2 thoughts on “Marital stress drives more men to suicide than women”

  1. I found this great website on Facebook.I reside in the United States and the discrimination that men & boys face here almost exactly mirrors that of India.I’ve been a Men’s Rights Activist since the late ’90’s and I am a current member of NCFM (The National Coalition of Men).

  2. Dear Mr. Vervoort,

    This discrimination against men and boys in India has been replicated,
    by the Indian feminists using the outdated ideology of militant feminism,
    (why even call it feminism, when it should be about equalism.) from the USA / West.

    While there are any number of feminist organisations in the West,
    who are ‘partnering’ with the feminist organisations in India,
    the same is not true for MRA (Male Rights movement).

    This is a huge lacking. The situation is dire in India.
    This is not to say that Indian women don’t face real troubles.
    They indeed do, and most Indian men would go out of their way,
    in keeping with the values taught to them and the requirement of
    a family centered society (which too is fast fraying for all the same reasons as in USA).
    But, the laws have been made in an entirely gender biased fashion.
    Every statute, section, sub-section, clause and word of any law,
    is defined with the male as the perpetrator and the women as the victim.

    This has and continues to create a poisoned atmosphere.
    Just as the American men have gone on a marriage strike,
    staying away from committing to a marriage and shouldering the responsibility of
    the family as a husband / father; there is a rising group of Indian men,
    who being educated are becoming fast aware of the need to avoid,
    the trap of ‘modern’ marriage despite the enticements of dual income lifestyles,
    and the pressures of society and family.

    Yet, the question is … is this a healthy trend? Can this be good for any society?
    What does it mean for a society when in order to ’empower’ one gender,
    another gender is victimised and entirely put down. This is not an empowering of
    either men or women. This basic honest fact, escapes the notice of our
    incompetent legislators, the most rabidly anti male of them, are women.
    Two of them, I name herewith for your research.
    Ms. Girija Vyas.
    Ms. Renuka Chowdhury.

    But, then there are others who contribute to this tripe and trope of
    empowerment. Consider a perennial favourite in your country,
    Ms. Arundhati Roy (Book: God of Small Things.) and
    Ms. Shobhaa De (consider her an Indian Nora Roberts.)
    A quick search will aware of you the kind of voices, and the
    misinformed ideology that they are pushing on impressionable young
    ladies in India. Who, not unlike, the young teenagers in the US,
    are also growing with an entitlement complex and a daddy’s little princess mindset.

    All this is tailor made disaster for an unfulfilled family life.
    A truly deplorable situation for any country and society to be in.
    As you have experienced doubtless in your own country.
    Except, whereas in your country, adjustments are being made to overcome these.
    But in India, people in power and the feckless immoral elite think it the height of progress, to usher in these ill informed ways.

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