Beware boys! The female Taliban is coming for you!

16-day activism against feminist terrorism

Crafty FeministCaptive audiences composed of young primary school boys in Australia will now be subject to indoctrination by ‘compulsory feminism’. Clearly, the feminist movement has decided that the only way to ensure global dominance is by catching ‘em young, even if the concept is repulsive to teachers, parents and the boys themselves. Completely ignoring the boys’ ability to reason, and literally shoving feminist theories down their throats will undoubtedly lead to them growing into a generation of self-loathing and ill-confident young men who would rather stay away from women.

Are we to think of this as another giant leap for womankind? Even if one were to ignore the political intentions of introducing feminism into schools, whatever happened to the concept of choice? Don’t such programs send the grossly incorrect message that all boys need to be ‘educated’ about how to treat women?

While schools are still grappling with the decision of whether teaching evolution should be mandatory, the feminist movement seems to have no problems in convincing schools about the absolute necessity to impose feminism in the classroom, with no room for alternatives. Was there a debate on the subject (that nobody was invited to)? Who made feminists the experts on explaining violence in relationships? Apparently, feminism programs in schools will be reinforced in all disciplines including Drama, English, Science and Sport. Soon, there will be scores of young boys whose worlds revolve around feminism and who will probably be incapable of a single original thought on any subject.

If the agenda and strategy of the feminist movement were unclear to anyone, this latest news from Australian schools should be informative and educational!

HeraldSun reports:

BOYS face compulsory feminism programs in state schools across Victoria in a major push to prevent violence against females.

Possible classroom activities include students acting out scenes of sexual coercion after which students would suggest more appropriate behaviour.

A VicHealth report for the state Education Department calls for teachers to be trained in gender, violence and sexual health issues so they would be comfortable discussing “taboo” issues.

The report says programs for all students should start at primary level and be reinforced across all year levels in subjects including drama, English, science and sport.

They would combat common attitudes among boys such as young women are either “good girls or sluts”, the report said.

It said feminist theories were best at explaining the link between gender power relations and violence against women, and must underpin the programs.

But the authors of the “Respectful Relationships Education” report admitted there was considerable community hostility to feminism, even among teachers and students.

“However, a feminist conceptual framework is essential both to reflect research on violence in relationships and families and to anchor the political commitments of the program,” they said.

Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrissey said boys were already getting feminised education due to the falling number of male teachers in schools. “I’m sceptical if boys will respond to it if it is dressed up in feminist language and ideology,” he said.

“Strident feminist propaganda won’t wash with boys.”

Report author Dr Michael Flood admitted there was always the risk of a backlash, but said it was crucial that students were taught that sexist attitudes and unequal relationships between the sexes were central to explaining violence.

“We need to do that in ways that are careful and respectful and don’t make boys in particular feel blamed and demonised for the problem,” he said.

“Not by shoving capital ‘F’ feminism down their throats.”

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said four schools would run anti-violence pilot programs from early next year.

Many concerned parents have voiced their opposition to this ill-conceived move by Victoria. One comment from a mother is very eloquent and succinct. Here goes:

NO way would I let this lezbot man hating crap near my son. Yes kids need to be taught respect from second they can walk and talk, but I refuse to let anyone teach my son to be a fag. Feminism is a dirty word BTW: sluts are real both male and female. Community decency and morality set that tone which is mostly done by civic leaders. The same pricks who are trying to shove this crap on out kids.

Here is another, albeit a bit verbose:

Outrageous! As if the loony left didn’t already have a stranglehold on the indoctrination of our young and impressionable, they are now proposing compulsory feminist brainwashing?!? How sad that these experts have lost the way (and the plot for that matter), and our children’s education suffers as a result. As for Dr Flood’s implied assertion that sexist attitudes equate to violence against women; I say ridiculous. I proudly wear the anti-feminist mantle of a sexist, as do many others I know in and out of my workplace yet neither I, nor my friends (having discussed this with them) could imagine ANY circumstance nor any reason that I (or they) would ever raise a hand to woman. It goes against the grain of everything we have ever been taught. Just because we have a different (non PC) view on gender relations, think women’s studies should be a course in home economics, disagree with the concept of maternity leave and find the notion of an equal opportunity commissioner as superfluous as that of Santa Claus, we do not condone violence against women, and in fact take a VERY dim view on the subject. Perhaps instead of all this feminist nonsense, instilling a sense of self respect and respect for others may be more appropriate than further alienating our young males and making them feel guilty for everything from the stolen generation to the absence of women from the Melbourne Club. I shall now await the imminent charge of the PC Brigade! :-)

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5 thoughts on “Beware boys! The female Taliban is coming for you!”

  1. Save World Families & Children from ‘ Global Feminist Terrorism ‘
    posted comments in Facebook by – Jagat

  2. Women are equally good and evil as men.
    We Indians, especially Hindus, deserve a BIG BLAME for constantly saying,
    WHY? Yes, by all means, respect your mother.
    Respect your wife, respect your kids and elders.

    Women can commit every single crime a man can.
    Moreover, it is psychologically proven that women don’t entirely understand
    the concept of justice and fairplay in the sense, men practice it.
    This has to do with the evolution of different genders over thousands of years.
    It also has to do with the way boys learn to play games and fights …
    and understand that winning or losing is a one time event.
    It is not worth holding a grudge against the winner or the loser.
    In fact, a friend today can fall out and become a foe.
    Also, an opponent today can become the best friend tomorrow!
    It is not necessarily the mindset that women possess.

    There is great truth to the fickle nature of women.
    So, why then are we crazily singing ‘WE WORSHIP WOMEN! WE WORSHIP WOMEN!’.

  3. Hi My son got married to a divorcee 3 months back and she was very abusive and ruthless person who used to treat my son like a slave. My son went ahead with a divorce in California as they both lived in USA and My daughter in law is a US Citizen and my son is a NZ Citizen. they got married in india. Now my Daughter in law has filed a domestic violence case on my son asking a huge money as compensation with spousal support and mentions that she would live with her parents in india without a job and my son has to pay rest of her life the spousal support. She has charged my son with various points which are not even true. Could some one help me in filing a case against she and her parents as she has charged against the husband parents also. My son is an innocent guy and she has framed everything perfectly to charge my son.
    Is there any one who can help us with this issue?

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