Men of the world, unite

On the eve of International Men’s Day, the men in the city feel it isn’t a man’s world after all

The “dominant sex”— male — is not so dominant after all. Forming solidarity on the eve of International Men’s Day (IMD) on Thursday, pro-men activists in Bangalore are set to launch an All India Men’s Welfare Association and demand creation of a Men’s Welfare Ministry, among other things.

The Association has drafted a charter that asks for a holiday on IMD, paternity leave, and a study on the treatment men get in different spheres of socio-economic life. The Association has asked all male employees in Bangalore to take mass leave on Thursday and “declare their independence and celebrate their freedom”.

“Man is depicted as a fiend who is out to exploit women. It’s reflected in the societal attitude, right from the mother’s lap and lasts till the grave,” bemoans Virag Dhulia, a researcher for the Save Indian Family Foundation that was formed a few years ago to provide legal succour to men fighting marital cases.

Virag is rich in details and ladles out examples where men are silent sufferers: “First, discrimination comes in the form of false image of dominance: man should not cry, he should shoulder responsibility for the welfare of women, he must do all risky tasks. Giving them false values are the scriptures that put man at a psychological disadvantage. In society, right from the elementary schools to the judiciary, he is suspect till he proves himself otherwise.”

“The government even has an Animal Welfare Board but the sex that gives 82 per cent tax revenue and does all the unpleasant and hazardous jobs, the fruit of which is mainly enjoyed by women, have no place in India’s scheme of things,” regrets the new body’s website launched on Monday. “Men,” it exhorts, “let’s unite and fight societal attitude, not women.”

“No, we are not against women. We’re for gender parity,” clarifies Vivek Deveshwar, another activist in the forefront. “Men face humiliation in every step. For instance, government gives great importance to breast cancer and blood cancer in women, but hardly anything on prostrate cancer, a disease men are prone to. In advertisements and cartoons, a male is portrayed as stupid, while women are witty and smart.”

Mithun Kumar, one of the leaders, told DNA, “In every step, a man suffers ignominy. To take the latest example, look at how the media treated the case of a woman who barged into the marriage hall. The man had no voice, nobody believed him or asked for his view.” Kumar says even the World Economic Forum keeps harping on the dwindling population of girls without any valid study.

“It’s unfortunately true that men are becoming victims of ‘legal terrorism’ unleashed through laws like Indian Penal Code Section 498A, Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, adultery laws and many other laws, all loaded against men,” says veteran lawyer of many fights, MG Kumar.

One thought on “Men of the world, unite”

  1. Good after noon Sir,
    I have seen your Association on Net & read your views. I appreciate Your views (from the bottom of my heart) & you would be happy to know that I firmly
    support You. Infact I am quite pleased to know that there are people who think like me. Otherwise in my locality
    I do these kind of talks or express these kinds of views people don’t take me seriously. Some of them laugh at me.
    And I am talking about “MEN” (who laugh at me.)
    Infact “MEN” are not ready to believe that they are being taken for granted. In plain language they are unaware of the
    the WOMEN. I won’t explain how as you are already well aware of it.
    But the thing is how this big problem can be solved. In blunt words how this huge crisis can be do away with.
    Sir,I am glad & I praise men/boys like you who are trying to solve this problem & working for men’s rights.
    But There are numerous NGOs & WOMEN
    ORGANIZATIONS WORKING FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS but is there any single one that is working for
    us (MEN)??! (Obviously, Barring Your One)
    There is National Commission for Women but none for Men!! There is a separate/special Ministry for Women but
    what about Men? Now women are saying its their birth-right to have 33% reservation in The Parliament of India.
    The crux of the matter is that to a large extent men are themselves responsible for their pathetic state.
    Reason-They are not United. Infact they are not even ready to accept that something wrong or unjust is being
    done to them. And I think, You would be aware of the fact that there are lakhs of ’gentlemen’ who are working
    laboriously, exclusively for women’s rights. It is quite shocking as well as ironical that they are not working for
    their own (Male) community. We are very few in number as well as in percentage. We need to work very hard, aggressively & swiftly and for that we ought to
    trust the members of our community. It’s not enough to chat on Internet. We must interact by phone/mobile
    And if feasible, we should meet on a regular basis in person.
    My own Cell Number is 09968235376 and you are most welcome to call me any time between 8am to 11pm.
    In the end, I must say that I am really impressed by your effort & I am grateful to you for that.
    With Best Wishes
    Gaurav Gupta.

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