Men’s Day posters

Man grows boldOn 19th November 2009, International Men’s Day will be observed at major cities in India. The programme will include rallies, dharnas, distribution of pamphlets, handbills, display of placards and slogan shouting.

The aim is to create an awareness amongst the members of the society at large and the powers that be in particular of the need to take a hard look at the problems faced by the men of India. It is high time the law makers and law enforcers understand the necessity to wake up and make correction of all the anti-male draconian measures taken by them over the years in order to placate and appease certain vocal elements who have a vested interest in creating an anti-male slant in the body politic, lest the results of billowing disgruntlement may be catastrophic for the whole society!

The following are some of the placards to be displayed on that day.

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