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Demand for a Ministry of Men’s Welfare mentioned India Today Website

As appeared in India Today Website:

Demand for a Ministry for Men's Welfare in IndiaWith a large number of men falling victim to “gender-biased laws”, an organisation fighting for “male rights” demanded here Sunday that a “Ministry of Men’s Welfare” be set up to look into long neglected issues that affect them.

Quoting National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, men’s rights organisation Hridaya said a large number of men were falling victim to “legal terrorism” perpetrated through “anti-male and anti-family laws”, and demanded that gender-biased laws be made gender-neutral.

“Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code (husband or relative of husband subjecting woman to cruelty) and the Domestic Violence Act are being widely misused, and men are now facing legal terrorism. Going by the NCRB data, in 2012, after theft and hurt, the most number of cases were filed under 498 A,” Hridaya secretary Amit Gupta said at an event organised to raise awareness about International Men’s Day to be celebrated world over Nov 19.

“Ironically, with over a lakh cases filed under the section during 2012, conviction only happened in 6,916 cases. The largest number of such cases were either dismissed or withdrawn,” said Gupta, stressing the need for reviewing the law which deals with cases of women being subjected to cruelty, and carries a prison term of three years.

Gupta also said that contrary to popular belief, a large section of married men are victims of domestic violence. He said 63,343 married men committed suicide in 2012, with a fair amount of them having faced domestic problems.

The non-government organisation, in a recent survey, found that married men subjected to domestic violence often live in denial, while around 84 percent of men said domestic violence against men was “funny”.

“After over six decades of independence, not a single study has been undertaken to look at issues faced in the domestic sphere by men. While we are not against the female population, and we are not against laws protecting them, what we want is a Ministry of Men’s Welfare to look into the issues we men face,” Gupta said.

D.S. Rao, president of the organisation, said that on International Men’s Day, the organisation will hold countrywide programmes to highlight issues that affect men and demand that “anti-male” laws be made gender-neutral.

“We want the law to confer protection upon men against verbal, emotional, economic, physical and sexual abuse at home as well as at the workplace,” Rao said.

Woman arrested for assaulting husband with knife

The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 has decreed thus:

Definitions.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) ” aggrieved person” means any woman who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the respondent and who alleges to have been subjected to any act of domestic violence by the respondent;

” respondent” means any adult male person who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the aggrieved person and against whom the aggrieved person has sought any relief under this Act: Provided that an aggrieved wife or female living in a relationship in the nature of a marriage may also file a complaint against a relative of the husband or the male partner;

How blatantly biased, one-sided and preposterous and cruel towards males in India!

It negates the very essence of domestic relationship! This law seems to have been ushered in for the express purpose of exterminating the very institution of matrimony and family on Bharat, that is India!

Now read about a weak, tender and nubile wife who just killed her husband; poor girl!

Woman arrested for assaulting husband with knife
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Nobody gives a job to a man..!

Sex change“… So I had decided to become a woman and earn money”

~ says Kondapalli Shankar aka Ankita who underwent a sex change operation in Mumbai.

Men of India, this is what the future holds for you!!

That is misandry in full force!

Here is the news from Times of India:

He becomes she to get a job!

NAVIPET (NIZAMABAD): Poverty has forced a 24-year-old youth to turn himself into a woman in the district. The youth, a native of Vaddera Colony in the mandal, underwent a sex change operation in Mumbai and returned home recently.

“My family members were shocked and cried for two days when I informed them about the sex change operation,” Kondapalli Shankar aka Ankita told TOI. Shankar went under the scalpel six months ago in a Mumbai hospital.

But what made Shankar transform himself into a woman? He said acute poverty and humiliation by neighbours forced him to migrate to Mumbai in search of livelihood. “Nobody gives a job to a man. So I had decided to become a woman and earn money,” he said. “My immediate priority is to earn money and bail out my poor family from the severe financial problems,” he said. Shankar lost his father Ramchander when he was a small child, and could not pursue education, which made it difficult for him to get any job. He disappeared from the village a year ago. “It took two months for us to trace him out. We were worried when he didn’t call us immediately,” his brother Purushotham, a daily wage labourer, said.

Ankita, attired in a colourful sari and bangles, says she now earns Rs 3,000 a month at a small firm in Mumbai.

Perhaps this is what Radical feminists want to happen in India

Boy in distressTimes of India reports:

A 17-year-old boy was gang raped by 10 knife-wielding women in Papua New Guinea, a media report said Monday.

The gang of women attacked the schoolboy near Mendi town in Southern Highlands province during the weekend, police official Teddy Tei said.

“More than 10 women with kitchen knives attacked him and four women had sexual intercourse with him. The boy was taken to hospital for treatment,” he was quoted as saying by Australia’s AAP news agency.

Tei said he feared the women may have infected the young man with HIV/AIDS.

“HIV/AIDS is a problem in Papua New Guinea and I am concerned the women might be infected. I always warn the women to be careful at night but I am now warning the men too,” he said.

A UNICEF report says Papua New Guinea has one of the world’s highest rates of sexual violence.

Harassed husbands take out ‘victory’ rally after govt relief

Ahmedabad Mirror reports:-

Ahmedabad harassed husbandsThe harassed husbands association took out a victory procession in the city on Monday following the central government’s directive to states not to make immediate arrests in dowry cases.

The Akhil Bharatiya Patni Athyachar Virodhi Sangh took out their ‘vijay yatra’ around 2 pm from Manav Mandir to Gandhiji’s statue at Income Tax. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has asked state governments to issue directives to the police not to arrest the husband and his relatives without proper investigations in anti-dowry cases.
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Husband demands alimony from ex-wife who tortured him

KalaiChelvanYes. Mr.Kalaichelvan from Tamil Nadu has created history!

It is customary in India for estranged wives to demand huge alimony and maintenance from husbands and the courts are generally sympathetic and favourable to wives in these matters, as in child custody disputes.

But Mr. Kalaichelvan underwent extreme amount of torture in the hands of his former wife which had rendered him a “pauper”.

A correction in the newspaper report: Mr. Kalaichelvan was in jail for 24 days and not as reported.

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Police officer burnt by his wife on IMD

husband burnerYes. This happened on International Men’s Day (19-11-2009).

Deccan Chronicle reports:

An Asst Sub-Inspector of Police set on fire by his wife on International Men’s Day.

A quarrel over a petty issue took an ugly turn when an enraged wife set her husband, a police officer, on fire here, police said on Thursday.

The victim, 52-year-old assistant sub-inspector Balwant Pawar, sustained 85 per cent burns and is admitted to Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad. Ironically, the incident took place on International Men’s Day.
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Calls pour in from men in need

Time of India reports from Bangalore:

Men from across the city began calling the All-India Men’s Welfare Association for help immediately after its launch on Thursday! Although the association does not have an office yet, the founder-members have opened a helpline. Besides, they organize meetings every Sunday at the Press Club.

Men can discuss their problems with counsellors Vivek Deveshwar and Mithun Kumar. The committee has five active members, apart from Vivek and Mithun, all of whom are software professionals. Vivek said: “Our approach includes counselling, and at the same time not letting men think of themselves as victims and getting into the self-pity mode.” In cases of matrimonial or other family disputes, they offer legal assistance.

A 61-year-old man called the helpline on Thursday saying he has filed a suit for getting maintenance from his son. Another call was from a divorced man who has been rejected visitation rights. He has a 1-year-old son.

Men who have already faced such problems joined the association, and many have volunteered to help. An advocate who has faced and dealt with harassment through matrimonial cases has eagerly supported the cause, offering legal assistance.

The association intends to open two more helplines for those who speak Kannada.

Cheers! Men too have their day

BANGALORE: There are days to celebrate women, children, father, mother and a million other things. Until recently, the idea of raising a toast to men on a particular day was not high on anybody’s agenda. That is, until former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev came up with the idea of celebrating ‘being men’ in 1999, an idea supported by the UN. Since then, International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19.

The All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) it appears, has a series of grouses to be addressed by society at large: that men have always been portrayed as the tough sex, and so boys are trained to hide their emotions; men are treated as ATMs and ‘sperm donors’ and are thus exploited, the world persistently asks women what their problems are, but doesn’t bother about men…

Ever since Independence, women have been mollycoddled by ministries and commissions, but none have been instituted for poor Adam. Statistics have it that a man commits suicide every nine minutes, double the ratio of women ending their lives, worldwide – which shows that they have reached the end of their tether. It is these issues that AIMWA will address, say men’s activists.

Demand father’s rights

It also has more serious issues on hand: the taxation disparity and unfavourable custodian rights of fathers. Vivek Deveshwar, counsellor and founder-member of AIWMA, said: “Most fathers are deprived of custody of their children and only mothers get the right. Even after that, mothers feel insecure and snatch visitation rights from men. Where is the justice? There is not even a quasi-constitutional body to hear our problems and protect us.”