A Myth of Crime, A Truth of Hate

On the 7th of August 2009, there was a discussion in the Parliament house about dowry. That discussion is available at Lok Sabha Questions. Highlights of the article are that since 5243 complaints have been received in 2007, as opposed to 3204 and 4504 cases in 2005 and 2006 respectively, crime against women is rising.

So as per the Women and Child Development minister Krishna Tirath, rising complaints of dowry by women is an indication of rising crime against women.

However, there are some key points to note here.

  1. Merely filing of a complaint cannot be taken as a straightforward indication of growing crime. Had that been true, then there was no need to have a complex criminal justice system, merely complaints would have become the basis of sentences. However, that not being the truth and complaints required to be proven true is an essence of establishment of a trend of growing crime. However, in case of gender biased women oriented anti male laws number of complaints is taken as the basis of rising trend and this goes unchallenged because the society by default hates men and nourishes misandry.
  2. Track record of dowry cases is not very encouraging for the so-called champions of women rights and proponents of anti-male laws to continue such bogus, anti-male and unconstitutional laws. 98% of dowry cases when brought in court have failed to prove true. They were false alarms raised by greedy and disgruntled women to extort their husbands and in-laws by en-cashing upon the existing sympathy for women in the society. In fact, now dowry law has become synonymous with misuse i.e. a false complaint. And in such a scenario what greater a blunder can be committed by considering number of complaints as the rising trend of crimes?
  3. The slow judicial system of India adds to the woes of men who are anyways always at the receiving end of abuse and hatred from the society. Carried away with their sympathy for women, the society allows complaints to form the basis of hatred and it takes on an average 10 years to finish a case. By the time the complaint is proven false and the man is declared innocent, the damage is already done. The same false complaint has formed the basis of rampant male hatred and innumerable innocent men would have been victimized.
  4. While 5243 complaints (true or false) have formed the basis of anti-male laws to be continued and strengthened further, it’s so sickening to know that the same society is not ready to take any action on 57000 married men committing suicide every year facing tumultuous and torturous marriages and dowry harassment from their wives and in-laws. But the society ridicules those men as irresponsible considering killing men as social service and provides no protection to them.
  5. Over-sensitization of “crime against women” as shown above has sent “crime against men” into oblivion and men are suffering in silence. When a woman lodges a complaint, irrespective of its genuineness it gets registered as “Crime against Women” whereas even with evidence a man’s complaint is registered as “Non-Cognizable”. When the pedestal itself is biased, justice is irrelevant to be talked of.

In fact, the myth of crime created about women has unleashed a truth of hate against men covering their genuine issues. And all this happens because currently there is no concept of men’s rights and in marriage there are only RESPONSIBILITIES for men and no RIGHTS for them.

Still men marry!

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  1. I’m shocked at how male-chauvinistic this site it. Ptooey on you. Where do you get your facts from anyway? Disgusting site. I hope the ‘FEMALE TALIBAN’ gets to you, you delusional people

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