Nobody gives a job to a man..!

Sex change“… So I had decided to become a woman and earn money”

~ says Kondapalli Shankar aka Ankita who underwent a sex change operation in Mumbai.

Men of India, this is what the future holds for you!!

That is misandry in full force!

Here is the news from Times of India:

He becomes she to get a job!

NAVIPET (NIZAMABAD): Poverty has forced a 24-year-old youth to turn himself into a woman in the district. The youth, a native of Vaddera Colony in the mandal, underwent a sex change operation in Mumbai and returned home recently.

“My family members were shocked and cried for two days when I informed them about the sex change operation,” Kondapalli Shankar aka Ankita told TOI. Shankar went under the scalpel six months ago in a Mumbai hospital.

But what made Shankar transform himself into a woman? He said acute poverty and humiliation by neighbours forced him to migrate to Mumbai in search of livelihood. “Nobody gives a job to a man. So I had decided to become a woman and earn money,” he said. “My immediate priority is to earn money and bail out my poor family from the severe financial problems,” he said. Shankar lost his father Ramchander when he was a small child, and could not pursue education, which made it difficult for him to get any job. He disappeared from the village a year ago. “It took two months for us to trace him out. We were worried when he didn’t call us immediately,” his brother Purushotham, a daily wage labourer, said.

Ankita, attired in a colourful sari and bangles, says she now earns Rs 3,000 a month at a small firm in Mumbai.

4 thoughts on “Nobody gives a job to a man..!”

  1. “Men’s Hard Earned Money is not a Money”

    Men’s are Diverting & Demoralize by the Indian government

    In India Men have no rights and liberties even facing the discrimination in Government Jobs also irrespective of their qualification and their economic condition whereas women got all the benefits because women has a national commission for them government support them, women centric law are made day by day but Neglect the male person in India.
    Women who is capable to paid the examination fees and other has also exempted from the fee and get the relaxation and benefits both from age point of view and from money side.
    Men Paid more tax to Indian government but government Ignores the Men Most in Our country India.
    Men suffers the most when it will stops ?.

    below show the discrimination towards the Men and discrimination of Men In all fields by the Government and Its policies. Urgent Requirement to set the Men’s commission in India to look after the Men and to stop the discrimination of male person in India

    “Union Public Service Commission [UPSC) and Staff Selection Commission (SSC) to exempt the Women
    candidates from payment of fees for competitive examinations by direct
    recruitment/Departmental competitive examinations/direct recruitment by interview
    conducted by Union Public Service Commission and Staff Selection Commission.
    Subsequently, by this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 28th October, 2009, all
    Ministries/Departments were also advised to take similar action in respect of recruitment
    tests conducted by them.”

  2. i want male assosiation demands reservation for boys specilly who belongs ”open” catagory. it ts very import

  3. I want to kill all the corrupt women in this world by putting the hot rod in her ass and getting it out from her mouth and bring back the lost respect of man. This can happen only by unity amongst men, remember united we stand and divided we fall. womens have divided the man, she is sleeping with the powerful man/politicians and lawyers and by such dirty tricks she is ammending law which is in her favour. It is because of such selfish politicians and lawyers that whole race of man are suffering. They have created laws like section 498a and creating fear amongst men. Now the time has come that we man shall stop protecting women and create a law which will be in favour of men and we shall also misuse it against women and create fear in them, we shall not show any mercy for such kind of corrupt women. Nowadays these women are using another trick to come in power by giving jobs to only women and ignoring men. I think they are using their dirty mind to stay in power and harass men, so the only option is to kill the women, if we dont kill them then they will kill us. Capitalise the weakness of women and kill them, dont show any mercy to them.

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