Harassed husbands take out ‘victory’ rally after govt relief

Ahmedabad Mirror reports:-

Ahmedabad harassed husbandsThe harassed husbands association took out a victory procession in the city on Monday following the central government’s directive to states not to make immediate arrests in dowry cases.

The Akhil Bharatiya Patni Athyachar Virodhi Sangh took out their ‘vijay yatra’ around 2 pm from Manav Mandir to Gandhiji’s statue at Income Tax. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has asked state governments to issue directives to the police not to arrest the husband and his relatives without proper investigations in anti-dowry cases.

The harassed husbands association president Dashrath Devda said, “Since the implementation of Section 498A of IPC across the country in 1984, it has been often misused by women for petty ends and to send their husbands and family members behind bars on false grounds.”

Outside court, the man and his family members are made to shell out a lot of money as part of the settlement, Devda said. “Our Sangh organised a lot of protests objecting to the gross misuse of Section 498A. Recently, the apex court said the section was misused. The court directive to the government that only after proper investigation should a man be arrested in anti-dowry cases is a blessing for harassed men,” he said.

“At present we have 48,000 cases of husbands being harassed by women. And every month we get around 250 such cases. Our organisation tries to help and save husbands harassed by their wives,” he said.

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  1. The same is happening with me.Everday my wife tortures me with various issues/words/statements and insulting me with awful words also she blackmails me about 498a cases and other cases.I don’t have so much money where i can fight against her in the court what should i do???.Also i have made these incidences reported to nearest police station but no action have been taken!!!!!!
    it is increasing day by day causing a deep physical and emotional stress on me also have been threatend by various sources of her for damage of life,etc.
    Don’t know what to do??????

    1. life is small , pretend to your wife as if you have changed and have some extramaritial affair
      enjoy your life bcas you dont have to woory about your wifes old age or future .. just enjoy your life

      1. SUNNY, You seem not well experienced. Do you think you will be happy moving with a girl friend , instead of the wife ? Most of girls know that their body commands a premium which she does not charge you ( as she is not in prostitution), but they do expect you to spend on them. If you spend the same amount on your wife, your life will be less miserable. Also, a life time package deal is generally better except when wife has very bad nature

        1. Better not to get married and call off the marriage.
          If a man stays married he will be paying premium to wife in form of spending wife on money provinding her wth securities and all the luxuries he can afford, and yet be accused of Domestic Violence, harrassments,dowry,martial rape.. and eventually loose job and be locked up in prison and to step out only to head to courts….

          Black or white ..legal or illegal,.. prostitutions shall sort out all problems. She will come over…do her thing and walk out of life for good…
          NO more paying for ever… no more losing your children,pride,job,assets and all !

  2. Dear Sir

    Can i get the copy of govts order on
    police not to arrest the husband and his relatives without proper investigations in anti-dowry cases

    i need it urgently if you have a scan copy of the same kindly send me by email


  3. sir im from mumbai, The same is happening with me.and insulting me with awful words also she blackmails me about 498a cases and other cases.I don’t have so much money where i can fight against her in the court what should i do???.Also i have made these incidences reported to nearest police station but no action have been taken!!!!!!
    it is increasing day by day causing a deep physical and emotional stress on me also have been threatend by various sources of her for damage of life,etc.
    Don’t know what to do??????
    & she is stayin in my flat & im out of my flat which is on my name,at thane
    court ordered to me that 2giv the flat 2 her 4 residence & thaen what abt me?

    1. This is a terrible loss for the community and people with dieÂsilitisb.a  It served my son for 7 years and he looked forward to it evey week.  Just about the only excersize he could do.  The volunteers from CAL were wonderful and created a meaningful bonding expierence.  It also helped people recovering from other mobility issues and reabilitation.

  4. Hi All,

    Am from mumbai ,Am also in same position where my inlaws verbally threatend of 498 A and involving local political party.Well am also searching some law which can support this type of haressment and help the haressed husbands to come out from this type of situation.if you know any ipc law than plz revert me on anand_india29@yahoo.com.May be we all who are in same situation can do some brain stroming and come out with some solution

  5. I being a woman standing for womens rights is appalled by the fact that the womens protection act is being misused by many women particularly in middle and rich income families, I have been approached by several mens groups in India where men have been victimized by their spouses using the womens protection act. In one instance a women literally beat up and sleeping husband and then registered a complaint of domestic violence against him. I have come across several men who resort to other means to settle scores because the law would be biased against them on any complaint between men and women. On the other hand the womens protection bill has surely helped rural women to stand up for their rights. But we must understand that if their is no fair law the law itself would be undermined. Therefore i would suggest that any law that would grant extra protection or privileges to women would prove contrary in outcome of its objectives. Thereby we would need a just law as prevalent in Europe Australia and America whereby the system is fair to all parties concerned. I have recently heard that a group in Karnataka
    led by Muthappa Rai has stood up for harrassed husbands on several issues. May be all the Harrased husbands should make a plea to Mr Muthappa Rai to state the anti dowry legislation being used illegally and for dubious ends by wifes mainly in the middle and rich income families

    1. yes nicol i fully agree with you being a women you have noticed all the illegal happenings to the male persons among them i am also the abused & harassed person
      my wife deserted me 8.5yrs (2002) ago & walked away from my life & family leaving my aged parents 77yrs & 60yrs .till today i have tried to patch up from mediations through family & friends circles. she & her family are showing negligence & blaming me for no fault of mine .
      as i a m fed up i have approached the court & filed a desertion case against her in 2008, her also she has not turned up & the final notice was sent by the court for awarding decree now she has received the notice & come to the court (2010) almost 2yrs.
      now the judge has ordered for mediation through couselling. here she is demanding rs 6lakhs rupees + other benefits
      i am tired by this harassment, though my job is not secure , i am not financially secured & have no support from any other sources , my aged parents are suffering mentally from this issue & there are no one to take care of my parents except me which i am forced to work away from my parents merely for a matter of survival i come once in a month to see my aged parents to take care of their needs (medical, ration, etc.,).
      i request my readers,pls kindly help me as i am badly need of a helping hand to over come this painful & find me justice.

  6. my wife has been brinwashed and conditioned by bk cult, is there any hope i can try to get her back, what needs to be done, please anyone help?

    1. mmmm…tu nous expliqueras alors pourquoi on constate que la proba de faire pile ou face s’établit à 50% sur un nombre assez grand d&Ãmtuo;r©vénesenqs (indépendants, il me semble)?

  7. Sir

    Can i get the copy of govts order on
    police not to arrest the husband and his relatives without proper investigations in anti-dowry cases

  8. Revenge is best when served Ice chilled.

    I am also taking my revenge on my wife for all these acts , I will give her punishments for all her mistakes she has done with me and my family

  9. I agree with all you guys, our Indian law sucks, Indian law is kind of hinjada! I would like to ask the law, If the law is taking us both men and women in same then why husband has to pay money to wife after divorce. For all beings, Sex is not only enjoyed by mens, it is also enjoyed by womens and in what ways husband have to pay penalty to wife???????????????? I dont get the point , Does wife have 1 hand, one leg , one eye or one brain???? She has same as a man got! then why the hell she cant work with her 2 hands, 2 legs two eyes?????why husband have to give her Money like she is a beggar ! This fire is in me also, as i have gone through this stupid marriage life and gained loss! Womens before were called as Lakshmi but I hope it is not so now-a-days as lakshmi only gives money but it doesn’t take money like beggars!!!!
    I am sorry for my words used in this forum, but i really hate w omens of this attitude!
    I think the indian law should wake up soon, otherwise women like this will be burnt in future as this fire inside men will create a lava in them!

  10. sir,
    i m sufferring from same problem…..

    can any one help me………….

    avadhesh yadav, nagpur …… 9657637244

  11. She left me in 2003. I have filed suit for declaring marital status before the court, then after she demanded Rs.10 Lac. she filed cases in 2008 when The Court under u/s12 PWDV act allowed interim Maintenance to her without providing even a single opportunity. In another case u/s 125 CrPC court allowed further interim maintenance to her without considering maintenance already received by her regularly.
    She not claimed for the baby which she had left from the age of 14 days. She also indulge in another case with the help of advocates wherein she filed a suit that I have gifted all the property to her through HIBANAMA. She also lodged case u/s 498A. She also filed objection on divorce declaration.

  12. Sample this what I am going through every day from last 2 yrs… Does the (family)court consider these as attrocities agains men?
    * My wife is amid folower of Brahmakumaris. She is almost like surrendered sister of that Org
    * No love & affection, infact it should not be there in a person-principle :)
    * She does not eat the food I touch. She does not eat the food cooked by others
    * I should not touch anything in Kitchen if I had been to rest room. Or she will not eat aything i touch.
    * Everytime she goes for toilet she takes bath. Expects the same from me also
    * She wants to be pure(Pavithrate). No room for love & sex. She gives an example of such a surrendered woman, “that woman made her husband sleep beside her without touching her”.
    * Even after all these if I kiss her, she cleans her face & mouth immediately
    * No room for emotion. If I say I will kill myself, she says ‘that’s your Karma, I cant do anything’.
    * She is beleiving and says that Lord Krishna has already taken birth at some place on earth in India. Satyayuga has started somewhere in India & Death is imminent anytime now. So she wants to take birth as DEVATHE(godess) in satyayuga and live with Lord Krishna in his Kingdom. To take birth as Devathe in Satyayuga, she has to follow every principle that Brhmakumari says and she will do it at any cost no matter what happens.
    * She is telling me to rent a house for her living (with son) and pay maintenance
    and many more… :)

      1. Thanks a lot for your good common. Your thinking as well as mine, our Woojung Couple are so special when they had two tr2s#&p8i17;s honeymoon theirselves. But the second that has two mothers together. It means so..so.. Specially to them.

  13. I myself have been stomped into ground 6 feet under by the IPC498a …
    Its abt time Indian Gov. pulled their heads out of thier arses and make laws unpartially !!
    All this time I had thought I was alone or maybe jst a few.. but now seeing soo many other innocent men as well going through the same scattered all over the country is pathetic and a tight SLAP in the governments face.. “wakie!!-wakie!!”

    How blind and stupid does politians have to be.. to not do anything about this kind of unjustice???

  14. i got married about 2 1/2 years back my wife and my inlaws tourcher me a lot in my 2 1/2 year married life i dont have peace even for one day. my wife is well trained by my inlaws how to fight and give trouble to me and my mother. i have gone under depression and have to take medicine for depression my mother is bed ridden and is suffring from high blood preasure, cardiac problems and cancer they have no simpathy. as an evidience i have recorded some conversion of my wife and my inlaws, my wife always threathed me that she will commite suside to put me in trouble onece she had also attemped sucide by cutting her hand with knife my life have become misserable i dont know what to do and i also fear to go to the police station please help

  15. i was married about 3 Years back my wife tourcher me everyday, she never respect my parents/family members. she kept a 498a case on 2009 even i accepted her demand to stay saparete from my parents but she not listened to me and also her side relatives words and she book 498a on me and my parents. now i filed a petition for divorce from her in family court. and judge ordered me to pay maintainence to her Rs 2000/- every month, were my income is 6000/- pm. and now i lost my job iam not in a position to pay her maintainence, (she also employee in private organisation and she said lie in court that she was unemployee)

    pls help me what to do now.

    1. Hi all I am Hemant and I m suffering frm the same incident.I live in mumbai and was married in allahabad in 2004 since then my wife was denying to stay with me in mumbai saying that she dosen’t like mumbai and asking me to settle at her parents house since then i got married.
      She hardly stayed 3 months and went back to allahabad with her father and doing job in a field of marketing at allahabad itself.
      She had put a false allegation on me and my parents(my old widowed mother aged 68yrs) under the guidance of her brother in law Advocate in High Court at allahabad under section 498A.
      I was arrested and was under imprisonment for 1 month at allahabad.
      I am mentally harrased now and lost my job reason being i had to attend my case at allahabad every 1-2 months as there are 3 different cases on me.
      I dont knw what to do how to come out of this situation as I am mentally harrased & tortured.

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  16. Beleive in yourself and your abilities ……. be strong …… Move away from the mess and focus on career ……. do not let your bloody senseless wife or in-laws take control of your life !!!!! If your wife does not have any value for you ….. Dont bother about what she or others may think !!!! take control of your life ……………. If she is doing her best to prove you a criminal then perish your criminal instincts and make her her life hell to make her understand the value of life ………

    and don’t feel lonely ……… we are guys and we can SCREW her really hard …. mind it !!!!

  17. Hi,
    It is high time women stop asking for equality and start exhibiting it. We should take this “problem of bias” as an opportunity to relieve men of many of family responsibilities towards women and children which men have been bearing on their shoulders for centuries.
    Gender Equality, as is generally interpreted, is utterly flawed and equally damaging to both genders. The one way to make this clear is to actually demand and get it implemented.
    All I want to say is that AIWMA can take this as a wonder opportunity to make men really free. Women can take care of themselves ( and their babies, which they say is also ours).
    If equality means equal access to resources, if that is all they can understand about equality then so be it. All we have to do is pursue it aggressively. We any way didn’t start this equality business.

  18. Kindly give a contact name and address in Mumbai , Thane or Nashik of this association who will help my brother who is harassed by his wife and her family members where there are three lawyers in her house who are threatening my brother of doing this thing and that thing…. Please help. My Parents and my brother is in trouble who are in Nashik. Kindly help whom should i contact.

  19. hey indian brothers! wake up! these days men are heavily discriminated against, and hatred against men is spread through television programs, news, newspapers and through any possible media! we are portrayed as monsters, rapers, abusers, and as the devil, where as women are displayed as weak innocent victims

    it is high time, that me start speaking for their rights! whenever u hear a bitch saying “all men are dogs”, speak out loud and do not be afraid but say that all women are indeed bitches. argue with them, if hey raise their voice, u also shout, if they slap u take it as an excuse, and beat them severly! look out how men are treated in the west! surely u do not want this to happen to us!

    “bhatri bhaiyon, hum mein shakti hai, aur hum apni taqdeer badal sakte hain!”

  20. To Kalpna >>> you can contct at following nasik nos. for guidance

    Subhas Kedia

    Adv. M.K.Vaishnav



    or can mail me at smrshrm2010@gmail.com if i can be of any help.

  21. Read BrahmaKumaris.Info …

    These Brahma Kumaris witches have been splitting up Hindu families for 70 years all over the world, and the law only makes them even bolder. They suck up to police and judges to cover their crimes.

    They have been taking dowries, jewellery, properties and family inheritances for their End of the World cult.

    Every year they change their prediction of the End of the World so they can milk their followers and encourage their followers to milk their husbands even more.

  22. Sir,
    My Brother is harasing with his wife from last 8 years for unnessary things. she want property if my father will not done on her name she is saying she will put false cases on total family. she is beating my brother regularly if u will not ask property from ur father…from last 1 yera worrest language she is using daily 3 to 4 hours so that with this fedup my father will give property, she is telling daily i will haras like thai ur father mother will hang up them self all this things other wise i will morder u and i will throgh it on ur parents and sisters i will take property . so many words r there which i cant tell u through on mail. now she is planing for book false cases on our family please hepus immediatly.(located Hyd)
    whom shoud we contact for this

  23. If a group of male harrassed and raped a single female there is a stringent law is imposed on the group, it is all for justice ok. If a group of womens harrassed and raped a single female what the law says and till this date in our country there is no such law framed for the such law braker womans.

  24. If a group of male harrassed and raped a single female there is a stringent law is imposed on the group, it is all for justice ok. If a group of womens harrassed and raped a single male what the law says and till this date in our country there is no such law framed for the such law braker womans.

  25. My wife is harassing from last 9 years, for the money & worrest language she is using daily 3 to 4 hours so that with this I am fedup, she is telling daily i will haras like that ur mother and father, they will hang up them self all this things other wise I will murder U & I want to take property. So many words r there which i cant tell u through on Email. Now she is already book false complaint on me, She is Keeping outside my house, where I should go, Please help me immediately.(located Navi Mumbai).

  26. Same situation i have been experiencing for the last 9 years. My wife has also been going to bk and now she is going to pbk. I have been living without sex for this 9 years entirely. If I touch her . She scolds me and said you made me impure thus a great quarrel between us take place. She neither give respect to my parents nor me. And harassing me always. No one here is to give me justice. I love her but she hate me. what will I do?

  27.                                            Advantages of Paid Service?        wife and childeren share in the property. Dear sir/ madam,Recently my have wife created issues claming her and my childeren rights in my property.She is staying alone at my home and allowing me to come back giving all types dhamkis and scaring.Past five months ago my had fall ill due that i had come to my native place for his care taking and that time i had asked my wife to come me help me to care father betterbut she refused.After a period of two months my father got expired even insisting her didnot come.She claimed all type false allegation on me and my family people and refusing as her husband no more she wants me stay along with.Now she started demanding my residence and other property rights.Is she liable to claim and what should i do to avoid this situation.please help me iam handicapped person and i have only my asset on which iam dependable for my bread and butter.thanking you 

    1. Yess, jeg hatt problemer med å komme meg inn på bloggen din. Uansett hvilken data! Men nå kom jeg meg innom <33 Ovlkeyrkleig <33Også ang innlegget, så utrolig koselig ut om det var u vær ;D

    2. Me gustaría ver ese mismo entusiasmo de la aristocracia conservador, por mejorar la calidad de vida de la mayoría. Al no estar las condiciones para gran parte de la población no me parece una mala la opción la del aborto. ES CRUDO PERO ES LA TRISTE REALIDAD A LA QUE ESTAMOS SOMETIDOS CON ESTE SISTEMA, QUE NO RESPETA LA VIDA.

  28. The same thing is happening with me.Everyday my wife tortures me with various issues/words/statements and insulting me with slang words also she blackmails me about 498A cases and other cases.I don’t have so much money where i can fight against her in the court what should i do???also i have made these incidences reported to nearest police station but no action have been taken!!!!!! When I recognized that she already have an affairs with somebody else than I live her and went to my mother house after that she gave me u/s 498A cases & police has arrested me. When I got release from jail it is increasing day by day causing a deep emotionally stress & mentally torture and threatening over the phone etc.
    Don’t know what to do??????

  29. sir
    i hv also same problem.my brother and my whole family harrased by my sister in low from 2006 through 498 and 125 crpc.she working as Coustmer service excutive in HSBC from 2006 her salary is 25000+ but she takes maintains(no child). i m depend on my brother,my mother is 65years heart patient widow.now i decide to go for sucide bcouse i cant see my brother ‘s pain mental tensan and fear.indian law is very worst .it was made for saving life but now it proves for kill the people.if anybody has any solution or advice please send mail

  30. we should unite all indian male ,those who are against all gender biased law. so send email to purush_sangha@yahoo.com if any one wants to join “Bharatiya Purush Sangha”. if we protest this type of law all together any government will fear to implement this type of law. we should be united all over india.

  31. The same is happening with me. I complaint against my wife and in – laws around more than 1 years ago in police but till now there was no result even the police called both parties for around more than 15 times and i was always present there and the wife comes only 1 time and inspite of that i have not got any justice. now i submit the case in the court and when i reached the court for first hearing around after 2 months of submitting the case i have been shocked to come to know that the case has been transfer to another judge and again give me date for next hearing around after 40 days. I have been totally harashed and my life is totally spoled by my wife and her parents. I have sorry to say but i have not any hope of get justice from indian constitution.

  32. Its good to hear that wives are punished but is it really true, My brother is going through similar case from last 7 years, since he has 2 kids and there are sentiments involved he has not applied for the case, but day in and out he and his sons are going through this torture, so much so that she comes like a ghost at him everyday evening, I think ghosts are better :) than her. My mom was insulted beyond any limits, she could not go through this pain and she is staying with me. Now he is the only man fighting against this devil inside his house, she also bites him, kicks him and makes him angry and insults all his family members so that he gets angry and charges, he does hit her back sometimes since he cannot bear it anymore. Someone come up with an idea to stand against this…. United we stand I think we can fight it out. I am in bangalore, please tell me if you know any ways to help my brother.. Poor brother he has not even complained to Police…. God only can help him now. He is my only brother….

    1. My goodness you sure make taking it easy look glamourous! (At least I feel better for wearing my wacky vintage &qnto;louuge" gowns around the house!) The trick with the vodka is an old antique & vintage seller's trick for things too delicate to handle a rough wash or dry cleaning. You can stuff old leather bags with newspaper to get out any mustiness as well. XXX

  33. I understand the pain that you are going through, but you know, the truth is, women, when it happens to someone else’s son / someone else’s brother, always support the girl involved. This curse is coming back to them now, when their own son or brothers are getting trapped by the same law. Situation like this can not go forever, it will change for good for sure. But women, while blindly supporting these bills, should consider that the victims of these misuse are also someone else’s son and someone else’s brother.

  34. If u are man enough no woman can undermine you, the law is meant to protect women, if they are misusing it, you do not have to follow the law, the are many means to get back at anyone who transgress your rights. Make it absolutely sure to the transgressor that he or she would be punished harshly by ways beyond the law and that Fear alone would bring reasoning to the transgressor to act fair.

  35. Dear All,
    Iam Ram & am in similar trouble , Pls any one help me with Bangalore contact details …
    I need all your support in Bangalore .

  36. Dear

    I am facing same issue i got married in nov’14 she left me in April’15 only five month after marriage now she needs maintaintance rupees 180000/- p.m. seven times my salary.

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