Equality for men, myth or reality?

Mr.Veerappa Moily, Indian cabinet minister receiving a copy of the IMD HandbookAs part of the events planned to mark the International Men’s Day to be observed on 19th November, 2011, the activists for Men’s Rights have published a handbook titled “Equality for men – Myth or Reality?” which vividly exposes various myths, fictitious stories, assumptions and lies against men of India that are deep rooted in our society.

The book in PDF (eBook) form can be downloaded from International Men’s Day web page.

The handbook has been compiled and edited assiduously Mr.Atit Rajpara and various other men’s rights activists belonging to the renowned NGO movement viz: “Save Indian Family”. It exposes the deep-rooted malady of misandry in our society and the laws and attitudes that are pronouncedly biased against men.

You can have a walk-through of the booklet here:

[gview file=”http://indianmensday.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/equalityformen-mythorreality-a4.pdf” width=580]

3 thoughts on “Equality for men, myth or reality?”

  1. My wife has ruined my life. she wants to stay with her parents or just near to them so that they can come to her anytime without any hesitation. So she was living in Jammu since last 4 years coz her parents are in Jammu. But she does not want my parents or sisters to come near me inspite of the fact that my parents were sending me 15000/- per month till last year. And still she abused them all the time. Her mother always criticised me and my family and my wife did the same. Result is I came to Pathankot in last year october – 2011. But she refused to come to pathankot and even tutored my children against me. Then her brother and uncle (chacha) came to pathankot – beat me and tried to kidnap me with the help of some goons. One of them even said we will take him to J&K and will chop him to pieces. What should I do now. It is impossible to live with her coz she is threatening of killing me and my family or putting my family behind bars. She even threatens me of attempting suicide and sending my whole family to jail for whole life.

    1. Hi Harish,

      Could you kindly share your story on 498acase@gmail.com. I am researching on this issue right now and your help would be highly appreciated. You can just leave your number also and I shall call you.


    2. Dear Harish JI

      This is Girish from Mumbia and my wife is also from Jammu and all the incidents are exactly repeated in my life also.

      She just cares for her family and she has beaten me and my whole family and still commands like anything. Now she has filed a case with Shramik Mahila Morcha Samiti in Pune and Now this is my turn to face proceedings.

      Can you please comment or guide me how did you come out of this situation.

      Thanks and regards

      Girish Mehra


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