Fatherless Society – The Feminist Utopia

16-day activism against feminist terrorism

Father with childAnyone who had a brush with the family court system in India knows the following general rules of thumb:

  • A woman will get divorce on demand irrespective of the veracity of her claims or what the man wants.
  • A man seeking divorce must survive 6 to 15 years of trial (by fire) knowing well that the odds are stacked against him.
  • A woman will get maintenance from her husband, no questions asked.
  • A mother will get full child custody irrespective of what the father or the child wants.
  • A father must pay child support many times beyond his capacity even if he never gets to see his child.

In short, a man is a walking ATM-cum-sperm dispenser.

Most people know what it is to be robbed of their hard-earned money but one must be really damned to suffer the pain of being robbed of one’s babies or of fatherly love.

Family courts have developed an entire menu of ways to prevent fathers from being a part of their children’s life and vice versa. These range from preventing physical proximity and hindering even precious few telephone conversations, all the way to breaking the man’s spirit but leaving him with enough desperation and frustration to commit suicide.

Even in the few cases where family courts show generosity in granting fathers the rights to visitation and telephonic contact with children, the courts are quite liberal with mothers who violate these rights.
It is surely no surprise that way more divorced men end their lives than divorced women.

One can say with confidence that feminists have successfully “sensitized” (read bullied) the family court system to be “committed to the cause of women” and to stretch to any lengths for the “cause of women” (read wives), even if it is to the detriment of the rest of the family members.

While we may never plumb the depths of feminist ideas, or confront them without holy water or some such thing, we do know this – Feminists want women to be free of marriage, family, motherhood and anything that involves compromise. Destroying marriage and family, treating children as a by-product of woman’s right to sexual expression, and rearing children with the State as the father is the formula for “true equality”.

Of course, the above formula requires you to assume that “the cause of women” equals “the best interest of children”. Make that one assumption and we’re all good.

Forget about all the scientists crying hoarse about how the lack of a male parent affects the normal growth and development of children, apart from all the social ills these children are likely to face and cause.
Ignore the fact that most violence against children after divorce is committed by their mothers, in large part due to depression and substance abuse.

Turn a deaf ear to what the children may really want, and a blind eye to the other progenitor, the male with nothing but love and longing for his offspring.

Agreed! Rights of non-custodial fathers and their estranged children are but hurdles along the way to a feminist utopia, which is paved by the family courts, but guess who’s footing the bill for the trip. Not just the non-custodial fathers but tax payers like you and me too.

As the feminist juggernaut bulldozes the family justice system leaving behind glaring biases, broken marriages, shattered families and battered souls in its trail, we are not far from reaching a fatherless feminist utopia with few resources and severely damaged children unable to grow into healthy adulthood.

Those who want the juggernaut to stop, speak now or forever hold your heads in despair!

19 thoughts on “Fatherless Society – The Feminist Utopia”

  1. I am simply spell bound. Hats off to you Kiranam!!!!
    A perfect scanning of Family Justice system in India.
    Guys must understand what kind of jutstice one will get from Courts.

  2. Nicely drafted article on fatherless soceity. I hope GOD gives good brain developement injection to all those in family court.

    1. Magnifiques photos qui nous transportent dans un autre monde… J’ai vu le film « the lab;pnds&y» et je comprends qu’ Aung San Suu Kuyi soit très aimée. Bonne continuation et gros bisous . (je n’ai pas encore vu Caline qui se promène beaucoup ,je suppose!).

  3. “Best interest of the child”, or “Paramount interest of the child” … are the phrases used in family law statutes to give them an aura and intent of caring and protection for children rights. But the fact is children are the only meek parties in a family dispute… where judges, lawyers, mediators, counsellors, lawyers, and ‘parties’ themselves take upon themselves the role of judging and arguing about what is best interest for the child.

    It is duty of every citizen to get rid the family courts of feminazi propaganda which harms children the most.

    1. I don’t think “best interest of the child can be sole basis” for granting custodial rights.
      What if the BEST interest of the child is in giving custodial rights to some who has no blood relation with the child. If such a person succeeds in convincing the court that the “best interest of the child” lies not with any of the parents but with him, will the court give the custodial rights to this person. the answer we know is a very Big NO. Unless both the parents are unfit to take proper care of the child this can never be so. So it is clear that the “Best interest of child” is only a false pretense to grant custodial rights to the mother.
      No body gives birth to a child for the “best interest of the child”. Child does not even exist 9 months before birth. Granting custodial rights to mother on the basis of “Best interest of child” is an absolute nonsense and a bias favoring women and a total disregard to the fact that men do not have a womb.

      Women cannot rape men. So there biased laws favoring women in rape cases and men are held guilty unless proved innocent. And the punishment is also ridiculously severe.
      Men do not have a womb. So why cannot there be laws favoring men regarding child custodial rights. the answer is simple ” men are dispensable”

  4. You are perfect in what you have said. Each and everything you have said is 100% true. I am just wondering how do we change this. We cannot accept the way it is. We need to raise our voice against such discrimination and injustice. Suicide should not be the end for the fathers. We need to raise our voices in all forums and change the way it is.

    1. well I think that Ochoa is not considered one of the best goalkeepers ..!!level by having Mexican soccercaompara not anything English or Spanish soccer ..!!I think there is quivocaron ..!!y edwin van der saris much better than ochoa ..!!truth

  5. Don’t marry or have kids. Problem solved.
    All these are applicable for idiots who does the biggest mistake of trusting a woman.
    STOP DOING THAT!!!! If u never marry none of these actually matters in ur life.

    1. It is not that easy. We are genetically hard wired to believe that we will be safe and happy if we reproduce. And unfortunately for that we need a woman. We don’t have a womb and this dependency (weakness) of ours is very well exploited by the state.

  6. Women are equally good and evil as men.
    We Indians, especially Hindus, deserve a BIG BLAME for constantly saying,
    WHY? Yes, by all means, respect your mother.
    Respect your wife, respect your kids and elders.

    Women can commit every single crime a man can.
    Moreover, it is psychologically proven that women don’t entirely understand
    the concept of justice and fairplay in the sense, men practice it.
    This has to do with the evolution of different genders over thousands of years.
    It also has to do with the way boys learn to play games and fights …
    and understand that winning or losing is a one time event.
    It is not worth holding a grudge against the winner or the loser.
    In fact, a friend today can fall out and become a foe.
    Also, an opponent today can become the best friend tomorrow!
    It is not necessarily the mindset that women possess.

    There is great truth to the fickle nature of women.
    So, why then are we crazily singing ‘WE WORSHIP WOMEN! WE WORSHIP WOMEN!’.

  7. Is this list of feminst victims complete? (An American pamphlet)


    1) Millions of ruined men, abused from the first date to grave; lost lifesavings and kids. One million innocent men in US jails, incarcerated by their wives or girlfriends.
    Before, young men got modest wives for intimacy and family – now, almost impossible.

    2) Millions of their babies, killed before or after birth – because mothers had calculated that exploitation of their fathers or taxpayers would not bring enough money.

    3) Millions of bastardized children; even the most worthless woman can take children from the best father – and our state rewards her for this extreme child abuse.

    4) Millions of grandparents deprived of their grandchildren. Angry mother can, at whim, completely legally, deprive his child of 1/2 family in revenge against dad.

    5) Millions of taxpayers, incl. celibates and gays, pay for single mom ghettoes, deviancy of fatherless armies on American streets and anti-men laws. Average working man or woman pays $ 1 million in lifetime costs to prop up our feminist police state.

    6) Millions of war victims of femi-imperialist attacks on traditional societies, under pretext of war on terror, while sabotaging meaningful solution of world problems.

    7) Millions of aging single women still unable to find an exploitable man, because those other aggressive women have ruined or scared men. Judges reward man’s first wife, and shaft second wife and his mother, his sister and other women who depend on him. Feminist goal #1 is punishing a man, even if it means ruining several women.
    All women should have equal right to exploit men, not only abusive women! (But, in spite of spite of successfully plundering men, the abusive women are victims too: they loose best things in life, that money can’t buy and their judges can’t order.)
    In all societies, past and present, women, esp. married, have had easier and longer lives. Women are recipients of almost all luxury purchases – exploiters in every heterosexual relation. Exploitation starts at first date, when he buys her ice cream, and peaks after marriage, even after his death she exploits him via his pension plan.

    Women have 4 incomes: 1) own earnings, 2) exploit husbands, 3) exploit taxpayers,
    and … 4) women inherit all at the end.
    Women are wealthier gender in all countries, in spite of earning much less than men.

    Women have monopoly on power and domestic violence – before she pointed her finger at a villager, now her uniformed gunmen are just a phone call away. Almost every murderer has been raised by a single mom. Feminist dictatorship causes most US crimes.
    Men predominate in homeless lines, women in recreation clubs and luxury retirement residences. Today, most women are unhappy, with unfulfilled materialistic expectations. And vindictive. She blames him for not providing life she deserves.
    End 3 main gender gaps: 1) legal, 2) income and 3) power gap!
    No machist dictatorship imaginable can inflict even 1% of feminist violence and destruction. American female rulers & collaborators are biggest criminals in history.

    Fight and bring man-haters to justice, to pay for the blood they spilled!

  8. I have never seen so much miss informed ignorance on one page!
    There are far too many points to correct so I wont attempt to highlight your erogenous shortfalls.
    Perhaps research into gender inequality may enlighten you to the horrendous state of affairs in which you have chosen to comment on. In every dominate religion and state there exists gross short falls of between the opportunities of men and women. I have noticed the suggestion, made above, to not marry, this indeed should be taken on board by those of you who hold forth this idea of female terrorism.

  9. Nigal West gives a reply so general to be meaningless.
    This reply is no match to the previous post with 7 specific points.
    One more proof that man-haters and their collaborators use abusive language instead of arguments.
    “…too many points to correct…..” Ok, single out the most important point in your opinion and correct it!

  10. I completely agree with Ivon. In our society, we are brainwashed to belive that women are traditionaly harassed and ill-treated. Which is so very untrue. On the contrary Women have lived a very comfortable and easy life, free from all the complexities and stress of dealing with the world. Of course there is price for everything. The burden of earning and protecting the family was always on men. The state sponsored false propaganda that women are the ill-treated one is to suppress any men liberation demands that follows as a consequence of the so called women liberation movement. If society has put one kind of restrictions on women, the same society had put other kind of restrictions and conditions on men. If women needs to be liberated from these conditions, then we men should also be freed from our responsibilities and social bias favoring women. It is precisely this freedom of men that the system does not want to acknowledge. And it does this by projecting women as victims and men as abusers, so that there is no question of men liberation.
    A gender equal society, is not in the interest of this mean advantage seaking feminist pigs. This is exactly what they are trying to avoid by projecting women as victims and men as abusers.

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