Men’s forum demands national commission for them!

“The Hindu” reports from Salem:

AIMWA demands a National Commission for men

SALEM: A national-level coordination forum of men has called for protection from wives and live-in partners whom they charged with exploiting women’s welfare legislation that arm them with ‘unbridled’ power to act against men.

The men, who claim to be ‘victims’ of such legislation from all over the country, spent three days in a resort at the hill station of Yercaud near here to deliberate on how to protect themselves and their kith and kin from harassment and to kick-start a campaign to impress upon policy-makers to think about their plight before enacting such lop-sided laws.

The forum said that many women were abusing these laws for nefarious gains by filing charges against their husbands and partners.

The provisions in these statutes, they called, were ‘anti-men’ leading to suicide of nearly 60,000 men as against 32,000 women annually.

Between 2004 and 2008, seven lakh men and family members were arrested including 500 minors and 5000 aged people, they claimed.

They pointed out that, for instance, laws such as the Dowry Prohibition Act, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, Sec 125 of Cr. PC and above all Section 498A of Indian Penal Code were too stringent and non-bailable.

Women’s lobbies

“Though a debate is going on in legal circles on whether to amend or not especially Sec 498A to prevent its abuse, a few powerful women’s lobbies are blocking it,” said Suresh Ram, National Collegium member, All India Men’s Welfare Association, which organised the 3rd Men’s Rights Conference of the Delhi-based Save Indian Family Foundation at Yercaud in Salem district.

Delegates from Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and from the U.S. attended the deliberations.

A majority of them were from Karnataka, mainly young Information Technology professionals. They said that they would urge the government to replace the words ‘Husband and Wife’ with ‘Person’ in the said acts. They said that cases before Family Courts should be expedited and settled within two years.

The government would be approached to form National Commission for Men, they add.

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  1. I sufferer from 6 years my Wife and her house, therefore My physical condition is not good please save me.

    Thanking with regards

    Pradip Banerjee

    1. we, JANAMITHRAM, Malappuram, Kerala is with you, working for you like victims. Many organations has come out like us, in various part of country.

    2. Hello Mr Pradeep,

      I also suffered with same thing. I am not getting any way. I m consulting with

      different group of advocates and people. Hope I will get any way as soon as. If u have any opinion

      please share with me.

      With Regards

  2. hi mr. pradeep

    me also suffering from this scenario.. still now nothing is there to help us beside GOD.

    so adjust your self like water…

    may gao help you.

    1. i m shivkumar, i m mentally suffering from my wife and her house,
      plz save my life
      my wife is so cute but her mother and father not want to go back with me.
      my wife sarita does not want to understand that in this metter, our baby future is messing,
      so plz help me and save my life

  3. today 10.09.2010 Malayalam Manorama(Malayalam News paper) give the news; that in last year 3 out of total 4 suicide in kerala of Kerala men and major reason is the disturbed family life.(Page 16, Kollam Edition.

    I am sure that the low, 498a, sec 125 of cr.pc, DV act family court treated them bad, and this is the main reason.

  4. JANAMITHRAM(JJNV) OF Kerala demand commission on ‘why men suicide rate increased in recent years to 3 out of 4 in kerala. Is not the missuse of family law.

    1. Hi Ajayan, Iam in Thrissur now a days. Please do let me know your contact numbers. Mrr.Mohanan Pillai has already participated in your conference some days back and had told me about JJNV. Hope to meet you all soon

    2. Dear sir,

      I am Dinakarsharma from andhrapradesh.sir my wife and her parents put a false 498A case againest my family and on me .sir i get married on 2005.onwards my wife parents want prssure me to put separate family dont joint with u r mother and father but my father aged 58 at that time and my mother ager 54yrs how can i sir i dont hear thier words and i am staying with my father and mother when she was gone for first delivery at that time her father brings some one to attack me and my father at that time my brother in law take care about that issue .after that she come to my home after 6 months she did give mother ping to my child and she did not give good food to him.after six months when she was in my home with my son i and my parents take care of him after 2007 i met an accident myfather in law and his wife and his son no body come to see me when i am in koma stage up to 1 month after we dont have any relations with them at that time my wife she is in my home but she also not to take care about me.after she did not eat for her parents and i try to call her parents they going through police concelling at that time she says o her parents i dont want to come with u they ask her come with us we take care of u.after that she dont eat anything i chek her with gynacologist what is her problem she did not eat anything doctor says she is thinking for her parents she has bad mood that y she is not eating any thing when my father retairment he get heart storke and i joined him star hospitals at that time her parents staing there i discuss with her big father and call her father for mutuall under stand after that he came and he take her to his home after opration we back to home guntur at that time she says to me iwant to go hyd i said to her k wait for 2days i can drop u there with our son she says i dont take with me our son i said to her how is it possible you know the problem here father has get surgary and mother hav to server him and i want attaned my duties how is it possible .but she says i dont no i have to go i slap to her why should talking like that k wait i can live you give me 2days time but she went on tomarrrow early in the morning with out intimation to any one in my home after i call to my father in law he says we dont have any details about ther i ask him give me your relative ph no i can contact them to find her he says it is not my work after 3 days her father and cousin come to guntur and put a 498A case againest me and my sisters and my mother and father . how can i quash this case againest my father and my mother pls give me suxxiton actually we already filed a quashing at hyd HC.pls give help me .

  5. Indian WMDs (Weapons of Men Destruction)

    Some time back, United States of America was on the lookout for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, which it assumed, the country may use on itself or on its allies. These WMD can destroy all life instantly. But the American military did not find any so called WMD in Iraq. Well, in reality, these WMDs are not in Iraq but in INDIA. These are called Weapons of Men Destruction.
    Most of these WMDs are proposed and designed by NCW ( National Commission for women ) and WCD ( Ministry for Women and Child development ) with one goal in mind i.e. to harass and blackmail men and ruin their careers and financial positions, so they cannot lead a happy life and die inch by inch every day. These Indian WMDs are worse than the so called Iraqi WMDs because WMDs of Iraq can kill people instantly but these Indian WMDs are meant for slow death.
    You may wonder which are these Indian WMDs.
    1st Place goes to IPC 498A (DP3) also known as Dowry Law: Under this law, one word by a wife is enough to land husband in jail without any formal investigation. She can name anyone along with her husband, like his old parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, relatives and even servants. There are many news reports of even police arresting a 4 month old breast feeding baby under this law. Any daughter in law can file a false case and there is no punishment for filling false cases and burden of showing proof lies on men. Police, Judges and Lawyers knows about this misuse, but for them it is a money making opportunity and these cases go on for not less than 5 years minimum. These Police and Lawyers suck men blood by harassing them ruin their career, and if man is in a government job he will lose his job as its criminal case, non bailable and non-compoundable. Under this Act, there is a 5 year punishment for giving dowry, but to date, no women or her family has been arrested for giving dowry. They report the case, only when the marriage is sore and on the brink of divorce. This Law was enacted in 1984.
    2nd Place goes to Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), this was enacted in 2006. Under this Law, daughter in law can file case on any male member of husband family, saying she was harassed mentally and physically. We have proof that some women have even filed a case just because she was asked to make tea for her husband and his friends. Under this law she can name any male members or husband’s friends even if she has never met or seen them before and the police will take action on them. Burden of proof lies on men. In today’s world, cooking and cleaning is considered to be harassment for women and today, most of the women do not know how to cook. Some have never been to the kitchen or do not even know where the kitchen is. They think their husband is a FREE ATM machine and he has to pay all her bills. That is his responsibility and he has no right to question what she is doing, where or with whom she is going and if questioned or the flow of money is reduced will be resulted in domestic violence false case.
    3rd Place goes to Maintenance (HMA). If man wants a Divorce, then he has to maintain his wife, that’s Law; but In India, even if a women runs away with her lover or she want out of marriage siting some above False cases, the court will force the man to pay her. Most of the time, courts do not verify whether a man is capable to pay as much as women demand or he has that much source of income or not. There are judgments even on unemployed men; the court imposes maintenance by force. In one of Bombay HC case, the court forced the man to pay for the illegitimate child too. Here the women are not wrong to have illegitimate child, but if a man stop his wife from meeting her lover that leads to harassment. One Gujarat judgment says married women have the right to enjoy life outside marriage.
    Divorce: women can file a case for divorce siting any of above false cases or, even when she gets caught red handed with her lover, she can blame husband for this situation. With Divorce, she will get add-on package as interim maintenance and the man has to pay her for no fault of his. She will get divorce within a year. But for men, there are limited options for divorce, he has no supporting laws to file false cases as above, even if his wife has run away with her lover and to prove that she will not come back, he has to wait for 7 years.
    Child Custody: Out of 10,000 custody cases only 1 or 2 fathers get his custody of his child. The law says the father is a natural guardian; well that’s only in the law books. In reality, he never gets custody of his child. If women is a prostitute or has deserted her child and goes abroad, she will get custody of her child by default. Till the age of 5, even the father has no right to ask for his child custody, but he has to pay for the child support only. This law is designed to make money for women from her husband, so the law gives her default custody till the child is 5 years, so women can raise her child and brainwash the child to hate his / her Father.
    Outraging modesty (354 IPC): any women can file a case on any man for no reason and men are arrested without any formal investigation. Burden of proof lies on men, but if a woman does the same thing, a man has no supporting laws to protect him.
    Above are already existing WMDs, but there are many more in NCW / WCD menu.
    Marital Rape: A wife can have consensual sex with her husband and the next day, she can report it to the police that she was raped by him.
    Marital Cruelty: Promising a women to marry her later and then get married to someone else, leads to cruelty to her. But if a woman does the same to a man, that’s not a cruelty to him.
    Sexual Harassment at work Place: If a male employee shows or tells something which is even work related to a woman, she can report it to the police as sexual harassment for her. Man should not show that she is wrong, or If a female employee does not like some male employee, she can file a case against him simply to harass him and the burden of proof lies on men. Recently a women army major filed a case on her seniors, later she was proved wrong, but she did not have to compensate them for a year of false accusation or punishment for filing a false case.
    Accusation: In various accusation men and women file accusations to each other, in family related matters mostly Divorce / maintenance / Custody most of the time court hardly verify these minor accusations. In divorce cases, women can state in her petition to make her case stronger, that her husband was having affair, even if in reality, she was caught red handed having an extra marital affair. For women, no proof is required to write anything, but if man says something, it is regarded as harassment to her and NCW demands punishment for such accusation.


    Causing Miscarriage 312 IPC Non Cognizable 3 to 7 yrs.
    Causing Miscarriage without consent 313 IPC Cognizable. Life or 10 yrs.
    Death caused while causing miscarriage without Woman’s Consent 314 IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs. or Life
    Act done to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to be after birth 315 IPC Cognizable 10 yrs.

    Kidnapping 363 IPC Cognizable. 7 yrs.
    Kidnapping women to compelmarriage, seduced to illicit inter course, etc. 366 IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.
    Procuration of minor girl under 18 years 366-A IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.
    Importation of girl 366-B IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.

    Punishment for Rape or Life time376 IPC Cognizable 7 to 10 yrs.
    Intercourse by a man with him during Separation 376-A IPC Cognizable 2 yrs. & Fine
    Intercourse by public servant with woman in his custody 376-B IPC Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
    Intercourse by Superintendent of jail, remand home, etc. 376-C IPC Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
    Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with any woman in that hospital 376-D IPC Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
    Unnatural Offences-carnal intercourse 377 IPC Cognizable Life or 10 yrs.

    Cohabitation caused by deceitfully inducing her under belief of lawful marriage 493 IPC Non-Cognizable 10 yrs.
    Marrying again during life time of wife (away for 7 yrs.) 494 IPC Cognizable 7 yrs.
    Going through unlawful marriage ceremony496 IPC Cognizable 7 yrs.
    Enticing, detaining a during women with criminal intention 498 IPC Cognizable 2 yrs.

    Abetment of suicide 306 IPC Cognizable 10 yrs. & Fine
    Cruelty by Husband or Relatives-Mental or physical 498 A IPC Cognizable 3 yrs.
    Uses indecent language or behaves in a disorderly committed in manner in a public street the Presence or public place of police (KP Act – Karnataka Police Act) 92 -(o)- K.P.Act Cognizable if Fine of Rs.100
    Uses in any street abusive or insulting words or affixes or exhibits any indecent, threatening abusive or insulting paper or drawing with intent to provoke 92 -(r)-K.P.Act -do- -do5

    Outraging modesty, use of criminal force with intention to outrage her modesty 354 IPC Cognizable 2 yrs.
    Outraging modesty by Uttering gesture, sound 509 IPC Cognizable 1 yrs.

    Dowry Death: -(Death of 304-B-IPC Cognizable 7 yrs. to Life
    A woman is caused by otherwise than normal circumstances within 7 years of her marriage and it is shown that soon before the death she was subjected to cruelty or harassment by her husband or relative for, or in connection with, any demand for dowry)
    Penalty for giving or taking Dowry (D.P.Act) 3 Dry.Pro.Act. Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
    Penalty for demanding Dowry (D.P.Act) Dry.Pro.Act. Cognizable 6 months to 2 yrs. & Fine

    Punishment for living on the earnings of prostitution,Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act Cognizable 2 yrs. or Fineor Both
    Procuring inducing or taking woman or girl for the sake of prostitution Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Action Cognizable 3 to 7 yrs. &Fine
    Detaining a woman or girl in premises where Action prostitution is carried on. Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Cognizableto 10 yrs. &Fine
    Seduction of a woman or girl in custody Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Action Cognizable 7 yrs. or Life.& Fines


    All above laws are misused widely, Women herself runaway with Boy then later claim she was kidnapped, Have sex and claim sexually harassed or raped and Burdon lies on men to prove her wrong and that take years, and even man says truth no one believe and women Lies all Believe in her. Man has to Prove with Proofs and for women just word and some crocodile tears are enough.
    There are known and unknown way by which Men is harassed and tortured thousand times in India. Because there is no survey conducted by the Indian government to look after.
    These Laws are very cleverly drafted without leaving any option for man to prove women is wrong or sue if misused and sure slow Death.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am Subu.Sudheesababu aged 29, and a native of Neduganda, Varkala (S/O Late. Mr. A.Sudhhesa Babu (PA to Govt. Chief Secretary) Kunnamkulam House, Trivandrum district, Kerala). Presently I am working as a Geotechnical Engineer with a MNC in U.A.E. I did M.Sc in Marine Geology (2002-2004) and M.Tech in Ocean Technology (2004-2006) with First Rank from School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India. While I was working on my MTech project in Institute of Reservoir Studies, ONGC, Ahmedabad, I came across a marriage proposal from a UAE business family through the matrimonial advertisement. Me and Ashi Ashokan, (D/O. Mr.K.Ashokan, Ponkaruna house Thottam, Manacaud, Trivandrum) married on 06th April 2006. Since I was a student, Ashi’s father offered me a cash cheque for meet the marriage expenses. I initially rejected the offer but later gave up after Ashi’s father successfully persuaded me to accept the same. One week after marriage she left from my home and went to U.A.E for to rejoin her job. In July 2006 I completed My M.Tech course and on 08th July I went to UAE. When I was in U.A.E I had stayed with her in her home in Ras Al Khaimah. Since I was unemployed and I depended on them. My father-in-law behaved arrogantly towards me. He doesn’t know how to behave to others. After reaching UAE he continuously tormented me, mentally and physically. Since he is uneducated, I ignored his acts/comments. During that time I had a job interview in Arab Center Engineering studies, Dubai. Since Ras Al Khaimah is more than 200km away from Dubai and since I was new to the emirates, I requested her father to accompany me. Then he behaved like a mad dog, and tried to assault me and barked at me saying “This is the first and last time for you, never request any favor from me” and he forced me out of the home for the whole night. Later, on my own, I attended the interview and was selected and joined Arab Center for Engineering Studies as an Engineering Geologist. During these days my wife (Mrs.Ashi) was working as a secretary to the marketing manager, RAK White Cement Company in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. After getting the job her father continuously persuaded me, to take a big amount as bank loan for his business purpose. Things started changing when I had a minor verbal exchange with my father in law (Ashi’s father) regarding my wife and her well being. Everything worked fine for few months and we (me and Ashi) shifted to a new house. While I was in office, as part of the conspiracy my wife took my permission to leave my house on the pretext to attend a three days company business meeting at Muscat Hotel, Trivandrum, Kerala. I granted her instant permission and also helped her in shopping and personally dropped her at the sharjah International Airport on 10th January 2007. After reaching Kerala she stopped contacting me and all my efforts to contact her failed. Later I realized that all these days I have been constantly cheated. She opened my bank locker on 11th January 2007(SBT, Kadakkavour Branch, Locker No: 157) with a fake authorization letter and took her gold. I couldn’t believe my ears and to find the truth. By the advice of her mother I resigned my job and returned to Kerala on 16 th January 2007. Once I reached Kerala I learnt that my wife returned to UAE on the same day. Soon after she told me that she no longer wished to live with me and requested me to divorce her under mutual consent. Since I loved her very much and since the issue can be resolved through mutual understanding, I refused that plea (initially). But I totally failed to settle those matters. After couple of weeks she lost her job at RAK Cements due to some malpractice. After the fake business meeting when I try to contact her mobile phone, then after I received a vulgar stuffed SMS message from her number. As evidence I am still keeping that message in my mobile phone. As relating to these incidents I tried to move more legally and filed a case (CMP No 1157 of 2007) regarding to the bank locker operation. Then her family engaged thugs to harass me. In order to avoid confrontations and for my personal safety I had left from Kerala. When I was in Mumbai her father had arranged some dons for assassination, to cut the story short by the grace of God still I am alive. Since this plan didn’t work out, she again came back to Kerala on April 2007 on the advice of her father and filed some fake cases against me, including dowry harassment / Domestic Violence and Cyber Crime (Crime no. 166/CR/TVM/07/U/s 488(A) IPC and 67 of IT Act.) It should be noted that Ashi stayed in my home in Varkala for only one week after marriage. Soon after that we moved to Ras Al Khaimah, where we lived in Ashi’s father’s house. Under these circumstances, how can I or my parents harass her? Her submitted medical certificate has been issued by her cousin’s husband Dr Salim Babu, who is practicing in Ajman, UAE. Moreover, Ashi was living in Ras Al Khaimah which is at least 150 km away from Ajman. Why did she purposefully go to Ajman in spite of available hospital facilities in Ras Al Khaimah? Why not compliant to the UAE Police instantaneously? This confirms that all the allegations are fabricated and hence false. She already knew my email password she create that fake orkut profile in order to get divorce and compensation and latter filed a fake cyber case against me. In order to avoid my entry/exit of India they sought help from some ministers in the present government and filed reports at all the international airports in India. They have money and political influence, so they have the means to do anything. They had asked a big amount of money, as a compensation for settlement of these cases. I am unable to believe how these unexpected tragedies happened to me! These tragic incidents totally uprooted my future and career. Moreover, these incidents deteriorated my father’s health and last year he was under medication for acute case of Hyper Tension (Parkinson’s disease). Really I wished to meet my father in person but, who can fight against the fate! Last 08th February 2008 my father had passed away and I couldn’t even participate in his last rituals, because they even tried to engage antisocial elements to eliminate me. He is all my beyond words, who made me what I am. In the meantime they had proceeded after much struggle I had lived as an expatriate. I even didn’t inform my relatives about my whereabouts. Really I am fed up with my life and still my life exists as a question mark! Latter they preceded the case before The Honorable Family Court, Trivandrum (No.289/2008). In my absence and secured the court order to attach my family properties, as a torment they had proceeded the same case in two different courts! (Hon. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Trivandrum and Hon. Family Court, Trivandrum). Moreover, by secretly she got the ex parte divorce from The Hon. Family Court, Trivandrum (Case No.410/2007). It should be noted that I did not receive any court notice even though I have a permanent resident address in Kerala. Moreover, the dowry harassment / domestic violence case (MC 27/2007) was raised for hearing in the Honorable Court on a day when there was lawyers strike going on, regarding to the High Court bench issue. As a result my party couldn’t enter the court on that day. So, in my party’s absence, the judgment was delivered with a compensation of INR 3763860/- ! After going through these bitter experiences, I had filed an appeal for getting a fair judgment from the Honorable Indian Judiciary. As a citizen of India, I respect the law of the nation. But I am denied justice in this case. With the help of dons and police, they harassed me in whatever ways they could and in order to escape from the impending danger I have to immigrate to another country where I am living as an expatriate these days. Once they came to know about this, they utilized their money and political influence and filed report in Embassy of India, and tried to impound my passport. I gave my explanation to the show case notice from The Embassy of India Abu Dhabi, and after I came to kerala and surrendered before the Hon. Judiciary. I would like to emphasis that I am innocent and please refer the following evidences to understand what really happened. I hereby declare that the above mentioned information are true and correct up to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. Thanking you.
    Yours truly,

    Subu Sudheesababu

    1. Dear Mr. Subu sudheeshababu,
      Pl Call
      Ramesh@TN: 90 80 11 12 13*
      Ramesh@KL: 96 33 33 44 05
      with regard to your matter

      Ramesh G

      *(prefix “0” accordingly)


  8. i am rajesh. i am working in bangalore.i am disturbed by three women.They are asking me to have sex with them and if i did’nt agree they says they will give compliant in women’s commission
    please help me….

    1. You do one thing just record their conversation with them and then go to police. If police does not help you then get a lawyer and file a case against them..take care

  9. Rajesh you do one thing u can give them to my number i can solve u r problem k friend 93969 09918

  10. Women are equally good and evil as men.
    We Indians, especially Hindus, deserve a BIG BLAME for constantly saying,
    WHY? Yes, by all means, respect your mother.
    Respect your wife, respect your kids and elders.

    Women can commit every single crime a man can.
    Moreover, it is psychologically proven that women don’t entirely understand
    the concept of justice and fairplay in the sense, men practice it.
    This has to do with the evolution of different genders over thousands of years.
    It also has to do with the way boys learn to play games and fights …
    and understand that winning or losing is a one time event.
    It is not worth holding a grudge against the winner or the loser.
    In fact, a friend today can fall out and become a foe.
    Also, an opponent today can become the best friend tomorrow!
    It is not necessarily the mindset that women possess.

    There is great truth to the fickle nature of women.
    So, why then are we crazily singing ‘WE WORSHIP WOMEN! WE WORSHIP WOMEN!’.

  11. A National Commission for Men? | | | Indian Express

    CHENNAI: On the occasion of International Men’s Day on Friday, the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) reiterated its demand to the Union Government that a National Commission for Men (on the lines of National Commission for Women) be set up to study issues of men.Suresh Ram, member of AIMWA, said, “For the third year since the association has been formed, we are reiterating the important and righteous demand before the government, but nothing seems to be moving in that way.” Strongly demanding amendments into 84odd Acts and laws that has been seen by the association as antimen, Suresh said, “Most of them were used only to harass and blackmail men (by women), and 98 per cent of such cases were never led to conviction and finally they turned out to be fake complaints.” The need for seeking national commission for men was to ensure rights and other privileges given to men in the society, he added.


    With absence of National Commission of Men and Ministry of Men’s Welfare, the plight and view point of men are never considered by government, resulting into anti-men policies of the government and state. By Rajesh Kumar
    11/20/2010 10:44:00 PM

    National Commission for Men is a MUST and so is Ministry for Men. One married man commits suicide every 9 minutes and the families are getting destroyed coz of misuse of senseless wife centric laws. When National Commission for Women is hell bent in destroying the society we certainly need National Commission for Men to answer back. Feminism has failed in the USA and Europe and now it’s in the process of destroying India before Indian women actually realize that feminism is their own enemy. Jai Ho! By Sunil Kumar Manrai
    11/20/2010 3:36:00 PM

    This is a very legitimate demand to protect men. In the name of women empowerment, Govt of India is harassing men. The NCRB suicide rate of men and women is an eye-opener evidence that men are being harassed from all sides : from Govt to police to judiciary. Especially the suicide rate of married men. Suicide rate of men and women before marriage is almost same. But after marriage the suicide rate of men is double that of women. Where any suicide and accidental death of women after marriage is termed as dowry death men suicide is not recognized at all and hence there is no forum for men to knock at for help. By Dinesh
    11/20/2010 11:02:00 AM

    Negligence of Men’s Issues Worldwide

    This article briefly covers the discriminatory double standard of the existence of a National Commission for Women, yet nothing for Men in India.

    Unfortunately, this is still the case in every western country to date. For example the United Kingdom has a Minister for Women, a Minister for Children, but no minister for men.

    How can there be equality when women have their own minister for their protection and rights, but not men? How can the UK claim to be an equal and democratic society, when men receive no support from the government?

    Is a Minister for Men needed? Absolutely! Just check the 12 Indisputable Indicators that Men are Second Class Citizens in the USA. These indicators also hold true to varying degrees when applied to the UK and the European Union.

    Men are still not fairly represented in the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, India, Mexico etc.

    For decades, men’s issues have been ignored by national governments, and mass media while women’s issues are institutionalized.
    Such as the huge support for Breast Cancer worldwide during October, but negligence for Prostate Cancer (blue ribbon) which kills approximately the same amount of people per year.

    It may shock you, as it did me, to learn that prostate cancer is just as threatening to men as breast cancer is to women: One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. One out of six men will learn they have prostate cancer. Both are the most common cancers for their gender: 218,000 women, and 192,000 men are diagnosed each year, while 41,000 women and 32,000 men die each year. Only lung cancer is a greater threat for both sexes.

    The Brave Against Feminism

    Another problem is that Feminist organizations continue to receive tax payer funding, and they propagandize increasingly extreme gender policies which are completely against the natural balance.
    How much does men’s rights organizations receive? Not a single penny.

    Feminists frequently portray a fantasy picture in which only women are victims. However, in reality men are victims too, and have problems and needs that are specifically male such as male depression, and much higher suicide rates.

    People don’t hear the other side of the story: The story of men’s troubles and suffering in society, which feminists routinely ignore.

    German Minister Kristina Schröder had the courage to disagree with feminism and it’s ‘crude and antiquated’ radical ideology, by providing clear, logical arguments which they could not reciprocate:

  12. i think all the men working in various fields like,police,army,airlines,bank,govt.sector,etc should be on strike till the govt. accept their demand.

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    19/12/2009 when you suddenly started vomiting and you also passed blood from your vomiting,
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    told you that she wants to accompany you to a doctor,but you and family members started avoiding my client
    and also did not show the prescription.
    3) that you were also in a habit of adandning my client and you used to reside with your brother in law
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    4) 1 brother 2 sisters harassing my client mentally

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    and you and your family members have ruined the life of my client for which you are
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  17. Genuine Problem of Male Passenger in Delhi

    We all know that Men’s self respect/ dignity decreasing day by day in our country they are forced to live like animals in India. Irrespective of the fact we are the highest tax payer and give service in extreme condition but the government ignores the Indian Men in every field and gives priority to women. Men is also a human being why the government not conscious towards Men development and its safety issues and works independently as treated in women case. By forming Men Welfare Society and set up National Commission for Men to readdress the Genuine problem and look after it.

    Out of the other issues Problem of Male passenger in present scenario through DTC , Rail & Delhi Metro and its services is only harassing him. Some of the Harassment facing by male passenger and feels every day are mentioned below :

    • In D.T.C bus and in DELHI METRO irrespective of paying the same journey fee but the rude behavior towards the male passenger by their staff continues.
    • Mental harassment towards male passenger by the sign on which marked seat “RESERVED FOR LADIES” . Irrespective of the fact whether the male person is weak unable to stand or any other problem no one offer the seat to him. But forces him to stand up by any female( young, physical fit ..). Already seated Men which have to travel long distance is forced to leave the seat for female which is only travels one to two stand routes. It’s a cruelty towards male passenger and some time threatens him by saying that now made a call to police and arrest him by the females.
    • Father, Husband, Brother or a Son who come with her (Mother, Daughter , wife..) will forced to leave their seat to any other female. Sometime other female or any other person misuses this condition. Is the Male person have no right to be seated with their family members. Think ?
    • In Delhi Metro Separate Ladies compartment reserved and in Normal compartment also seat reserved for ladies. Men facing problem due to this and put a penalty towards male passenger if they enter it when there is no space in normal compartment but the same restriction is not for any female. For that situation where goes the male passenger in huge crowd and in no space. For make a balance equal no of separate compartments and Reserved seat allotted to male passenger also. So that they also enjoy their journey comfortably, securely and safe. Because not all Men are healthy young & strong. Same Penalty and fine meant for ladies also who seated in the male reserved seat & compartment as same case done for men.
    • By Rail journey we all seen that mostly male passenger seated on top of the compartment of a rail and overheads there is a high tension electric line and many times innocent male passenger get fatal shock and die due to this. Also published many times in newspaper regarding it. Main reason behind this type of accident is that Rail department only conscious towards females and ignores Male and allotted reserved seat for ladies inside the compartment or reserved compartment for ladies or whole separate rail run for them at regular interval. But there is no such facility available or given to male passenger so they compromise and seated on the top of compartment of rail when there is no space inside the rail compartment. Every one is in hurry in morning and evening time to reach in time to their job, schools…etc. For the same journey equal amount fee(Ticket)paid by male passenger then equally reserved seat for men also offered to him. Equal rights for every passenger.
    • In News many times publishes that male passenger beaten by the Delhi Metro Staff (Female Inspector). Also telecasted through news channel. Is this fare the whole males passenger(boy, adult ,old..) is beaten like this ?. Or put a heavy fine on only Male passenger only ? what it shows that Men is Pet animal not a human being?
    • Please stop harassment towards men in any form ( Physically, Mentally , Sexually, Economically..) and change the current mind setup of the society that “INJUSTICE TO MEN GIVES JUSTICE TO WOMEN”. It’s crime towards men and every one knows that it’s happening but silent. So Please work for the Men’s welfare equally. So that Next time it’s not happened to our children our parents (Father, Elders, Son, Brother..) Support for the same and take necessary action.

    A request made to the DELHI TRANSPORT CORPORATION and DELHI METRO to Look into the matter take appropriate action to eliminate the every day trouble & Harassment of Male Passenger.


  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    I had written this before but now i am writting this in Detail. We would request TV channel to gain TRP’s to stop sensationalizing womens rights and making women the victim all the time which in the long run works againts womens rights.all the time, There are hundreds of cases all around the country where women of vicious character lay honey-traps having sex with men and then claimed they have been raped. I am writing this after it happened to my brother who is of the very best character and discipline by all standards and whom we all love. This kind of exploitation can happen to anyone of our loving brothers, sons, fathers, Close Friends or husbands who are perfect gentlemen.
    This women got introduced by a mutual friend when i was with my brother at a party, she seemed very polite and caring, gradually they spoke constantly on the phone, within a week she invited my brother to her flat they have had a physical relationship during this time she demanded and took gifts worth more than 5 Lakhs from my brother, one of my brothers golden chain with a diamond pendant worth more than 7 Lakhs went missing, this went missing when this women was present and no one else, when my brother was about to call of the relationship seeing himself in a soup, she then demanded 3 Lakhs from my brother stating she wanted to work in Australia. When my brother said he was running short of money, then she played the rape card and my brother had no other go than to pay up the money. There is a well connected Mafia Network of Women laying honey traps to Men especially Upper Middle class and rich wealthy high status men all over our cities in the hundreds. Normally well meaning Men would part with Any Amount of Money to save themselves from Public Disgrace, Hardship, Scrutiny from Courts to safegaurd their reputation from Family Friends their Children and Society. I would assure you than many men are being taken for a ride and this is big business or extorting Big money running into Lakhs and Crores from Genuine Gentlemen. Many a Women in cities get married to Men only for sake of wealth and Property after Seducing them and then get divorced within 1 or 2 years and then either claim Dowry harrasment or Violence in Marriage as a Case for Divorce and Demand a Big Share of the Property. This is no Fable but practically what is going on where there are Hundreds of examples. This has to be stopped. Please do a sting and check out that there are thousands of cases of women exploiting men for money in every metro EVERYDAY. The big sad story is that many a men have become tools in hands of psuedo feminists because of an (inate subconscious sexual desire in men to please women) to satisfy their desire of absolute suttle not obvious authority and exploitation of men which is happening on a daily basis and it is a taboo for many a helpless men to complain. I have come to many cases where Men nowadays resort to unlawful means to rescue themselves mostly by a Third Party Intervention which most of the time end up in Violence, because the laws are totally against men specially in India. I would urge our lawmakers to imbibe the system from Europe US Austalia where laws are equitable and there you find women in a more equal system as men. In the annals of history for the past 1000 years according to discovery channel more than 3 billion men have sacrificed their lives to save their respective motherland and the lives of women and children. If nothing is done about this now it can be Our loved ones turn to face the heat and burn within the soul from the hands of one of these vicious women. Any law has to be equitable for true justice to take place but not by handing out candies to vicious women who are exploiting men but for a more equitable law for further development of women in our country.

  20. all men should collect in a place and do sth for men such as :(i)economical org.(ii)media(iii)educational institutes for men

  21. Using Ancient Rome 3D in Google Earth, you can explore Rome as
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