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College girl slaps father in public

BHUBANESWAR: Agitated over her father’s claim that she featured in a porn CD, a college girl on Monday slapped him in full public view outside the office of the State Commission for Women here.

As he lodged a complaint with the SCW alleging his daughter was being ‘misused’ by a man, the 18-year-old girl appeared before the SCW office in the company of that man and asked her father to withdraw the complaint, police said.

Full news from Times of India.

Something that the feminists of India can celebrate!

In one stroke the entire male population can be put to shame – be it he father, the brother, the husband and his male relatives!

A father who was concerned about his teen-aged daughter being exploited for making Porn videos has been slapped in public repeatedly. This has happened where? In front of the State Women’s Commission! Now you understand what the Women’s commissions including NCW and SCW’s are encouraging actively.

If this is the fate of the father, then what is in store for the poor male idiot who is going to marry this girl some day!

Having read that news, watch this father-slapping video too!

Husbands protest against nagging wives at Bangalore

Bangalore dharna against draconian D.V. ActMen will take to the streets against women on Saturday. The men are ‘husbands’ who have become victims of ‘intimate terror by wives’, according to the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) and Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), which is organising the dharna.

The protest will see hundreds of men venting their agony in front of the Town Hall.

According to SIFF, husbands and their family members are facing discrimination by the government and inaction of the judiciary against ‘wife terror’.

This ‘intimate terror’ also includes ‘biting’, ‘nagging’, ‘hitting’, and ‘extra-marital affairs’, according to SIFF. Other ‘terror’ by wives the husbands will protest against include daily abuse, threat of blackmail to commit suicide, threat of criminal cases and not allowing to play with children.

“Recently, a young man was ordered to pay Rs 25,000 per month as maintenance to his estranged wife in a marriage that lasted just six months. Even a government employee does not get Rs 25,000 pension per month after working for 30 years,” said an SIFF spokesperson.

The protesters are demanding changes in laws that govern divorce, dowry law and maintenance. These they say are being used to file false cases against men by their wives.
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Woman arrested for assaulting husband with knife

The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 has decreed thus:

Definitions.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) ” aggrieved person” means any woman who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the respondent and who alleges to have been subjected to any act of domestic violence by the respondent;

” respondent” means any adult male person who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the aggrieved person and against whom the aggrieved person has sought any relief under this Act: Provided that an aggrieved wife or female living in a relationship in the nature of a marriage may also file a complaint against a relative of the husband or the male partner;

How blatantly biased, one-sided and preposterous and cruel towards males in India!

It negates the very essence of domestic relationship! This law seems to have been ushered in for the express purpose of exterminating the very institution of matrimony and family on Bharat, that is India!

Now read about a weak, tender and nubile wife who just killed her husband; poor girl!

Woman arrested for assaulting husband with knife
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Amend dowry law to stop its misuse, Supreme Court tells government

Times of India reports:

Amend dowry law Sec 498ANEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has plainly told the government to take a relook at the anti-dowry law — Section 498A of Indian Penal Code — saying it has been misused by women to lodge false or exaggerated complaints against husbands and their relatives accusing them of cruel behaviour.

Such is the level of exaggeration of cruel behaviour on the part of husbands and their relatives that “to find out the truth is a Herculean task in a majority of these complaints”, said a bench comprising Justices Dalveer Bhandari and K S Radhakrishnan.

Expressing concern at the rise in number of complaints under Section 498A, the Bench said, “We come across a large number of such complaints which are not even bona fide and are filed with oblique motives.”

Advising extreme caution in dealing with such complaints, the bench said courts must take pragmatic realities into consideration while dealing with matrimonial cases.

It was high time that the legislature considered and made suitable changes in the law taking into account public opinion, the apex court said, sending a copy of the judgment to the Union law minister to initiate the process.
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Protect men from misuse of laws by women

‘Spare a thought for men’

Express News Service. 19 Apr 2010

harassed manCHENNAI: This is a stag party with a difference. Men, who accuse their girl friends, wives and fiancees of duping them or foisting cases against them, have come together in Tamil Nadu to put up a collective fight.

According to the general secretary of Association for Protection of Men, Madhu Sudhanan, more than 1000 members are aged below 25 years and 4000 members are below 40.

At a meeting on Sunday, attended by over 50 men, there was a talk about rights and laws favouring women. But the association is not to protect men from the the misuse of the Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Harassment Act alone but also youngsters falsely accused of eve teasing.

As one man said: “I was dragged by the police and beaten up in the station. If a girl has a personal enmity, she takes it out by falsely accusing men of eve-teasing. And there is no verification done by the police when it comes to women, they just accept what she says as the sacred truth.” Another member of the association said that he was right now on the streets after he registered his family property in the name of his lover, who conveniently duped him after that.
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Reality check on domestic violence

Violent wives and meek husbandsA survey to straighten issues!

… that’s what men’s organisations in the city are now looking to conduct

~ MANIGANDAN K R. Times News Network

Seeking to counter certain “exaggerated” claims made by some women’s organisations and in a bid to draw the attention of the government to the plight of men victimised by lop-sided laws drafted on the basis of such claims, men’s organisations in the city have now embarked upon the task of conducting a massive domestic violence survey.

The results of the nationwide survey, widely believed to be the first of its kind for men in the country, will be used to find out if whether Indian men too are victims of domestic violence, the percentage of Indian men subjected to such violence and the kind of violence they are subjected to.

The need for the survey has been triggered, it seems, by the controversial Domestic Violence Act – 2005, which seems to have been drafted on the assumption that only women suffer domestic violence.

Says Suresh Ram, member of the All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA), an NGO working for the rights of men and boys, “Certain women’s organisations have been stereotyping the issue of domestic violence. They have presented a picture that conveys the impression that only women are victims of domestic violence while we have with us global surveys and over 250 scholarly studies that show that women are at least as likely as men to engage in partner aggression and that partner violence is often mutual. Continue reading Reality check on domestic violence