Gillette calls Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lazy

DNA reports on the fallout of the ill-conceived Gillette campaign – “Shave India Movement, Women against Lazy Stubble”. AIMWA has lodged a protest with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) that the latest campaign by P & G “spreads hatred among genders” and “hurts religious sentiments.”

manmohan singhIf Gillette chooses to term all Indians who grow beards as “lazy”, then their campaign denigrates the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh who sports beard as per the custom of his religion, the Sikhism, as “lazy”. Is it not an affront to the honour of the whole nation?

Gillette owes a public apology for denigrating the high office of the Prime Minister of India.

Here is an excerpt from the report of DNA:

“In the Gillette campaign, men who do not shave or those who wear stubble are shown to be lazy, so their women have every right to detest and demean them,” said Mumbai-based PR Gokul of the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA). “Gillette also tags this campaign as women on the warpath. We feel it portrays men negatively and tries to curb their choices” said Mumbai-based PR Gokul of the All India Men’s Welfare Association.
Proctor and Gamble (P&G) claimed that the campaign was based on research findings. “Serving men since 1895, their well-being is at the heart of every decision that Gillette takes. In that spirit we respect all ideologies, communities and opinions that men have. WALS is a creative expression of research findings by AC Nielsen which state that a majority of women prefer their with a men clean shaven look. Our campaign is not an imposition of such views on men who feel differently or wish to grow facial hair out of choice. Our endeavour is to provide superior quality shaving products to men who wish to shave,” said P&G spokesperson.

“By calling men with stubble lazy, P&G have made a communal statement,” said Myth Kumar from Bangalore. Terming the campaign in bad taste, the Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid said, “Sikhs and Muslims wear beards due to religious reasons. But their wives do not complain. Companies should be careful of religious sentiments before running campaigns,” said Bukhari.

4 thoughts on “Gillette calls Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lazy”

  1. Again folks … i thought this was a serious site … u ppl post stuff which makes no sense and actually makes things worse .Why make fun of the PM just to get a headline .I am sure everyone logging in will know in a second that this site is managed by people who instead of looking into serious issues men have are trying to just make headlines by trying to play around with words.

    Meaning of Stubble from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A man with facial stubble.
    Stubble is the regrowth of shaven body hair on the legs, armpits or chest that is short and rough to the touch. It also the term used for short stalks of grain or hay left in a field after the crop has been harvested.

    1. Mr. Gaurav,
      If being abused by everyone is not-so-serious issue for you, then please find some fetish porn site and pass your time there instead of wasting your time here.
      Moreover, who’s making fun of the Hon’ble Prime minister here? Is it wrong to bring to the front how the Dirty business of the corporates are making fun of the prominent personalities of our country? Does the above serious issue looks like fun to you?
      Would you still think it’s fun, if another corporate like “Braun” starts demanding that all women should shave their bikini region, otherwise no Man will copulate with them? Now Braun ladies shaving products are so affordable that women should not be lazy anymore to shave their fannies! Men are on a warpath against all those lazy, hairy Women!
      How do you feel about that?

  2. Even Gillette calls Abraham Lincoln,Ulysses S. Grant,Rutherford B. Hayes,James A. Garfield,Benjamin Harrison (Presidents of the United States) ,Vladimir Lenin & lot of scientist like Galileo Galilei as lazy .

    Too Bad :(

  3. If Gillette is so concerned about stubble … Let them Distribute their Razors and blades FREE of cost. After all they have identified the problem and they also have the solution.

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