College girl slaps father in public

BHUBANESWAR: Agitated over her father’s claim that she featured in a porn CD, a college girl on Monday slapped him in full public view outside the office of the State Commission for Women here.

As he lodged a complaint with the SCW alleging his daughter was being ‘misused’ by a man, the 18-year-old girl appeared before the SCW office in the company of that man and asked her father to withdraw the complaint, police said.

Full news from Times of India.

Something that the feminists of India can celebrate!

In one stroke the entire male population can be put to shame – be it he father, the brother, the husband and his male relatives!

A father who was concerned about his teen-aged daughter being exploited for making Porn videos has been slapped in public repeatedly. This has happened where? In front of the State Women’s Commission! Now you understand what the Women’s commissions including NCW and SCW’s are encouraging actively.

If this is the fate of the father, then what is in store for the poor male idiot who is going to marry this girl some day!

Having read that news, watch this father-slapping video too!

8 thoughts on “College girl slaps father in public”

    1. Örömmel olvastam az írásodat! Tényleg ezeken megyünk végig nap mind nap. Mindenkit bele tennének abba a bizonyos sarokba. Csoda hogy még a mai napig is több millió ember asszisztál ennek az egész világ rendszernek. Nehéz és fárasztó így élni. Már az embereket sem lehet meggyőzni az igzrlágaós, az írásod igazáról! Egyetlen megoldás az ÖSSZEFOGÁS! Köszönöm!

    2. just discovered your blog and i love itt, you are so freaking adorable =)oh, and i just graduated from Cal myself -c/o 09, and i totally know how you're feeling… most of the time i was really ready to get out, but i miss it so much already! live it up, have a great last year =)

    3. Hersh deter­mined not to fol­low up on the story because it was incon­clu­sive and it could threaten his sources. Cryp­tome has the pic­tures of the dead boys with and with­out the weapon, cour­tesy of Mark Kraft. Bagh­dad Dweller and Feral Scholar also weigh in. As an aside: today is some­thing of a water­shed moment for me. For the first time, I am not aghast or even sur­prised by this kind of news. For so long now, I have been aston­ished by my own abil­ity to con­tinue to be

  1. This is very shameful that a daughter slapped her father in public and that too in front of The state commission office and nobody stopped her. People where are we going as a society. Do we want a society where people have no respect for their elders. We need to bring equality in society and not degrade ourselves. Aur kitna neeche girenge apni nazron mein..This is very tragic..

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