Demand for a Ministry of Men’s Welfare mentioned India Today Website

As appeared in India Today Website:

Demand for a Ministry for Men's Welfare in IndiaWith a large number of men falling victim to “gender-biased laws”, an organisation fighting for “male rights” demanded here Sunday that a “Ministry of Men’s Welfare” be set up to look into long neglected issues that affect them.

Quoting National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, men’s rights organisation Hridaya said a large number of men were falling victim to “legal terrorism” perpetrated through “anti-male and anti-family laws”, and demanded that gender-biased laws be made gender-neutral.

“Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code (husband or relative of husband subjecting woman to cruelty) and the Domestic Violence Act are being widely misused, and men are now facing legal terrorism. Going by the NCRB data, in 2012, after theft and hurt, the most number of cases were filed under 498 A,” Hridaya secretary Amit Gupta said at an event organised to raise awareness about International Men’s Day to be celebrated world over Nov 19.

“Ironically, with over a lakh cases filed under the section during 2012, conviction only happened in 6,916 cases. The largest number of such cases were either dismissed or withdrawn,” said Gupta, stressing the need for reviewing the law which deals with cases of women being subjected to cruelty, and carries a prison term of three years.

Gupta also said that contrary to popular belief, a large section of married men are victims of domestic violence. He said 63,343 married men committed suicide in 2012, with a fair amount of them having faced domestic problems.

The non-government organisation, in a recent survey, found that married men subjected to domestic violence often live in denial, while around 84 percent of men said domestic violence against men was “funny”.

“After over six decades of independence, not a single study has been undertaken to look at issues faced in the domestic sphere by men. While we are not against the female population, and we are not against laws protecting them, what we want is a Ministry of Men’s Welfare to look into the issues we men face,” Gupta said.

D.S. Rao, president of the organisation, said that on International Men’s Day, the organisation will hold countrywide programmes to highlight issues that affect men and demand that “anti-male” laws be made gender-neutral.

“We want the law to confer protection upon men against verbal, emotional, economic, physical and sexual abuse at home as well as at the workplace,” Rao said.

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  1. I married a divorced girl 6 months back. This is my first marriage. It was love cum arrange marriage. From the past 4 months my wife is torturing me. She abuses me & my parents. She gives threat to me that I will file a dowry case against us wherever we have never asked for anything from her and her parents. She cannot see me with my parents. She puts wrong allegations on me that I torture her whereas I never tortured her. She says that I will not give divorce to you and I will ruin your life. I am very much harassed and my parents are heart patients, I am scared if something happens to them what will I do then. We have called her parents a number of times but they never comes. Please help me as you know all the laws are in the favour of wives and she is taking advantage of this thing. Pls help me. My mob no is 9569213603 & 8699020109

  2. Misuse of power by Women Ministry/NCW/Female Oriented Organization/Bad women In India
    There are various truths, facts, figures, laws and other which proves that women oriented organization, women ministry/NCW(National commission for women) is biased against the Human rights and are anti-male and disharm the mankind in India. Some of them are mentioned below in support of these are :-
    • They pressurized, Judiciary ,government, by many ways to fulfilled their all demands whether it is right or wrong(which is against the society, religion, Mankind, against the man(male person)..) and they are only female centric and meant for bad women by this they got the full freedom to legally harassed any male person in our country.
    • By highlighting in the media too much and misguided by this way to the government and the general public
    • By raising the false statistics and data/ Facts to get sympathy of general public and the government and in changing the laws according to their way and these laws is misused by the mostly by the bad women) women’s organization and other for their own benefit at the cost of
    Man disempowerment= women empowerment rule.
    • Use of National income and the income collected in the form of tax from the male person is also misused by the female organization in disarming the Human mankind. Due to absence of “National commission for men” and “Men’s ministry “ in India.
    • It restricts in the formation of “National commission for men” and “Ministry for men”. So that if it formed then the truth will come out and the balance will create it and thus their power is reduced and unable to do any illegal things so easily for their own benefit at the name of women empowerment/Welfare.

    In the absence of Men’s Ministry women organization got the following benefit of :
    • Unlimited power(Political, Financial, legal…etc.)
    • Demanded more funds and got the extra funds of the men’s share also (due to absence of men’s Ministry)
    • More it got powers/expanded more it contribute to the more laws which is biased towards men and these laws misused by the women against men and leads more harassment/Discrimination of the Indian Men.
    • It become now the supreme power above all even the government of India and creates imbalances in our country and due to her power bad women also got the unlimited legal power and which is used by the infinite way in harassing any Male person in our country and not spare any body( Poor, Rich, educated, uneducated, child, Seniors, handicapped, Married, Unmarried, , Employed, Unemployed …etc). of our country(India).
    • It raised crimes towards men’s at the name of women empowerment, wives empowerment.

    Due to the wrong policy of women organization and Indian government . There is increased crimes towards men. Below mentioned some of these :

    1. Increased Divorced cases from the female side.
    2. Increased no. of false rape cases.
    3. Increased no. of false sexual harassment cases(biased against male)
    4. Increased no. of bad women power at the cost of disempowerment of men.
    5. Increased responsibility of Male person and decreased responsibility of women towards family due to this
    6. Same crime committed by women as done by men is not taken into account and there is no law regarding to prevent it.
    7. More and more anti-male law passed and promoted by the NCW and Women organization/ministry.

    On the misuse of the law(female oriented) women organization in support of her or in her defense said like that :

    1. That is in past the society is dominated by the male. So now they want to make a female dominated society by any way or in doing to achieve the same whether the Male person is harassed in lieu of it in India to achieve that this their thinking. It can be guised how the new enslaved rule passed to make slave any male person in India. ?
    2. In making of female dominated society they passed the bad/wrong laws which is now used in harassing the male person any way(Physically, Mentally, economically, sexually, legally …and there is no law left for the prevention of this kind of crime towards men or to control over it and also for penalized the women who misused there power.
    3. Women’s organization by use of their special power passed the laws which is
    • Inhuman (against Human rights or violated Human rights)
    • Illogical
    • Un scientifically
    • Biased towards men
    • Every moment these laws misused
    And used against the male person in our country to Rape him in every way, Takes away all his dignity , Life (in years) ,if wrongly convicted, Lost his Parents, Jobs, hard earned money, Reputation in the society and in his own eye.
    And every male person lives in a fear to every moment of his lifes and no perform his daily task where he is lives and work where there is any women present because any women got the legal power to put any false charge and convicted him In any false case and he will be charged and punished by any way by the legal procedure as set defined in our system or by the law maker as these law don’t punished.
    • The wrong women/Women who misuse their power in any way in harassing any male person.
    • Due to this telling a lie of women is also treated like a truth(which is without any investigation/evidence/proof) in out country/India.
    • And telling of the truth by a man even he is innocent (not giving any attention) by the judiciary/women organization/ by our government also.
    • Women’s organization neither accepts that due to their recommendation/pressure the wrong laws are passed which harassed the male person by every possible ways. But gives the reason when asked that they made the law in safety of the female. So male safety is not there concern and said these are good laws never says it is illegal and misused in the society by the women. Instead of these women organization said that it is wrongly implemented and put all the blame on the government and government officials. If they know that is misused by the women or wrongly implemented so why they bring more Anti-male law and passed every way and done a politically tactics to passed them and implemented . What this indicate ?
    • Future and present existence of the male person in India is in great danger or nearly liked to be extinct if the same is continued and there is no ministry set for the Welfare of Men in our country as soon as possible.
    Women organization badly affected the male person in every possible way in India. Some of them Mentioned below :
    • Denied him for child custody (due to law (female oriented)
    • Discriminate in his education (female reservation(fee /Marks percentage/ age/…….other factor)
    • Discriminate in job (female reservation…)
    • In Property(parenteral) also discriminated male
    • In Marriages(Hindu marriage amendment bill)
    • Domestic violence towards men is ignored due to the female oriented law(Female dominated society.
    • Sexual harassment of men is remain ignored due to the female oriented law, absence of law in prevention of the same.
    • Rape of Men by any women or gang of women is also not taken into account or not highlighted by the media as its is biased also towards men due to the huge pressure of the female organization.
    • Also there is no law regarding to protect the male person . Because female organization nothing said about the punishment of the wrong women in any way, have you even listen that any women organization said that if any women harassed any men or male person should also be punished or should even recommend government in regarding it or the same law also made for the security and protection for the male.
    • Any women said wrong words to any male person or continuously looking or gazed him or touch him in any way or forced to have a sex is not a crime in India but when the male person for his security/defense to look his around and his surrounding any lady is standing and he watched it for a moment as it comes in his way then he is punished by law as there is a law due to law which gives any women unlimited power to use any law against him to punish even the innocent male person as there is no law to prevent its misuse the law which is misused by the women is a law which is made on the recommendation of women’s organization, NCW, Women ministry. So a single man or a group of man is unable to safeguard form these evil law and the supreme organization which got huge funding from the government in every budget, Yearly, quarterly, monthly of in thousand corers and million corers of money or we can say that the hard earned money of the male person of our country is used in against him to brutally raped by the various IPC section of the Laws and finally to killed many innocent male person due to any welfare ministry for men to look after it and work for him. So that they all also leave peacefully.

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