Gillette’s mischievous lazy stub ad falls flat!

AIMWA’s campaign against the malicious ad fiasco by Gillette figures in the renowned “Talk Radio with Freedom Twist” with Katherine Albrecht.

Parthasarathy “Partha” Raghuram joins Katherine Albrecht to discuss his campaign against Gillette’s efforts to label Indian men with facial hair as “lazy” in a deleterious bid to sell more razors. Callers weigh in.

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17 thoughts on “Gillette’s mischievous lazy stub ad falls flat!”

  1. That was nice to hear, Partha you did great to represent us well. Iam moving back to the single blade razors and that too Indian made, and lets get the gillette out of this hate and shame campaign…. by saying GILLETTE YOU!!!!

    1. Russel..The Vedas say, “Why do U need to act differently for some one..U have ur own personality..U are Unique..Be yourself and preserve Ur personality “..Indian men used to grow moustache and beard and it was not a problem for the gone generation indian ladies..But now ,in the feminist era men are forced to shave their facial hairs as there are more women in interview boards of companies who will disqualify men with facial hairs branding them as lazy..]
      men are now wearing tight jeans ,crazy hairstyles etc and they are acting in a totally different way to get survival..

  2. Do u guys know how many products women are pressured to use to look appealing to men? Cant men even not shave to keep their appeal for the opposite sex? Common i think men have it easy in this world…

    1. Dear Alpha-males, I feel you do not have the problem of shaving as you are face is a barron land just as your head when x-rayed.

  3. I think the anti campaign has caught the word LAZY and blown it out of proportion… Everyone has the right to choose his or her own grooming techniques and desires…..Why so many movements and anti-movements need to represent such a simple concept….

  4. Same person has commented thrice using different names – all three from the same IP one after the other with 2-3 minute interval.

    I could have deleted them as spam, but allowed them to be, just to show the viewers that such fools exist!

  5. Must be paid mercenaries from Gillette. Anyway if women feel pressured to shave or use some products they don’t want to, they should also say NO – personal choices cannot be imposed upon!

    1. Dear Alpha-male, I feel you do not have the problem of shaving as you are face is a barron land just as your head when x-rayed.

  6. @Vikram,@Suman,@Russel,

    Your ideas are as fake as your ids.

    Please tell your employers not to waste money on you. As the arguments you are making stink of male-hatred and you are free to search on the internet to see what happened with male-hater Renuka Choudhary.

    If women waste their time, should men also? And men have easy? Who is going to rub their asses in order to pamper you women if men had it easy? Ask your brother if he would be liked to call lazy merely because he wants to sport a stubble? Pathetic male-hater woman you are.

    Equality? Fine then all women who do not wax their legs are LAZY. Equality achieved.

    “I think the anti campaign has caught the word LAZY and blown it out of proportion… ”
    That means you don’t have problem someone calling you lazy. OK Mr. Lazy, will take care of that.

  7. Men never went on a war path, to force women to shave off their body hairs, nor did they ever abuse the women who prefer not to wax their legs or go through painful surgery or implants etc. Niether are they forcing women to date, or marry those men who grow stubble.All those women who dont like stubbles, have all the liberty to date a clean shaved guy,or even another woman , who cares………
    But those woman who support the campaign by the Gilette, which literally abuses men with stubble,by referring to them as lazy, unattractive or whatever, then such women are bloody hippocrates and mean minded creeps who dont deserve any respect but are fit to be kicked out from every civilised society.

  8. first ask these indian women to shave the hair from their bodies especially their hands and legs. some women even have a mustache in India. Seeing a women with hair on her body is a complete turn-off for a man. Men always have hair on their bodies. it is their decision whether they want to shave or not.

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