitful for our country makes me Enuch and disgrace for my pseudo name????? HOW ????????

    I called you guys eunuch but thn I corrected myself. Please read the post carefully. No why at first I called you Eunuch: Only reason I called you Eunuch bcz you guys are working for only one gender. You are looking for people like you(ABUSED by women)that is why you have this group. Eunuchs also look for their kind of people(I thought mayb they missed some of you). But later I thought its good that Eunuchs seprate their kind from our society as its really worse with guys like you who can call ***Women BRAINLESS***(From Virag ). I just want to know how many people can call their mom,sister brainless????is this wat you call saving the family by calling mom and sisters brainless. This is what made me come here and post all this. I m sure many people will read this and many post will b deleted by u guys as it wil prove your fear to live in this society.

    So in reality who are you?????

    Another guess from myside and my fellow bloggers sitting next to me: YOU guys are Gays….LOL…GAYS please do not take it personal as I mean no insult to your choice of life.

    1. Ha Ha Ha You really make us Laugh… We’re surely not going to delete any of your comedy posts, ’cause we love to get some entertainment amidst all the activism and fighting against the injustice.
      Moreover, your confusedness about the reality shows from ur own statement:
      //..Only reason I called you Eunuch bcz you guys are working for only one gender. ..//
      Atleast eunuchs will reward you for this, as you’ve considered them as a gender. Moreover, I’ll pass on your message to the women’s organizations, as they’re also fighting just for that one gender!
      You also say that we don’t have anything to do, but then your rubbish is the longest of all of us here… Seems like you’re indeed getting paid a lot from P&G just for this job.
      Just hope our activism doesn’t get you a pinkslip from them. All the Best to you!
      Keep getting beaten up all the way!

    2. @ Indian

      I wish to know what kind of relation you shared with your Father and you Brothers??
      was it a physical one??? If so dont be ashamed I am sure you can still find help!!
      All you need to do is stop asking other mens in here about thier relations wth their Mother and sisters, coz not all will have problems u might have faced in life.
      Get help.. dont disgrace yourself anymore in this place !!!

      You need to respect males in your family just as you would respect any female members in your family. Dont try to discriminate !

  6. “But atleast u cleared that why u joined this group(abused by wife or Gfs)LOL…..”

    Can you say the same thing about women ? Laugh at so-called abused women?

    Men like you are responsible for twice the number of men committing suicide than women.

    You love to read sob stories of women whether true or false but when men fight for their rights you start laughing.

    You call yourself Indian, you are not even worth calling yourself as human.

    So fighting for men’s rights is like “Doing nothing for you”

    Great. You deserve all the male-hatred that exists in the society.

    Tell me the last time you opposed women’s rights? Have the balls to do so?

    You eunuch, tell me do you have the balls?

  7. One thing i missed last time. I read this article from one of ur member and interestingly his blogs webiste address is

    LOL see this is what I have been saying all the time. You guys are confused with your own identity……………You had issues me keeping my pseudo name as Indian. What do you have to say about this DUDE who is confused(about his own identity or for his life)….

    This is the profile :
    confused dude
    Gender: Male
    My Blogs Team Members

    1. Actually looking at your garbage here, real Men are indeed going to be confused, whether these are the ball-less, spineless men we’re fighting for?
      Atleast, the women orgs are better that way, ’cause they get most of the women supporting them. We are fighting against the injustice faced by the Real Men, and get this sort of garbage from pseudo Men like you… This poor Man is bound to get confused by your sort of creatures!

  8. And, by the way, also learn to read English.

    The blog you mentioned is,


    Its been written to confuse dudes like you. I will inform the author that he just succeeded.

  9. DUDE You are so GAY……….WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MY BALLS????? You keep calling me eunuch and then you wanna see my balls???? WHYYYY???? I am not here to prove myself or neither I have to prove anything to you. I am here as a blogger who is posting against your thoughts. People like you cannot influence real men. They can only influence who love their own kind. You are posting your weakness and I am posting my strength. Your weakness is that you are scared of women and you are collecting people who share the same weakness. If you say u r real man thn why in the first place you decided to have an org against women?????? Were u not able to satisfy thm with ur manlyhood???or were u kicked on ur balls by thm????????

    U knw guys like needs to b discriminated. U do not need women to discriminate you but even real men will discriminate you in ur life.

    I am posting so all women Know that there are still Real Men who do not need a group to raise their voice against discrimination. I do not say women can never be wrong. At times women do things wrng and thts is totally acceptable as they are also human beings.

    U said to my post tht it will b here as a joke. But my posts are gonna make you look like jokers in our society.

    1. A REAL MAN??? are you???
      Bet you cant even take a piss unless you sit in your toilet seat !!!
      Interested in your BALLZ?? I dout you have any at all, coz either you are a woman or you ssem to have inferiority complex with your package.
      What ever may it be, It cannot be that bad to have a pussy..pussy!! Or even if small package, you can find some help, so dont be ashamed.!!
      Be the way you might also want to consider finishing your schoold first sweet-girl as your grammer mistakes seem to be worst than your pathetic mentality!!

  10. hahahahahahah

    eunuchs talking of real men. Do you work as a comedian in a circus?

    Nowadays any joker considers himself to be an opinionated blogger. And you rightly said, you don’t need to prove anyone. You are already a proven joker.

    A real man is a man who does not protect a woman. Are you that? If not then you are a eunuch.

    A real man lives only for himself and not for anyone else. Are you that? If not then you are a eunuch.

    And lastly I apologize to eunuchs for comparing them with you. I don’t have any other word.

  11. Yea and make sure you kiss him too for confusing people. Blogs are supposed to be an eyeopener not to confuse people. This is what I have telling you Gays….that blogging is not for you. You are jst comforting ur worthless life story with others pain. U were hurt by women and nw u r jst collecting more people like u so u can be comfortable thinking tht u r not alone in this world who was kicked by women(who u call brainless).

    U knw its funny tht brainless women(according to VIRAG) kicked ur ass&*&. according to u u r real men thn HOW COME this was possible??????????

    ****Mithun: This poor Man is bound to get confused by your sort of creatures!*****
    ****Virag: Its been written to confuse dudes like you. I will inform the author that he just succeeded.******

    Now tell me who is confused???? One member of ur so called org says tht blogger is confused bcz of creatures like me and one member says it is to confuse people who are like me.


    1. CONFUSED??
      I understand ho you may be feeling so counfused you poor little thing!!!
      but its ok,.. you can always come back to us when you grow up ! :)

  12. Dear Indian

    We don’t want to debate, We just want to tell you that, “MAN & WOMAN ARE NOT COMPETETOR BUT ARE THE COMPLIMENT TO EACH OTHER”.
    Those who are creating differences and breaking the families are neither good for themself nor for the society.
    What we are doing is for saving our family as well as Indian family. If you can’t feel our pain & support us then please let us do our job. Ask from a sister who’s brother is in Jail or from a mother who lost her son due to matrimonial dispute or from the parents who are at their fag end of life forced to life alone without support.
    if these things are not appealing to you then, ask from a baby who lost her mother and her father is in jail in Dowry Death Allegations.
    That’s all, for more discussion are may call me on 09793530430.
    Previously I love my wife & now worship as a Godess of motherhood, Still facing the charges of her “DOWRY DEATH”. I pray all women should be like my wife.

  13. Why is that women feminists are so masculine and male feminists are so feminine? And why do they always have a gender bender as their first and last line of defence?

  14. You knw why I am a real man bcz i know how to keep my family happy(which has both genders man and woman). I am a real man bcz i respect others,unless,ofcourse i have been insulted or disrespected. I am a real man bcz I do not engage in girlie talk about others. A real man doesn’t discuss things he doesn’t know about or people he has never met.
    (FOR U GAYS: You like to talk about ur family matters outside as you cannnot deal with ur problems and tht too with strangers)
    I am a real man because I know the meaning and value of manhood

    I have more words to discuss with you but a real man uses big words rarely and appropriately, at least in front of gays who think they’re real men.

    ****Mithun : Atleast, the women orgs are better that way, ’cause they get most of the women supporting them. *******

    Last but not the least : A REAL MAN CAN DEFEND HIMSELF.
    (That is why I am not in your org. Your gay group needs support but atleast call ur self REAL GAYS NOT REAL MEN).

    **********To VIRAG : A real man is a man who does not protect a woman. Are you that? If not then you are a eunuch.
    A real man lives only for himself and not for anyone else. Are you that? If not then you are a eunuch.**********

    MY ANSWER : You are the first person who is giving these traits for a real man. Your post proves it that u knw nothing about being a real man. You are not even man enough to protect women of your family. You are not even man enough to live for others(and you talk about helping others).

    You urself dont knw wat u r talking abt. ur own wrds are so contradicting.

  15. That is why you are suffering and cannot see a real free man.

    You are a real man defined by the society which considers males as disposable.

    Whereas we are men by choice, we do what we want to do.

    Yes, I am the first person, but my numbers are growing and feminine men like you are on the verge of extinction.


    That’s a real joker, a real monkey that’s what you are.

    You are the Genie of Aladin, who will dance when Aladin orders. Genie, get me this, Genie, get me that.

    The only difference is, Aladin’s Genie had limited himself to 3 wishes. You are limitless. Your wife will keep demanding and you will keep fulfiling and then you will feel chivalrous whereas in reality you are being treated like a monkey.

    Hello monkey, jump.

  16. And when you are not supporting men’s rights, not creating awareness about men’s issues, rather opposing masuclists, how come you are real man??

    Some crappy Corporate comes with the sick idea of calling men who do not shave as lazy and you accept it.

    Is that a real man sans any self-respect?

    A man is one who has the power to choose what he wants to do, whether he wants to shave or remain stubbled?

    What right do hollow-moraled Corporates and brainless females have to dictate to men?

    And then there are feminine men like you licking their feet!

    No wonder men suffer silently, die silently and talk of Women Pamperment.

  17. To YAKSH :

    I am with you and I deeply feel bad tht people are taking wrng advantage of our laws. Every word you said is true. This is the reason why instead of having an org against women we should unite against our corrupt politicians/lawmakers. We should have org(s )which can educate our future citizens to understand the beauty of life. Instead of getting stories and sharing thm with eachother we should ask help for law amendments. I knw poeple will say tht we r streamlined for one path. In my opinion this path is bias. It is not the root of evil. DO not fight against a gender but fight against the wrng people. I seriously was waiting for this kind of post and i m seriously very happy that there are people who compliment human life.

    Whatever u said is attached with someones family and my whole point in discussion is that family can never b full of males. You all are real men and u have the ablity to fight aginst injustice but just channelize it properly and Target it properly. When someone targets women he is actually targeting all women from my family and ur families too.

  18. “When someone targets women he is actually targeting all women from my family and ur families too.”

    So someone targeting men is OK for you??

    And you call yourself a real man?

    And by the way, for your kind info, for the so called women organizations, the women in your home like your mother and sister are not women, they are only non-males related to a male.

    The only woman is your wife. So first realize the reality and then jump like a monkey or you will be promoted to a Chimpanzee.

  19. ****Virag: A man is one who has the power to choose what he wants to do, whether he wants to shave or remain stubbled?****

    Exactly my point. I do not need any org to give me instructions about celebrating a day for stubbles.

    *****To Partha :If a “A REAL MAN CAN DEFEND HIMSELF” why are you feeling so offensive today??****

    The best defense is a good offense, thts why i m kicking some of your gay as*.

    Call me joker you gays but u knw urself tht u r the one who were kicked by women at one point of time.

    I am not married but i have my fiancee and my kid. I knw many people will call it immoral to have kid bfr marriage ,but who cares……….I am happy to b a father and intrestingly but not surprisingly he respects everyone(men and women). He actually loves women more(which is a true sign of a real man). He never comes home crying and saying he is being bullied. He prefers to take care of his matters by himself. He never ditched his frnds on his promises. He always shares his toys with his frnds. He always stands on wht he says. He fights for his frnds. he also hides his frnds fault from us(again a trait of a real man). I knw its wrng but again WHO CARES. HE IS MY SON AND PLEASE WATCH BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING AGAINST HIM. You can have views abt me but do not have any views for my family.

  20. No one is giving you instructions. Read the Press Release properly. Looks like you have got into the habit of taking instructions from your GF. So every thing comes to you as instructions.

    Go and read the press release again.

    And before that learn to read English.

  21. VIRAG: I do not need to knw wat those so called women org say about women in my family. If they will call themselves creator of women i m not gng to accept tht. I DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY SAY. What I care is to be resepectful for eachother. These so called women org were started to fight against exploitation and wat went wrng was tht they got biased for one gender. They targeted one gender. THIS IS Excatly wat u r doing. DO NOT INVOLVE GENDERS IN INCORRECT LAWS OR POLICIES. People who want to hurt others are everywhere and in every gender.

    1. Did you give similar lessons to the same women orgs?

      Fight against exploitation?

      Whose exploitation? Women? Oh come on, give me a break. Women were never exploited. What was available to women are privilege was converted into exploitation by these women orgs with support from men like you.

      So cut the crap here.

      Its the men who have been exploited since centuries and to such an extent that they think its a way of life for a man just like you.

      You are getting uncomfortable at some men asserting their right to sport a stubble, while a woman gets away even with killing her own husband and REAL MEN like you laugh at the man.

      This is today’s reality. Its just that we are challenging it to create a new reality. Dare you if you can stop that from happening.

  22. Why are you so gay phobic? Did you ever have dark feelings about any man and now you want to fight against it so much, you have nothing but hate towards gays? Dont fight your feelings so much. give in to it.. make friends with gays also. nothing wrong about it.
    And why are you having so many fantasies about another man’s as* ?? 😉

  23. ***Get some life and start helping orphan kids or kids from streets.***

    Indian, how come you are wasting so much time on this comments section? Instead you could help orphan kids, kids on the streets and fatherless children. Their numbers are fast increasing thanks to rabid feminists destroying families.

    Go on! Make haste, my friend, before it’s too late!

  24. ****Virag: And before that learn to read English.****

    Whats with u with this sentence????????Is it a Blog for English subject? It is how I interpret. Blog is about opinion,it is about ideas and many more things. You cannot keep on asking me to read english all the time. It feels like i m blogging with small kids.

    I am not hiding behind my kid. I am protecting him. read it carefully. If you think i m hiding thn ur interpretation is incorrect.

    I am all game but I do not want to involve my kid in this.

    Do u knw any blogger who starts running after grammer or language is actually running away from the main subject. he wants to divert the main topic.

    U called me eunuch,joker and chimpanzee. Read all ur posts.

    You cannot even stand on one of ur points. Biologicaly being three kinds in one body is not possible.

    Lemme put it all three with one thing which i have been calling u.

    You are a gay chimpanzee who unfortunately is a eunuch in ur kind which makes u joker in our eyes bcz we really find u amusing.

    Real man do not need any org to fight women. HELP INDIA to unite and stand against all laws which discriminates citizens of India. HELP India to fight against poverty and iliterace. HELP INDIA to stand together to give better future to our upcoming generation. If you want to stand against injustice thn stand at a right place. DO not waste time in joining these kinds of org. This is not for men but also for women. Their so called women orgs are also doing no good. ANYONE who says sue a person by finding loopholes in system is a traitor. NO MATTER WHICH GENDER THT PERSON BELONGS TO.

    JUST IMAGINE THIS WHOLE BLOG IS TO GO AGAINST WORD LIKE LAZY. PEOPLE ARE actually wasting their time. I would have also wasted my time here but atleast I was able to hear the pain of a person(Yaksh). I will b calling you Yaksh. I hope soon things will b fine.

    PEACE GUYS. Enjoy ur life and do not hate anyone.

    1. SAVE INDIA is cutting down powerty, getting young kids educated, cutting down racism and every kind of discrimination and all but LET ME TELL YOU WHAT ITS NOT puss-y..

      ITS NOT LOCKING UP YOUR HUSBAND IN FALSE DOWRY CASES, ITS NOT CLAIMING FALSE RAPE , its not DV againg your husbands , its not castrating your own sons,..
      Its not Pushing back your from the lead just because daughters didnt make it till there..

      you Clearly are a MANGINA hiding behind a fake name and identity who woudnt have the BALLZ to stand for equallity… or show up your face,.. you are probably locked up in a box-room who has no idea of whats happening around and to your own shock dont realize what you are saying…

      Why dont we meet up face to face and talk this decently out some time huh? ohh wait,.. my bad,..NO BALLZ on you..!!!
      the very act of your hiding behind your kids proves how much of a Real man you really are that you proclaim of. .. I TRUELY FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR KIDS.. dont touch them wrong now coz its not right MANGINA !!

  25. “PEACE GUYS. Enjoy ur life and do not hate anyone.”

    Again contradiction, you feminine men, you won’t improve, right?

    You are portraying male-hatred by supporting an anti-male ad campaign and calling others not to hate?

    Wow, how jovial could it get?

  26. ****W.A.M***:Indian, how come you are wasting so much time on this comments section? *****

    I preach wat i say. I am doing all those stuff but i do not find it logical to post it here. I do not have to spend 24 hrs to do all those things. I was here to let u knw wat u r doing is not wrng but the way u r doing is wrng. I knw I do not give much to these kids but still they give me all their love and their amazing smiles. Again I do not see the gender in KIDS to love.

    1. ” I was here to let u knw wat u r doing is not wrng but the way u r doing is wrng.”

      Who gave you that authority?

      Are you a member of “All India Men’s Welfare Association”?
      Have you fought for men’s rights?
      Have you asked the Government on its silence on skyrocketing men’s suicides?
      Have you asked the Government to form a Men’s Welfare Ministry?
      Have you asked the Government to form a National Commission for Men?
      Have you protested against anti-male laws?
      Have you protested against anti-male attitudes?

      If not, then you have no right to tell what is right and what is wrong.

      Tolerating Injustice is Promoting Injustice. You are not only tolerating injustice against men, you are asking others to do the same by supporting the anti-male ad campaign.

      Do something for men’s welfare and come back. We will listen to you then. Not now.

    2. Indian ,

      Please stop your rhetoric here. They all laughed at us till they got caught in a case on themselves . Men like yourself cause the most harm to the cause of men . It is people with attitudes like yourself that has lead to the condition of men what it is today . You might be a doting father having a live in relationship with your fiancee , but in Indian lakhs of doting fathers like yourself are denied access to their kids . I do not have to educate you about the misuse of laws as it is widely publicized these days . By the way if you are so confident about your capabilities , send me your name and address and I will ask one of our 498A women to include your name in one of their Dowry complaints , or Domestic violence complaints just for you to see and feel the Indian justice system . Then we will all see how macho you really are . Stop the nonsense and get a life yourself and let us do what we are doing.

  27. ***PEACE GUYS. Enjoy ur life and do not hate anyone.***

    See! This is exactly what we are trying to tell P&G. Stop the hate campaign against men with facial hair!

  28. These feminine men, sex starving spineless bastard are the main problem, Virag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all the misery of men in general, indian men in particular when they are dumped by their girl friend/friends then only they understand.

    They can do anything for 2 and half inch. self proclaimed indian, could you please answer me why working girls(not all) don’t marry with guy who are not earning/below in status??????????????????
    Yup! Mr. indian, you are the only indian in india, we all are sick check my blog

  29. Hi Indian,

    Recently, Govt. of India, in its passport application, made a change like this :

    Sex :
    a) Male
    b) Female
    c) Bi-sexual

    Indian, first off, clarify your gender, so I can know for sure with whom I am talking before I post my comments and whether you are worth commenting at all.

  30. I have no time to debate, because we have very big challange to SAVE INDIAN FAMILY. I have posted my comment just to show the other side of the coin, which is miising in our Judicial system and anti-social elements are misusing it and unleasing the “LEGAL TERRORISM” in our Country.

    Not only this, projecting the Indian men as criminals and wife murderer, which is totally opposite of the reality. Indian men are sacrificing their money, resources, love, care and whole life for their FAMILY ( which includes Mother, sister, daughter etc.), A man before his marriage spends 80% of his income on himself and after the marriage, on his family. Not only this, we say our country as “BHARAT MATA”(Mother). I am not going in deep as everything is written in history and current affairs.

    So, my suggestion to all of you commandos that, please don’t waste time in this discussion and SAVE INDIAN FAMILY as well as our Culture and Country as much as possible.

    I know you all are very hard worker and throwing all your resources in this effort.
    When whole country is sleeping you commandos working on computer and Table.
    I salute all of you for your efforts and wish you will not waste time in such type of discussions so much.

    Anyway choice is yours………

  31. Indian,

    you wrote:
    “If you say u r real man thn why in the first place you decided to have an org against women?”

    Who gave you the right to use the 16th century definition of “real men” or chivalrous men?

    Did you utter a word when women created thousands of organisations against men in last 5 decades?

    What have you done for society apart from hopping from one blog to another just like many other bloggers, who indulge in mental masturbation in blogosphere?

    You have absolutely no right to ask others to contribute to society, when your own contributions are not even known.

    Having said that, men have contributed enough to society being “protectors and providers” using your 16th century real men theory. In return, the Indian society gives men less rights than dogs. So, you have no right to ask men to contribute, when they remain second class citizens.

    See, when your own ass gets grilled with a false molestation, false harassment at workplace case, then you will come running to us with your baked ass. In case, it does not happen to you, then you will see it happen to your brothers, cousins or other male friends and will come running to us.

    P.S. Do not worry. Your response are not at all surprising to me. Most men do not know where they have placed their ass. Being emotionally castrated at age of 7, they call themselves “real men” ( seeking sex via chivalry and showing other men down). They come to us, when they are neck deep in trouble. Every year, 5,00,000 men get false cases of dowry harassment or are abused, dragged to police stations and extorted. At this rate, everyone will get a chance.

  32. Virag, do you expect women to look appealing? Or u do u give the same rights for women to do as they please? Women are continously pressurized by society to look appealing. And the same applies to a man, whether u like it or not. NO one is demanding u shave.. we just like shaved men…period….its upto you. if you want to shave or NOT…

    1. We expecting women to look appealing, and women abusing men to expect the same from them is NOT the same…
      How do you feel, if I call all women who do not shave their armpits, as dirty hogs, and say that no men will ever look at women who’re dirty hogs?

    2. Moreover, Accept the Fact that you women fight to look more and more appealing just to compete with each other so that YOU get the most eligible Man to sleep with.
      It’s YOU women that set the expectations of the Men high, and then Abuse the Men if your own expectations are not met…
      Just to let you know, Men are not going to take this anymore lying down!

  33. I completely agree with Sunita’s reply…. Men in this forum are talkin as if they dont have any expectations of how a woman looks. Its why starlets like dupia represented Gillette. You want to attract a woman like her, you gotta look appealing….

    1. Women like Dhupia? Oh Puh-lease, get away from me!
      I’ve much better women to dream of. All those three loser (broken)-starlets are not getting any better things to do, so they agree to such cheap advertisements.

      Women who don’t have respect for Men, We men also don’t have to sleep with them! So just get off us.

  34. Well Sunita,

    It is upto women. Do not blame the society. If women want to waste time in dressing up it is their choice.

    But no one has any right to call a man lazy. And anyone who supports such a statement is anti-male and a male hater.

    Looks like you are also a male hater feminist. And after all a woman dresses to please a man so that she can extort him later. Women are not angels that they dress to just please men. They have a well designed conspiracy to loot men.

    Yes, it is entirely upto me whether I want to shave or not and if someone calls me lazy for making my choices in life I will not tolerate it.

  35. @Meera,

    There is a difference between expectation and infringement of choices. Women, or for that matter, anyone has no right to call men lazy just because they have some expectations.

    I may expect my girlfriend to look certain way but at the end of the day it is her choice to meet my expectations, fully, partially or not at all.

    Similarly men have a choice to shave or not to shave. No dhupias, lambas and godses can just paint the town red calling me lazy just because of that.

    If you have enough common sense you will know what I mean.

  36. For sunita,
    >>Women are continously pressurized by society to look appealing. And the same applies to a man, whether u like it or not.
    Now you want to get even with men :-) The assumption is as if men have no pressures & expectations at all from society!

    For meera,
    >>Its why starlets like dupia represented Gillette. You want to attract a woman like her, you gotta look appealing….

    no thanks… I was fine with my looks or lack of looks, with stubble or no stubble; till dupia (duping gal) came along with gilette’s wals campaign. I don’t have to attract her or any other woman representing gilette or any other razor company!

  37. Sunita, Meera – In my opinion, the starlets like Dhupia are not only pitting females against males, but also corrupting women. Bodily hair on women is as natural as facial hair on men. I for one would like women not to shave their bodies. A little bit of body hair that grows naturally on women is in fact quite sexy. Shaving everyday is not only expensive, but also does a great damage to the skin. So, my advice to women is – throw away those Venus razors, and let nature take its course. Of course, keep hygiene. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!!

  38. Looks like Indian has realized his/her mistake and gone to serve street kids. He/She doesn’t know what family means and who are all make a family and what’s life is all about. He/she doesn’t know how it pains, when grandfather of 80 years, who has never ever involved in the family matters was kept in lock up, by bribing the police, just for the sake of money she wants to get from us.
    Also, I don’t know based on which data Meera and Sunita are stating that, only men with out stubble are liked by women. Are they representing entire women world?

    Indian, pls tell us, what you have done to fight against flaws in the law, which are gender biased.

  39. this is SEXISM!!!!
    Its like asking a woman to grow hair longer than keeping hers short and walking around on streets as SLUTS!!! but if we MEN did so they would claim FEMINISM AND LIBERATION and “MY BODY -MY RIGHT” SHI-T !!!

    perhaps we MEN must demand WOMEN to get off those fake Makeups as well,.. and get real for ONCE in their LIfes !!! to get a REAL MAN they need to to be a REAL woman and not a FAKE SLUT!! how smart does this sound now? huh? VERY MUCH INDEED!!

  40. Your words make it clear that you have just dropped by from a FEMINAZI blog. and I can undrstand how such unity of MEN may be giving you sleepless nights.. but mark my words little princess that we will not stop untill theres absolute equallity in society. And no, I am not be amazed to learn you failing to understand the complex term of “EARNING RESPECT AND NOT JUST DEMANDING” in society it as a woman.

    stop being a Mangina, even an 8year old girl may claim to be a 25 year old REAL MAN a stud,..but to her disappointment she will still be living in a world of delusion !!!

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