National Geographic seeks male victim of domestic violence for documentary

Sarah Isaac is currently researching the topic of men as victims of domestic violence at National Geographic and is looking for a younger male victim/survivor who is happy to talk on camera.

The reason behind this being that they want to highlight that this is a global and not domestic story.

Violence against men seems to be a largely untold story and is something that they are really interested in featuring.

The show that she is researching on behalf of, Taboo, is National Geographic’s most successful show.

Taboo is a long-running prime-time documentary series on the National Geographic Channel. The series presents an in-depth analysis of human behaviours and customs from around the world. As the title suggests, the focus is on practices that some countries or cultures might consider strange.

But often things that are considered taboo are not well understood. In each episode, personal stories are presented alongside analysis from leading academics and experts in the relevant field.

Part of the reason for this success is their observational documentary style of shooting. In recent years female violence against men has become more public affair, it would seem that there a quite few contributing factors, but above all, there seems to be very little support by way of shelter for men that are in this situation.

Violence against men seems to be a largely untold story and is something that they are really interested in featuring.

If you are able to assist Sarah, please contact her at the details below.

Sarah Isaac / researcher
Beyond Productions
109 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064
L: +61 (0)2 9437 2000
M: 040 6897171
F: +61 (0)2 9437 2090

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15 thoughts on “National Geographic seeks male victim of domestic violence for documentary”

  1. i wish if could get in touch with Sarah you on this issue…a victim and now a Activist participating in the fight against the misuse Women Laws in India….presently i live in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh State in India

  2. I too wish to get in touch with sarah. I too have a story to tell. Its not an extreme story, but it brings out the dirty bias. I don’t think this nation our any other nation has the guts or honesty to face this bitter truth.
    I can be contacted via my email address. I will be more than happy to share my experience, anywhere anytime.

  3. Yeah Definitely I will send an E-mail to Sarah at the above mentioned E-mail address. The innocent Husbands of India are suffering a lot in India and there is no help. This is very pathetic. Why there is a General thinking in Indian society that a woman can never be wrong and she is always the victim of domestic violence. But in actual Wives are abusing the system and harassing and torturing their husbands. Why are all the rights given to Wives only in India. Why there are no rights for husbands in India. Why is it that if wife does a false complaint, the husband and his family members are put and jail and not given any bail. Police also tortures the husband’s family people. But when a husbands complains to police, nothing happens and no case is registered. Why this injustice????? My dear brothers, please do not panic or commit suicide. Now the time has come when you have to stand for your rights and fight for your fundamental right, that is right to live with dignity and we will not stop until we get what we rightfully deserve. Indian husbands have this problem of not sharing what is happening to them. If anything wrong happens with you, talk about it and meet other people and definitely you will get some help. My brothers do not hide in dark. It is now time to stand for your rights and fight..Remember we have not done anything wrong and GOD is with us..

  4. I am another silent sufferer of domestic violence perpetrated by my wife. Ours was a ‘love marriage’ with a decade of affair. Her extreme hatred towards my family has ruined my life.

  5. Yes, I am also undergoing the same in silence and why this injustice to men? Feeling to end everything!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am latest victim but don’t have any right as the men are treated like donkeys in India. Wish to contact you mam !

  7. I am suffering from the same! Highly corrupt society and law of the country. I am broken to an extend that now I don’t even trust my mom. Feel like leaving this country of hypocrite

  8. Hi,
    May I have Sarah’s e mail address please? I would love to assist her in order to prevent any more men / boys from losing everything to those girls who feign love and walk away with your very life, not to mention all your health, wealth and even character. They just leave you to rot like a rat in the drain. The worst part is that some families encourage their daughters to do this even if they are affluent. Wasnt it always better to send them into prostitution than this. One bitch literally sucked out my life and here I am, a worthless nothing, unable to do anything and she goes around happily building up her career and finding her next victim…She destroyed my family, made me undergo a heart breaking divorce, separated me from my kids, ate all my money and her family came in the end as if to rescue her and made me look the villian….. and now I filed a case, dont know if that would get over before I reach my grave….

  9. hello man, I’m also a victim of brutal women law biased society. I married a year ago but that day onwards she’s treating me like a dog holding an atm machine. there is no love and affection she talks to some other men over phone for hours when I’m out. I’m too tired to stand guard for her. she is a house wife taking advantage of mum dad not being with us she does all kinds of infidelity. even I tried to commit suicide pl save me. now she has given birth to a female baby. she says she had a lover before. from the very first day I found she was not a virgin. pl help me to get rid of this peril.

    1. Hello Balasubramani,

      Could you kindly share your story on I am researching on this issue right now and your help would be highly appreciated. You can just leave your number also and I shall call you.


  10. Hi,

    If anyone would like to share their story on how they have been abused by the law, please write to I am researching on this issue right now and your help would be highly appreciated.


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